Grateful Dead

The Spectrum - April 6, 1985

The Spectrum

April 06, 1985

Philadelphia, PA US

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Set List:

Feel Like a Stranger
They Love Each Other
New Minglewood Blues
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Mama Tried
Big River
Big Railroad Blues
Looks Like Rain
Don't Ease Me In

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Playin' in the Band
Uncle John's Band
The Other One
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

One More Saturday Night

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Jerry's voice was shot, but

Jerry's voice was shot, but the drummers had the magic lightning ball going, and I rememeber playing frisbee on the football field at old JFK Stadium, that was across the street.

Joined: Sep 1 2008
1st show?

Although, after 20-some years, I'm not entirely sure... I'm pretty sure this was when I came on the bus. It was one Hell of a night... and it was ALL a blur!

steviecharles's picture
Joined: Sep 22 2008
3 niter

stevie c
We camped in a red van in the parking lot for the duration of the shows over Easter weekend. We were selling some hand made pipes from "the Mill" to get by, anyone remember us?
One classy peasant skirt wearing deadhead chick in paticular, she and a couple of her friends hung out with us and we all were listening to her tell stories about Jesus while flyin high on some Fantasia Mickey Mouse Wizard blot......
Man, what a ride!

Joined: Jan 21 2009
fake ticket

I bought a fake ticket from a shady looking guy in the lot. As soon as I looked at it I knew it was fake but he was gone. Fortunately there were a lot of fakes with green backs and my fake had a yellow back so I got in with it!

Joined: Jan 11 2009

Hey all,
Just curious what the parking lot is going to be like. I got tickets for both show but have never been there. It would be grate to get some feedback from any1 thats been there in the past.

Joined: Dec 14 2007

The jam from China into Rider was out of this world. Still sends me shaking in my shoes. Best Rider I ever heard.

Joined: Apr 13 2009
I was about 20 feet back,

I was about 20 feet back, Jerry's side, on the floor for this show. As I remember it, this was the last year the Spectrum allowed general admission seating on the floor, and I was lined up for hours to get a good spot. Mostly because I wanted to shoot some black & white pics of the show, and I got some great ones. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find my prints in years & I fear the negatives were destroyed when my basement flooded several years ago -- but if I find anything, I'll post them here.

Dupree's was the highlight for me, since Aoxomoaxoa (sp?) was my favorite record at that point & I didn't know they still played it. Very fun night...

darkstarcafe's picture
Joined: Apr 14 2009
My First Show!

We went on a bus from Stockton State with Rufus the bus driver! As soon as we left we tapped the first of 3 kegs and everyone broke out all kinds of crazy plumbing to smoke from! Rufus pulled over so we could take a piss break, & was drinking Jack out of the trunk of his wife's old car,(He had no idea where he was going, so he followed her). Got to Philly had to bang an illegal "U" bie, but we made it in. Floor was general admission,(last tour of that I think) Got about 3 rows in front of Jerry & was totally melted away! Bobby's face was changing into all kinds of animals during the other one. I knew I was on to something BIG! The Bus Came By, & I Got On!

chefdarkstar's picture
Joined: Mar 21 2009
on the bus

my first shows, a few buddies of mine traveled from Rochester, stayed with a friend in Philly. Had a blast, by Monday I was walking around wishing everyone "Happy Monday" with roses hanging in my long hair. Ah to be young again....

zyx's picture
Joined: Jun 20 2007
Goes to show you don't ever know

After starting the trip burning incense in the four quadrants of the peace sign painted atop the roof of Doug's VW Bug , tooling down the highway the trunk pops open and creates a bit of a scare as we can no longer see the road. Tragedy averted, we complete our ride up from N.C, by heading right to the tx window. We need Friday tx. As soon as we enter the office the window opens. Only one set of people before us they score, we score and then they shut the window. How's that for perfect timing. But with all that's good comes all that's bad. Patted down and removed of doobs I take solace that they missed the chunk of a nice red hash.


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The Spectrum - April 6, 1985