Grateful Dead

The Omni - April 4, 1991

The Omni

April 04, 1991

Atlanta, GA US

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Set List:

Let the Good Times Roll
Feel Like a Stranger
They Love Each Other
Walkin' Blues
Ramble On Rose
Stuck Inside of Mobile
High Time
Promised Land

Help on the Way
Franklin's Tower
Estimated Prophet
He's Gone
I Need a Miracle
Standing on the Moon
Good Lovin'

U.S. Blues

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Attendees of this show

yjohnson2, dubai-escorts-bunnies, Hugo Fugazi, Frankie In atlanta, crazyfingers88, traciky2001, EmeraldSights, notime2hate, Gacky63, Wyngman1984, guitargerber, adamz, beerbryan68, steve.sassi, sparkwood1979, zion07, PT Barnum, Jules N Binokulas, heheavyd,, lundyw1, Cinrockhntr, Julie McCoy, Jason Wilder, ohsograteful44, Woody Woodgate, jamescook, JohnL, dedhed1963, djhatler, 84-95, chinarider420, Pard, Perfunct, chad.e.buck, esmcg1973, stellablue07778, grawk, bigriver909, deepsouthgent, lmcoffee, thelahun, Geodye420, Trawick, dancingbear33, althea67, missntour, caution, blusienna,, CarrionCrow, jhtil,, william_O, PrintIsBlood, fritz1620, shep0420, BataviaSparky, 3D, mmtapeop, the_wet_one, dredileogirl, jilleh, cosmiccupflaked, gman87, justblue, lazarus11, greeksam78, Kristin-Quinn, darkstarcrashes, Barrtenderr, Balloonatic Austinweird, jussieyes, Darlene, Challowell, DetroitJon, Kblair, saintstephen19, likedasoup, Bogey D, shemp72, stroukoa, GogglesPizano, laura-o, thuleok, johnny cobra, oxfordmsdeadhead, paintgangster,, WillieB1969, verymarysunshine, zebadya, jstrawks, Kykind, hippintrippy, jersey style, haight, cosmiclisa, BLC420, btwind13, monopolymike, Folkways, MrTat2z, capstoner, general grant, czarboy, Grateful_HERSH, Zman420,, Blysergic, dport, stumbleboogie, Boulder Creek Mama, jam e, jhop321, skess64, vashgrmag, AndIgoton, turbomanjo, LowE, kobejuan, carolyndeitsch, hardroxx, lostsalr, VikkiM, sgio3655, bokb, halfsteppin, carolinablue, Grateful Joebean, BornInADesert, goodlivin, Ruggy, paul41, acacia, drummer0612, MagicPEZ, Sugaree2269, paw_dawg, WALLMEISTER, RTJ, terrapinbill, doc.dead, deadheadii, deadheadfrom76, tjazzbo, dylan from canada, encdead, deadsince79, 3birdsongs, sunshine.kay, doc holliday, northriver, voodoonola, deserthippie, lifesavermedic, violalee73, danceswithbears, harryz, stimpsonm, crazyolben, aikox2, GOONZQUAD, L8dywithafan, MICKE527, sprots, dugefresh, am_dew89, rich65vwbus, BigBuffalo, leftcoastbound, A. Friend,, smilo, joakes, air_garcia_416, cepx, deadtaper, Lodgecamp, jimi864, don of the dead, Kuzen, quinnever, Upstate NY, slipper girl, NM-MCS, TJD, twrlygrl,, festival0122, cheri, funkygoodpants, anamchara, ticket lee, Hypnocracy, Sleepy Monkey, TomFoolery, shall, Mr.Skjellyfetti, tcc, Brother cricket, songsfrown, paintedmandolin71, jasonprice16, estimatedprofits, walstib77, rastarick, gdoodahman, GratefulSpleen, pooksmasterjam, Headntales, darkstarjedi, heady lamarr, kdead, deadfish, gr8fuldaddy1, jazzy143, highvibe, hugz420, jobyallwaysdead, AndieIsAlthea, silly_mian, staceyleigh, turtlelove, cigrsam, Gr8fulIra, Sluys Guys, notbetty, tambourine man, TenJed_77, Rum Jungle, mollydevine69, Grasshead, celasly, CLETUS UNCLE, cactus420, hammertime, TEADAWG, melissa, DrBone, justice, tapertim, Josef, mary-sunshine, skarlitb, buz_73, mtnref4, slidebrain, catchmohl, jackerowe, chunn,, firemanmike, JBT420247, lakelure2, gk, tpdaman, Good Foote, shkdwn, Deadbolt, goffchile, Mr Charly, CmdrDarklighter, Tennessee Toolshed, jackstraw_35, purplesunflower11, greenagain, BHLawrence, Hambone69, Chamber87, Roy Roscoe, lilhippiesmurf, kindveggiebagel, Joshadelic, AikoBearzly, Tbear, Findley, Cassidy_Sam, stock, weatherdownheresofine, Jfgr8ful, wolfdrummer, JOEG, WKB, kjackstraw, chefjim, B3 Leslie, ichibanjohn, marian, stellablu11, 10ECJED, jerry-y-u, Les Gibson, cosmictattoos, bozack7, gr8fulgary, Cookbitch, Jodester, harry_hood, thefence, 67goat, garseeya53, matilda, peachtruck, saint, kydead, darrrkstarrr-billy, weallen, DBtv, Tampa Red, jillstraw, MojoHand, outpost, scruff, philsurf, Papa-bear, direwolf23, bkind-fg2all, gdtrfb5, E S Crane, Chief, dharmadawg, Drumpsychosis,, PsillyJim, turnphilup, Lazy-Supp-Deal, mrdrew, LoneStarDead, Alex_Rio, Lake, Darkstargazin, rjtriana, DaffyDuff, Gr8fulbluz, ricflower, GrandMasterG, wlknblu, prentsloan, rick e., bigbri67, GADEADHEAD, Duggles, deal47, ratskrad, tardisrider, gespacho, kaiser soda


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Joined: Jun 9 2007
We had a high time...

This show is maybe the highlight of the 91 Omni run. Bruce really pushes everyone else to the limit. Outside of High Time the set list is pretty average for the tour, but the songs really hit a little more space than usual. Phil and Bobby seemed to share one brain this evening, much to the enjoyment of anyone who was there or who takes the time to find this show.

Joined: Feb 20 2011
Still the OMNI

Good One for this aging Hockey Arena.

Hugo Fugazi's picture
Joined: Jan 27 2012
Performed elevator races on

Performed elevator races on Concierge elevators at the Marquis. Perhaps the best lodging for any Dead show ever. After a long day of hustling pool in the hotel bar, the set break found our 450# touring companion, Charles A/KA Snowflake, sprawled out snoozing 5th row center (Thank you Ruby) - his ham sized arm pinning me grinning to my seat. Ever vigilant, 2 Atlanta PD officers sidled up. The younger of the 2 looked Charlie up & down & declared, "We gotta get him outta here." The older and wiser of the 2 replied, "Which end you wanna be holding when he wakes up?" Problem solved, and my heart rate (if not my pupil size) was able to return to normal.
This was one of the best cities to see the Dead in. I can recall cops playing harmonica etc. with bands on the sidewalk. After the last night's show this year, I was idling at a light in my '66 Bonneville around midnight, & a nearly invisible big cop walked up to my window & said, "'Damn man, you can hahdly hear her runnin'. '65?" I said, "Yeah, never a mile an hour over." You can't be too careful.
I miss life on that big adventuresome road with no cell phones, GPS etc. It truly was the Last American Adventure like Jer said.


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The Omni - April 4, 1991