Grateful Dead

The Scope - April 3, 1982

The Scope

April 03, 1982

Norfolk, VA US

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Joined: Jan 25 2009
yes, yes, yes,

I remember the bad vibes from this show as well, and Norfolk's finesst and the dogs. And sleeping in the car on the beach with some supposed heads who just weren't into "roughing" it.

Joined: Sep 15 2009
oh yea

I remember the weather as we walked into the show was crazy. A thunderstom was rolling in( i don't think it ever rained though), the wind was blowing hard and whiping around the buildings outside the scope, and the air was absolutely electric. Hookers, pimps, cops, dogs... Norfolk was as seedy as they came, glad I had a ticket and hotel room after the show. Was this also the first night the boys switched sides of the stage?

uponscrutiny's picture
Joined: Jan 18 2010
don't eat the black dragonflies

After my good friend god rest his soul gave me one of the black dragonflies he informed me that he had a terrible experience the previous night in North Carolina because of them.
Everything seemed fine until the boys went into "its all over now" and boy was it ever. He took me out to the hallway with another buddy and pushed us out the door saying that we would thank him later.
Worst trip ever but I do remember the german shepherds. I remember barking at the german shepherds and I remember the cops telling my buddy to get your friend the hell out of here pronto or it would really be over.
By the time the show let out I was fine and set my sights on philly (the blizzard show).

wtwrva's picture
Joined: Aug 3 2012
The Seniors in our H.S. rented Greyhound Bus From Richmond

We had no idea what we were doing. We rode up and back on the bus. Boy! You should have seen the look on the Bus Drivers face when all the whacked out HS students made their way back to the bus after the show. I don't remember the dogs but, I probably didn't hang around inside after the show. I remember the projects across the street and all the local " friendlys" (sacr) trying to shake us down before and after the show. On the way back to Richmond, on the Greyhound, Mike Mills opened the emergency hatch on the top of the bus, tripping his nutz off, and actually rode on top of the bus while the bus was cruising down the interstate at 75mph. When the bus driver figured out what was happening he freaked and threatened to leave up all on the side of the road. Just imagine arriving in Richmond with all the parents picking their kids up from the show all spun out. We had plenty of 'splaing to do. Did I forget to mention we had to wait for, like, an hour until Laura Ashley , finally, appeared so we could start the journey home? That was ,what I remember of, my first show. The last time I saw Jerry was in the Richmond Coliseum which the JGB and they did -The Day they Tore old Dixie Down-. All I can say is: "What was I thinking?. I could have done so many more shows! Why the hell was I so bent on getting a job? I could have done more!!!"

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
agree not fade

I recall the building shaking during Scarlet/Fire along with Not Fade Away. Mini not fade away scat at the end.I wish they never went to the Not Fade Away to end the show. I loved it just like this here. To me there was more room for spacy Not Fade Aways.
This building REALLY SHOOK was bouncing up and down as if to the rythm of us,which was formed by the boys. So glad I was onboard by now in my touring days.

DanHaun12's picture
Joined: Jan 23 2012
A mellower show than the Duke Show

This was my forth show and I was digging it - really getting into the groove. I remember this show being more jazzy than the previous night's in Durham.

taperdave's picture
Joined: Jun 17 2007
Yes best NFA but that was it

Yes best NFA but that was it for that show. And the sound really did suck.


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The Scope - April 3, 1982