Grateful Dead

Tampa Stadium - April 7, 1995

Tampa Stadium

April 07, 1995

Tampa, FL US

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Black Crowes opened

Set List:

Jack Straw
Loose Lucy
Visions Of Johanna>

Unbroken Chain>
Corinna> Drumz>
Easy Answers>
Days Between>

U. S. Blues

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
considering the era...this was a solid show

considering that this was jerry's second to last tour...and the condition of his health...i think this show (while not being the best ever played) holds up as one of the best from the year. The first set was pretty solid with the rare double dylan song selection. I was lucky to have at least been able to catch a glimpse of the tail end of one of the most impressive careers in rock history.

Joined: Jun 5 2007
unbroken chain

also.....unbroken chain was pretty f---in' cool to hear live...and the DRUMS segment sounded timeless.

Joined: Dec 22 2007
So incredible.. My friends

So incredible.. My friends all canceled on me at the last minute and I had no ride. Boy did they miss out. I lived in Lakeland, Florida for only 4 months and had never been to Tampa. I bought a round trip ticket on a Greyhound and was on my way. The show was amazing the people were amazing and I will never forget them all. My soul felt at peace then. I dont think I met anyone from Florida but I know I didn't leave for 2 days. I could probably talk for hours about that night. It will forever be one of my best memories. Forever....

wetdawg's picture
Joined: Jun 15 2008
last show

I quit my job for no reason got in the car and rolled across alligator expressway alone. I had a weird feeling that I needed to see this show and my boss would not give me the time there I was alone until I arrived in the parking lot and was then surrounded with family. The crows were great and then unbroken chain wow. Thought I saw laser beams during drumz bouncing off the long thin clouds but I was really high. The drive back to ft. lauderdale was sureal. When I herd the news later that year I shead a tear, smoked a fat one and listened to american beauty.

Joined: Jan 10 2009
This was my first and only

This was my first and only show. I was 8 years old and my parents finally agreed to take me. My best memory besides dancing on the chairs the whole time was a man making me a huge balloon hat. My mom was pregnant with my sister at the time as well, so we like to say that she got to hear Jerry too. My favorite memory of my childhood.

Joined: Jan 12 2009
i took 3 friends to this

i took 3 friends to this show who had never seen the boys before. I thought the show was a pretty good one, but Jerry seemed a little disconected. What I remember most was after the show there was a farm where everyone was going back to camp.The night before and day of was amazing, but after the show cops set up roadblocks on all of the roads leading back there. Lots of people got arrested:-( I ended up catching a couple more summer shows so I'm glad that this one wasn't the memory I would have to hold on to. friend of a friend, Norby

Joined: Jan 27 2009
my 3rd ever & final show

The previous yr i went to 2 of 3 of the miami shows,since i live in south fl close to miami ,this was like a 5 hr drive for me & 2 freinds, we stayed at the days inn i think,really close to the venue, we made plans way in advance so we were lucky to have a room in town,I remember the police were being dicks with helecopters looking for baloon nos lines & shutting down like lil vendors,busting ticket scalpers . i was like 19 so it was a great time,plenty of smoke & then some, the set list was a little of a let down compared to the miami shows ,but it was awsome because it was the final show i seen ,at the old tampa bowl style stadium, it was nice atmosephere beautiful night, i think the black crowes opend for them which was cool to see a opening act that was ok,anyhoo it was a honor to see a show in the final year,my mom was soso cool she let me use her credit card for the trip & hotel cuz 5 hrs each way we didnt want to drive back to miami after the show ended,my freind wasnt in the best driving mood,like i said at 19 it was a great exper. the show ,motel & it being a stadium show,made it really great.* rip jerry*

tucson_john's picture
Joined: Apr 26 2009
Dancing on the Chairs

I remember. I saw you get that hat, too. Beleive it or not, you were just in front of us, and I remember the man making the hat and giving it to you. Wha t a small world! I had had a particularly productive and profitable tour season and was trading up tix; buying up all the floor tix I could get, and as I picked up one ticket, I would turn around and miracle the closest people needing seats. I had 9 people wth me, and met a sweet little girl a few days before at B'ham.
She was up in the stands, standing right behind me, not moving, not saying a word, all of a sudden, this light shot thru us both, I stubbed her down. We hooked up for the week in Lake of the Hills, were she lived. I really enjoyed the show, even with the weak set list. Tha way Corrina bounced around in the old stadium was really cool for such a suck song.

lamagonzo (not verified)
100 years before, 100 years after

An interesting observation.

Everybody will have joined the Dead in 100 years
And nobody born 100 years before 1965 will have seen them play.

All that will be left is the recordings (and the same guy screaming for St. Stephen during the song breaks).

At least we had the sense to hop on the train at this time, some at more opportune times than others.

crazyolben's picture
Joined: Jul 10 2008
my last show

i was on my way to federal prison.


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Tampa Stadium - April 7, 1995