Grateful Dead

Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex Coliseum - April 5, 1995

Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex Coliseum

April 05, 1995

Birmingham, AL US

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final "Maggie's Farm" - final "Johnny B. Goode"

Set List:

Wang Dang Doodle
Stagger Lee
Me & My Uncle@>
Maggie's Farm@
Row Jimmy>

H. C. Sunshine
Way To Go
 Uncle John>
Morning Dew

Johnny B. Goode

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
The last show I got in

I will always remember the Maggie's Farm from that night. It was my first and last.

jeffy8's picture
Joined: Jun 18 2007

Nice calypso groove - my last east coast show.

Joined: Jun 13 2007
my last show

So glad I made it ! My last show was in my home town/city.
I checked my daughter & my niece out of 2nd grade & took them to the parking lots. They now realize you had to see it to believe it. So glad I did - at least they got a taste. They both went to Belmont University - pursuing careers in the music business. Their love for music started with the Grateful Dead :)
I also have a dog named Matilda.
"The music plays the band."

Joined: Jun 23 2007
Special Guest Drums.......

The drummer from the Neville Brothers sat in during the "Drums" segment this evening, it was a monster and powerful thing, really the highlight of the show, probably the best "Drums" of the '95 Spring Tour. This was the only show I saw with McCartney's "That Would Be Something." So glad I made a push to catch a lot of this last Spring Tour, was my biggest chunk of shows at one time, would definitely rate the 2 Memphis Pyramid shows as the best ones of the Tour.

osborne fitzgerald mcclintic's picture
Joined: Oct 6 2007
ohh yea!!!

heard the soundcheck of st steve, through the front doors.. gave a horseback cop a beam and coke while on duty.... they were a good bunch!!! thanx alabama!!!

DrBone's picture
Joined: Jul 3 2007
My 12 y/o daughters first show

My brother and I took my daughter to her first show after she said, "dad, jerry's not going to live forever you know". Great show with brother and friends and my Nicki. we were about 15 feet from the stage for her first and only...

Joined: Mar 29 2010
My first show

This was my first show with Jerry, and unfortunately it would be my last with Jerry in the band. I remember I was 18 yrs old and still living at my parents house and they told me if I went to see Grateful Dead not to come home because "they knew what went on at them concerts." Of course the next day while I was still in a daze my mother called me and asked me to come home. LOL! But that night forever changed my life. It was unlike anything I had ever expierenced and there has never been another live band that can measure up to The Grateful Dead, although Widespread Panic runs a close 2nd. The crowd just isn't the same. I have seen several The Dead shows and loved every minute of them, but I can't help to get a tear in my eye or a lump in my throat to look on the stage and not see Jerry! MISS YOU JERRY!

Joined: Jul 19 2010
Last show front row :)...Homeboy

This was just an amazing week for me having just finished the Atlanta run of shows with the NATIONAL GAURD as door security, Bham was a BLAST!!!! The only regrets are the photos :-( . Great ones from second row seats , but for encore Good friend had front row JERRY and waved me and girly to come take over as he was leaving. Jerry played Maggies Farm and JohnnieB.G. while Laughing right in my face as he played ...the whole while I'm snapping shots...As show was ending realized was Jerry was laughing about ....BOY YOU GOT THE LENSE COVER ON THE CAMERA..Hahahaha...Maybe will post some shots of this show in future....Grateful Love ...Bama<;}}}}}<

Joined: Aug 7 2010
Chance to chill with band

When the band flew in for this concert I worked at the private terminal of the airport. Normally the limo would arrive up to an hour prior to aircraft arrival. On this date the limo was nowhere to be found! Their handler got on the phone to find out what happened. Anyway I helped unload the luggage and me and the band stood outside for over 30 minutes shooting the breeze while waiting. Finally I told them forget the limo- I would take them to the hotel. Of course as soon as we loaded the last bag into the van the driver showed up. All the band members hugged me and told me they appreciated the conversation and "Southern Hospitality". They were all nice and easy to talk to unlike what you would expect from celebrities. Beleive me I know after working there for over 20 years what celebrities can be like! Grateful Dead were some of the exceptions and I'll never forget that experience.

wanderland's picture
Joined: Jun 25 2011
Love Alabama

Will never forget the kindness of the people, the mood, made $$ for a ticket, made the purchase, was so stoked I got it, still am. Truckin, oh man, that was cool


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Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex Coliseum - April 5, 1995