Grateful Dead

The Spectrum - April 7, 1985

The Spectrum

April 07, 1985

Philadelphia, PA US

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Set List:

Why Don't We Do it in the Road
Mississippi Half-Step
C.C. Rider
Bird Song
Dancin' in the Streets

Shakedown Street
Samson and Delilah
She Belongs to Me
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Gimme Some Lovin'
Smokestack Lightnin'
Morning Dew
Sugar Magnolia

Day Job

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Joined: Jul 4 2011

Phil blew us away w/ "Why Don't We Do It In The Road"!
Kim traded all my Dead buttons from my blue jean jacket to some dude from Tennessee for a handful of blue & moldy shrooms that she shared w/ our crew.
Lot's of bubbles,beachballs & frevolity after the gig.
We bought 3D glasses & tripped on all the Philly police care lights. :D

Joined: Jan 9 2012

Haven't been on this site in a few years. Just noticed my original post as daffyduff--my old handle,lol. Again, an awesome first show.

Joined: Apr 25 2008
Hiya Hiya Hiya Kids!

What a great night in Philli! I don't know where I was when all the fighting was breaking out but not where we slept, anway....Phil boaming Hiya Kids can you hear me before WDWDIITR was a blast of a start. It just kept going, Birdsong, Dancin' in the Streets made for a nice although short first set.
2nd set opens with a killer Shakedown Street, one of my favorites. From top to bottom a great show until the Day Job closer. Whew, one more show to go!

Joined: Nov 29 2011
i remember

Attended this show on spring break as a senior in high school. Things I remember: yeah, Weir fell on his ass in front of the stage and tried hard to make it look he like meant to do it. He was not kicking a ball or balloon, as others say here; he was trying to be a rock star and do a wild leap, and he slipped on a silk-like cloth that was covering some wires in front of his monitor.

I also remember the big talk was how shot to hell Garcia's voice was; I guess because it was near the end of the tour or he had a chest cold or something. But we thought he sounded like a growly old bear. His voice cracked so badly during "Morning Dew" that people cringed. I remember very clearly during "Mississippi Half-Step" during the out-choruses he seemed to try to gather enough strength in his voice to sing "across the Rio Grandio" one more time, and raised his right arm high in the air before singing the line; the audience went completely bonkers and we talked about it afterwards; "boy he was really into it man," etc. It was the most animated I ever saw Garcia performing live.

The last thing I remembered was the audience was all psyched-up for a great encore and went pretty much dead silent when they started up "Day Job." My friend shrugged and said "Blow Job" aloud and we left to beat the rush out the doors.

A one-camera/one-shot video of this entire concert is uploaded at Youtube, synced to a good-quality soundboard tape. It's a decent enough document to remember it, and Garcia raising his right arm during "Mississippi Half-Step," for those who were there.

Joined: Jul 12 2008
killer show

easter sunday in philadelphia

Joined: Dec 2 2014
First Show

It was Easter Sunday. A small group of friends tie dyed shirts the day before and were all initiated into the clan the following night. Life changing event. God bless the Grateful Dead.

Joined: Mar 31 2015
Thirty Years Ago Today

Awesome show. We were all worried with how Jerry's voice had sounded so trashed the prior night. Well he again did not do loads of singing, but they pulled out all the stops none the less. Phil broke the ice immediately with his "HIYA HIYA HIYA KIDS HOW YA DOIN'?". Then he rocked the house with Do It In The Road. Short first set but filled with goodies. The Birdsong was very spacey. The Dancin' was welcome. Shakedown finally made its appearance. It was Easter Sunday so Bobby had to do Samson to bring up the bible. It was a very good time; and as they did at lots of shows around this time, they let folks down with the encore being Day Job...oh well!


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The Spectrum - April 7, 1985