Grateful Dead

The Spectrum - April 8, 1985

The Spectrum

April 08, 1985

Philadelphia, PA US

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last "Walking The Dog": 03-29-84 [83]

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gatzapaul's picture
Joined: Jan 11 2009
Estimated Assets

What a great show. The first triumvirate of songs set a fun, weird tone. One memory I have is Bobby doing a jump and step back from mic during Estimated and falling on his ass, getting big grins from the rest of the boys and a hearty laugh from the audience. I can hear the big laugh on my old audience tape.

Great show to close up the East Coast Spring Tour.

chas44's picture
Joined: Apr 11 2009
Gonna leave this brokedown palace

What a way to close a great spring tour. How about the Supplication jams that year. At Saratoga , they toyed with the Lazy Lightening intro.during the jam. I was saying ,"Come on Bobby, sing it......sing it. On 4/7, did anyone else hear Jerry play the first few cords of Cosmic Charlie out of Space right before the launched into Gimme Some Lovin? You can hear it on the tapes.

Joined: Apr 16 2009
My First

Took the train down to South Philly without a ticket. Scalped a ticket, went in, met two friends from school, took two blotters. Next, band opens with Midnight Hour, blistering 1st set, Jerry is melting his fretboard into flickers of light, to be honest, too young and too high to know what hit me. Fav tunes are Cumberland and Big Boss Man. Intermission, begin to freak a little, lady at the hot dog stand looks like a hobbit, holding on to side of wall as a descend back onto the floor, open seating, freaks everywhere, pre-1987 no posers, just hard core heads. Just about to lose it, I realize I have no money to get home. I am 15 and alone in Philly for the first time. Friends from school tell me to chill. 2nd set: Revolution opens. Speechless, starting to relax it was so loose and groovy. Touch, Jerry singing directly to me and telling me we will get by, starting to enjoy myself. Estimated/Eyes/Drums/Space. Excuse me? Did you say something? Somebody passes me a blunt. GDTRFB/Stella/ Around/ Lovelight. E.Palace. Parking lot, drizzling rain, can see rainbows in the window pains of the Spectrum. It is Easter Monday. Funniest part, I follow my friends because I am freaking about getting home, I shove into a sedan with at least, I am not kidding 10 Deadheads, we have to drive to the airport because some heads are flying out, finally I get a ride home. I sit up all night listening to Europe 72 and skip school the next day. Peace.

Joined: Feb 1 2008
Bob fell

It seems like they had to restart Revolution, and Bobby fell,trying to get off of the PA and get back to his mic in time, and he slipped stood up, and said
'don't worry about me no". Remember hearing walking the dog at 16th Street B&G
what fun!!!


Joined: May 31 2010
Best for Last

Defintiely the best show of the three in Philly in '85. The first set opening songs were great. Very untypical of the early 80's. It was a good way to end the run...

cub's picture
Joined: Mar 20 2008
Mighty Swell in Section O

This is just one more of a several, memorable, Spectrum-Life-Experiences or (SLE) that I was fortunate enough to enjoy from our local sweet-spot.

Section "O" which is behind the stage, along side of the tunnel to the back-stage area. What a thumping' good time. A show that I was not stationed in with the stealth tapers on the floor.

Cheers, Cubby

Joined: Apr 25 2008
The Finale

The final of three shows and the final for the tour did not disappoint, the set list speaks for itself. Midnight Hour, walking the dog and Big Boss Man to start, wow. OPen the 2nd set with Revolution and end the show with Brokedown Palace...what a great run of shows. I feel priviledged to have seem them.

JaqueStrap's picture
Joined: Dec 14 2007
I Loved the old Spectrum No

I Loved the old Spectrum No other band had played there more than the Dead

Joined: Mar 31 2015
Thirty Years Ago Today

Fantastic show to climax the tour. I went to all 14 shows in those 6 cities, and Philly definitely brought the energy levels up and met the high expectations. I was in the tapers section for most shows back then, and carried a little notebook crossing off songs I hoped to hear which were either in the recent rotation or recently missing. At this show I was going nuts with the trio of openers, rarities galore and the boys were having a blast as was the audience. In all they played 109 different songs on the tour, just a stellar versatility. Jerry was ripping it up. The Big Boss Man, Revolution, Walkin the Dog, awesome. Check out the video at - awesome stuff. Trouble Ahead, Jerry in Red! The only bad thing about the show: we knew they weren't gonna be back on the East Coast for a couple of months. I could barely wait....


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The Spectrum - April 8, 1985