Grateful Dead

Manhattan Center - April 4, 1971

Manhattan Center

April 04, 1971

New York, NY US

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final "Easy Wind" - "Dance Marathon" - also: NRPS

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Joined: Jun 22 2007
manhattan center

Heard loser for the first time
bertha-thought it was "pretty as a bumblebee"
bobby mcgee
johnny be goode from outer space
found my coat at the end of the nite!

Joined: Jun 30 2007
My first show

Nearly dragged there by my best friend. Went back the next two nites alone, and wo tickets, Got in those nites. You know the rest.

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Joined: Aug 25 2007
Forty years of being a DEAD HEAD

This show was billed as a Dance Marathon. It lasted for three days. I never danced for so long. By the second day the people on the dance floor were so hot that the DEAD started throwing laced Oranges out to the crowed. That's when we all started to fly and Dance long into the Night. I'm sure the people who were there remember, I do !!!!!!!

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
I don't actually remember

I don't actually remember which of the three nights I was there, but if I looked at a set list I could. They did a ton of Workingmans dead stuff that night.

Was my first show. Wasn't until my 2nd show at the Fillmore East, April 28, 1971, that heavens doors opened.


Joined: Sep 10 2008
My first show

Started the evening in front of the stage. Almost crushed by the surge from the back when the Riders came on. Spent the rest of the evening with friends in the balcony.

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Joined: Jun 29 2007
Remember the naked guy

Remember the naked guy sitting on the floor in front of the stage after the show was over?

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Joined: Mar 20 2008
21st century Playback of show

On April 24, 2012 I was treated to a crisp, flawless, playback of a soundboard recording of this show, 41years later. Once again GD radio has earned the WOW factor.

Here is another case of "Today's Playback" having more songs than any posted "Set-List" available.

Before the first song, first set (Bertha).......Jerry n Bobby have some request with of the house monitor man to turn-up volume levels. Jerry then lets out a noticeable sigh of disgust when Bobby goes on furthur to request a little more bottom.[ always absolutely perfect ]
Set 1
01 tuning……..
Jerry sez: turn up monitors man
Bobby sez: Give it a little more bottom,Here goes nothing’
02 Bertha
03 Me & My Uncle
04 Next Time You See Me
05 Morning Dew *
06 Playing In The Band
07 Loser
08 Easy Wind
09 Me and Bobby McGee *
10 tuning >
11 Greatest Story >
12 Johnny B. Goode
- We’re gonna take a break

Set 2
13 Truckin’ >
14 Hard To Handle
15 Deal
16 Sugar Magnolia
17 Casey Jones
18 Good Lovin' > Drums > Good Lovin'
19 St. Stephen >
20 Uncle John’s Band
Phil sez: Thanks a lot folks, that’s all.


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Manhattan Center - April 4, 1971