Grateful Dead

Miami Arena - April 7, 1994

Miami Arena

April 07, 1994

Miami, FL US

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Set List:

Walking Blues
Friend of the Devil
Queen Jane
Ramble On Rose
Music Never Stopped
Last Time
Stella Blue
Sugar Magnolia

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Attendees of this show

mitchw41, SDhead, dubai-escorts-bunnies, philsfriend13, Frankie In atlanta, WackaloonQ, Dpwilljr, Dolphan313, steve6765, PT Barnum, zoes_ter, fuzuk2, Drfun, Nace1031, Samoot, John Mendozza, CarrionCrow, ljkljk, JohnL, dedhed1963, GroundFunk, SicMD, dnelse51, catdaddyo, mbunn789, Laureen629, BATTLESTARSOMMER, Roes, kreplech, gmjbeachside, Geodye420, tashwolf, adashiko, BigFlosser, littlenemo, william_O, oldtourrat, smarcus, dredileogirl, Mr.Palmer, chrisjett76, deadmomma, mandalafly, Barrtenderr, jussieyes, J-Lu, zeekbythecreek12345, Darlene, corrinaandmarin, nostalgia, upthecreekwheresmypaddle, dolbeared, photogeek423, stroukoa, jennyBgood, Gr8ful Dean, blotterman, LostDew, Sampson1966, TreeTop, Malarkey, shockandawe, sddeadhead, btwind13, scorpm64, evac171, playnindsand, sommer breeze, ThunderRoot, lostdeadhead, FireWheel, Blysergic, dankmat, doughknees, nicklas59, The one and only Bean, Wharfrat89, kobejuan, ratterd, retiredwingnut, salem, SD Dead, stip91, jammin mamma, brooksie, Moobs, Savage, joekyle, terrapin420, WALLMEISTER, sammy0, Carstel, scottrost, frizzhead, ladnarc, deadheadfrom76, tjazzbo, caroroses, Pixelbow, karina, ellisdee420, 3birdsongs, Squirrel95, burbs67, DeceivedOne, amdew122, Reya Sunshine, RoadKing Ray, ls420, NNJDEADHEAD68, harryz, crazyolben, good.egg, catpants, stuarta, jaykuhles, rich65vwbus, Christie408, skunjelefeti, BigBuffalo, pozz420247, schwaz, highlander63, Northbound Train, mountainlynx, roughyed, GRonK, Shov39, ticket lee, jpwadd, tidianne, Tenner, davidshorin, I.MGr8ful, Mr.Skjellyfetti, Monkey1991, mgrdead29, brianmika, paintedmandolin71, Straws, shakedownstreet17420, pyrorite, Peachy, dawnoftheravenmoon, paldss, skepticalbuffalo, cosmicneil, speedlimit, sunshinegrl, helpontheway, AndieIsAlthea, jiadams76, SocietysPliers, jauerbach, turtlelove, cherub, michaelperpall, ScottyWH, Sluys Guys, fatmanrox, jamfam, binky, jackstrw, bobosa, randall747, melissa, justice, mary-sunshine, dyrewlf, snugent682, dumbek, Los55, purplesunflower11, greenagain, Dalbert, scarletfire26, mackinacman, slicae611, Joshadelic, nathanleary, Tbear, jeffy8, dkstr89, Jfgr8ful, wolfdrummer, shugamag, kjackstraw, MAZE920, stellablu11, 10ECJED, amestom, jerry-y-u, Thedeadheadmommy, Les Gibson, Pduck, Jakethedrummer, harry_hood, 67goat, misujry, deadheadead, truckinup2buffalo, LAfadeaway, GarchiaPet, Sunnydrop, Skivmo, bkind-fg2all, gdtrfb5, gr8fldude, ph-balanced, KimmieinMD., JerryisaJedi, mrdrew, Gr8fulbluz, horus, bigbossman, mato1949, Jack-A-Moe, bonanacroi, lizsbigbadwolf2, JackStraw_1969, bradleyg, deadheadgarcia


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bonanacroi's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
my second show

my second show

MAZE920's picture
Joined: Jun 15 2007

I got miracled to this show. I had been slinging grilled cheese in exchange for a ride, and food, and booze for some nice folks who picked me up in Atlanta. Thanks Mt. Frog. Anyway, quite unexpectedly Senor Frog came along this second night and kicked me down a ticket. I was so happy dancing and smiling and shaking my bones. Alot of people say these weren't the best shows the dead played but it sure seemed good to me.

jeffy8's picture
Joined: Jun 18 2007
70's dead

The eyes.> playin'.> Terrapin to open the second set was what i imagine a seventies show would entail.

Peachy's picture
Joined: Sep 5 2007
Last Show :(((

Boy- Jerry was so cleerly ills and I had bad seats but oddlly
my last memory was weeping as he played Stella Blue and
having that odd feeling it was a fitting end song to hear..not that I suspected I would never see him again but he did
not look well--labored breathing..alas..
It all rolls into one and nothing comes for free- there is nothing you can hold for very long...Stella Blue!
In the end there's still that mind will always remember that as Jerry's farewell song to me no matter what
the set list sez..funny how memory plays tricks on you...
Now maybe it was the LAST song and then they came out for encore so that is why I forgot.....but it was moving...
even the show in Orlando in 1991 the only song that seemed
great was Morning Dew- Brent loss was a hard hit that IMHO they never really recovered from musically..but I know Vince and Hornsby did some good shows...
I miss old Jerry!! As Hunter song says...down the road...
the sun shining with a beard!

"if the Thunder don't get ya then the lightning will!"- The Wheel
"Gonna find out something only dead men know" - Silvio
Class of Red Rocks '79...
Life without the Dead is not life...and so we carry on...

Joined: Jan 27 2009
Kick ace show

The previous night the 6th & this one were my 1st ever dead shows, sucks i was born in 76 so i was like 18 ,the 1st night i was tweaked on a hit of acid & this one i was jus smoking some herb & had some shrooms but as set lists go it was a amazing show to see for your 1st couple shows, i wish I could down load or find these 2 of 3 shows in miami, since i live in south florida, I tried to get in the 3rd night but no tickets to buydown there,my freind that drove me he got a ticket from this dood that he drove to so only 2 tickets for 4 ppl ,so me & my freind we hung around the parking lot & found this freind of mine that had a full tank of nos so free baloons were cool ,great atmosphere in down town miami to hang outside the show, had alot to smoke ,drink ,loons, i wanted to get into the 3rd show of the miami ones but 2 out of 3 aint bad.I miss jerry...

Gr8ful Dean's picture
Joined: Apr 25 2009
My Birthday Shows

I treated myself to these Miami shows for my birthday. I went up to Orlando first to see Disney and Epcot. Got the surprise of my life running into Jerry and his wife at Epcot. I didn't go to the Orlando show that night, glad I missed the tear gas. These Miami shows were the last time I saw Jerry. I remember listening to Row Jimmy on the way to work in 95 when I got the call that Jerry had died. I am so glad Phil and Bob are carrying the torch with Furthur. Can't wait for the Boston shows next week.


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Miami Arena - April 7, 1994