Grateful Dead

Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex Coliseum - April 4, 1995

Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex Coliseum

April 04, 1995

Birmingham, AL US

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Set List:

Ramble On,
B. T. Wind>
Don't Ease

Iko Iko,
Easy Answers>
Stella Blue>

Mighty Quinn

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Attendees of this show

CaptiainBob73, Culture_Czar, becky2877, jherlongcharter, dubai-escorts-bunnies, Mozes1, gop7384, loveandpeace, adeadhead1976, bcornsell74, starbreather, lauraboo, cyclesam, beerbryan68, Jules N Binokulas, tapertom1272, Ace78, CarrionCrow, Bo Deen, lundyw1, b4db4rbie, jackieshul, BamaHeaD, althealover, sugarmagnolia_34, chaseutley, andyman1970, SicMD, Pard, MightandGlory13, toriano, mbunn789, esmcg1973, Humboldt JennyB, ibrahima, benson76, Rottenclam, deepsouthgent, hayven77, Geodye420, gratefullydan, BManPatrick, scarletfire5877,, solhay, WeLuvEachOther, BigFlosser, topherblunt, SuNeeDaYdReAm44215, PrintIsBlood, 1970jwp, BataviaSparky, Bamagetaway, oldtourrat, mmtapeop, smarcus, justblue, oakdaddy, jenny1981, greeksam78, saigonmarc, mw141414, mandalafly, Darlene, shwag138, Challowell, Eldehbran, ccwanger, shemp72, TennesseeJed22, GogglesPizano, TomBanjo1969, tucson_john, oxfordmsdeadhead, walkingupstream, gr8fulheaddy, verymarysunshine, TreeTop, vtwick, hippintrippy, cosmiclisa, memphisus, HlpSlpFrank, cbrlucky,, Folkways, sommer breeze, lost, Disco Stu, Grateful_HERSH, lostdeadhead, Zman420, FireWheel, Blysergic, EasyWind73, dport, Boulder Creek Mama, doughknees, annie_roses, cosmic tuna, The one and only Bean, mzackim, ratterd, retiredwingnut, hippiechic, skullpoet, dancingbears95, michihippie, k-wak, Key Wester, deadreckoningCHI92, acacia, joekyle, drummer0612, flyaway30, scottrost, HarmonyKoruption, dizz, tjazzbo, Basilicone, MplsDeadhead, Cold Jordan, karina, Darkstarnat, chefdannnyc, Squirrel95, sunshine.kay, DeceivedOne, billytell, indyhead, Nebulorb, regblue, gratefuldave11, lee420, 73joey, jaykuhles, byrdgirl_01, april rain, hawksbillwill, gonewild2, oscarphree, hippiedino, mountainlynx, the-emperor, miroth, BoogieGirl, kydedhed, gr8flcoach, BEGGERSPAY, Alabama Althea, ohioted, mysticwynter, sfniner80, Tenner, SquiRL, shall, jcb12377, skinnyfat, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, tcc, RexLexicon, paintedmandolin71, Straws, pyrorite, Rowjimmy151, headjam, jstange, carolinahead, helpontheway, hugz420, JINGLE, jiadams76, GDfan, Harleydls, hanuman, moefan2000, MoonshineCito, jstraw72, hammertime, Geronimo1, tapertim, mary-sunshine, sdeadicated, dyrewlf, skarlitb, snugent682, darrin29, peeler326, Stephen S Sharkey,, chefdave, ontour4ever, jennyb413, Deadbolt, koolwhip, purplesunflower11, funboy, greenagain, PearlyB, blackpeter76, Kidcrater, Findley, jeffy8, BoxomoxoA, johnoreno, gulfsurf, Jfgr8ful, MAZE920, BlindJohn, harry_hood, 67goat, Gr8flKev, garseeya53, lawnboycj, matilda, SoPo Jody, weallen, PlaynNDBnd, russell, oarman, KimmieinMD., wranglerspace, spoondivy, Darkstargazin, fpellc, Gr8fulbluz, mightzwell, Gr8ful Greg, OnTheRoadAgain, JaimeAlphaMale, Doug, bradleyg, Salmon Will, deadheadgarcia, djancy75


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Ace78's picture
Joined: Dec 14 2013
First and Only

Sadly, This was my only Dead Show with Jerry. Magical night that changed my life forever. Thank you for the memories.

Joined: Jan 16 2015
Looking for People Who Attended

Hey guys!

I'm at journalism student at the University of Alabama, and one of my classes is currently working on articles featuring people who attended this show! We were looking for anyone who has memories or interesting stories to tell about their experience at this show in Birmingham, and would love to interview some people for our articles. We're also interested in any pictures, videos, or mementos from this particular show. If you're interested or have anything you would be willing to share, let me know either through here or if you'd prefer, I can give you my e-mail address. Thanks a lot!


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Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex Coliseum - April 4, 1995