Grateful Dead

Orlando Arena - April 4, 1994

Orlando Arena

April 04, 1994

0rlando, FL US

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sound check: "Comes A Time" (x3))*

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djancy75's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Was the first show I

Was the first show I attended.

paps's picture
Joined: Jun 14 2007
This was the show where we

This was the show where we were all tear gassed in the parking lot!! What a trip killer.

MAZE920's picture
Joined: Jun 15 2007

I guess some kids rushed the gate that's what caused the gas. I was there in the park that night. To me it seemed like the cops just couldn't handle the energy. They were trying to push people out of the park. Every time they pushed the energy would surge, the drumcircle would get louder and everybody was just sending positive energy back at them. They couldn't deal with it, so they dumped the gas. It seemed like some crazy scene from a movie. I had just jumped on the bus in Atlanta so this all seemed like some great adventure. I was a filthy wharf rat, and loving every minute of it.

Bella's picture
Joined: Jun 24 2007
yuck the gas...police on

yuck the gas...police on horseback...and choppers overhead...oh the drama.

Joined: Jun 13 2007
The Police!!

I had parking tickets for a specific area and paid for 2 days. The Lot was individually owned. The night before the show was cancelled due to Bob's father being ill. My buddy and I went to The Farm and did some partying there. We got back the next morning and there was cop sitting in the parking lot. As I parked in my reserved spot, he came up to me and told me that I had to leave. I showed him my receipt and parking pass. He pulled out his handcuffs and says if I don't leave he will throw my ass in jail. Not wanting to miss the show, I had to leave. Then after the show, ahhh tear gas. Well.... you know what happened. I will never have any respects for the Orlando Police Department again.

Joined: Jul 20 2007
fun fun fun

fun fun fun

Sequoia420's picture
Joined: Jun 18 2007
It's All Too Much...

Aisle surfing for killer views and sounds from the band the entire show. Outside: babies crying, dogs vomiting and tear gas everywhere. Bummer...

Joined: Sep 2 2007
juxtapose sweet, free oranges and tear gassing around a 9 yr old

The turning point in taking my children on tour.

It was beautiful, sunny and mellow while my children (then 6 and 9) laid in the grass before the show...lazily reading some of the "Secret Garden" and eating oranges the Red Cross? was passing out.....

fast forward a bit.....tear gas everywhere, the noise, smell and panic still fresh in my mind.....

Somehow got my kids (with help from a very kind man in overalls who kept calling me Mom although at 25 I couldn't have birthed this 40something :-) to safety....

We left after only a few minutes because it was too angry and fearful a vibe to have children around....

We drove all night and wound up camping in Vero Beach. We did finish the book and met Ron and Tim the next day.....

Joined: Sep 2 2007
follow up

Was the gas after the show??? Oh my memory :-(

I guess we missed this show, inside, then....Doesn't seem right, I thought it was just as the show started at dusk.....

Although this would explain why I don't remember any of the first few songs.....

I do remember kind overall 40 something guy and send the warmest of thanks if he should ever read this....He scooped my son up as I did my daughter and we just ran for cover away from the gas....It's a blur now, but we made it back to my vehicle and then he was gone, and we were on our way to some well deserved ice-cream anywhere but that horrible scene....

LAfadeaway's picture
Joined: Jun 11 2007
Bad 'Lando vibes

The whole Orlando scene had not been good to Heads around this time. The last time the Dead played Orlando, cops chased a teen into the huge lake around the arena and the teen never made it out alive. Then, just a day before this show, the first show on the stop was cancelled due to a Death in the Dead family (Bill's dad I believe). Finally, we get a decent (not great show at all), only to be tear gassed on way out of venue after a I Fought the Law encore. Did the band know what was happening outside?

Life may be sweeter for this, I don't know
Feels like it might be alright


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Orlando Arena - April 4, 1994