Grateful Dead

Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex Coliseum - April 5, 1995

Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex Coliseum

April 05, 1995

Birmingham, AL US

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final "Maggie's Farm" - final "Johnny B. Goode"

Set List:

Wang Dang Doodle
Stagger Lee
Me & My Uncle@>
Maggie's Farm@
Row Jimmy>

H. C. Sunshine
Way To Go
 Uncle John>
Morning Dew

Johnny B. Goode

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Attendees of this show

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Joined: Aug 19 2012

Yea, I realize it's been 2 years since you posted this but I just joined the site hoping to find a copy of one of or both these shows. Anyway, I don't think the guys in the Grateful Dead every really considered themselves celebrities or rock stars. I think they just saw themselves as musicians who had a job to do bringing entertainment to others.

Joined: Jun 27 2014

After truckin' up and down and all over these here United States for 16 years averaging 10 shows a year, I finally got to see the boys in my hometown!

I will always cherish the memory of the JOY radiating to the audience from Jerry shucking & jiving & dancing with suprise guest, Willie Green during Matilda. How lovely to be loved.

Joined: Jan 16 2015
Looking for People Who Attended

Hey guys!

I'm at journalism student at the University of Alabama, and one of my classes is currently working on articles featuring people who attended this show! We were looking for anyone who has memories or interesting stories to tell about their experience at this show in Birmingham, and would love to interview some people for our articles. We're also interested in any pictures, videos, or mementos from this particular show. If you're interested or have anything you would be willing to share, let me know either through here or if you'd prefer, I can give you my e-mail address. Thanks a lot!

Joined: Apr 10 2017

Wow.Great post. I’d like to write like this too – taking time and real hard work to make a great article… but I put things off too much and never seem to get started. Thanks though.I'm common rail come from sensor .


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Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex Coliseum - April 5, 1995