Grateful Dead

The Centrum - April 8, 1988

The Centrum

April 08, 1988

Worcester, MA US

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FM broadcast WCUW

Set List:

Jack Straw
West L.A. Fadeaway
Little Red Rooster
Stagger Lee
Queen Jane Approximately
Let it Grow

Playin' in the Band
Crazy Fingers
Uncle John's Band
The Other One
Black Peter
Turn on Your Love Light

Black Muddy River

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Attendees of this show

dubai-escorts-bunnies, Melissaaaaa, Brad125, Amy from New York, gdtfb684, Dswist, Laughing Water, brezit, kbw66, Kayak Guy, ljkenne, docwino, curieye, jingbee1967, scarlet51067, SueSue67, TeleSpacePharm, Egg, gypsyrosalee, Dog Star, blackjackjohnny, Jackstrawdavect, SPAC84, scottocs, surfdude67, rymo, Capt Chowdah, DUPES DIAMOND BLUES, kayman714, Oxford 88, Jackstraw1963, direwolf02, jbass77bc, eeegs, hightimer, hockey_john, ai6pg, LongHammer6, DanSeth, chad.e.buck, ramblinrose1103, andychatfield, Kohalakid, hitmeister, Debdeadhead, OBIEtree, seennuff2know, Phinnegan, juddh1, borncrosseyed22, ChinaRider77, frisbee_lover, mountainjack, cube1061, shug9, skharvey, Nikon Harry, deadheaddad44, Jaypro, moogirl, bangadrum, Sequitor, broken_angel, Peisenberg, rainman67ko, clowncianz, Dr Dimento, MAConway, hippierob, kjmcdonagh, Leggs4, niptotheair, Boceltic33, deliadelyon, Frag, darkstarcrashes, picc, zeekbythecreek12345, Neal, dr zevon, morning_drew, mojoman, rodiebluez1, RobW, andyd8519, Rolokid, thatch, slowmo1968, stroukoa, TomBanjo1969, Superman, Flickster, AtomicPunk, mugwa, deadredhead, micah68, jlawless, zebadya, JCheskin, Dan the Dog, sugarmag68, deadinpcbfla., alovours13, terrapintom, chefdarkstar, bluesdrummermark, Marshmallow Warrior, Disco Stu, ellis d, Cosmic_Harley, Mister_Charlie, photoleon, Mornduvt, John Galt, Chris_Taylor, Gr8fulkev, m23, flach77, meeaj, lemond, aap526, Savage, chooch1, atleastimenjoingtheride, Phaldo, joni, ladnarc, jsomoza, blackknife, diamond-eyed jack, lrs2008, deadheadfrom76, Gtarjohn, Max Creek, darkstar70, Ace Cassidy, clutch_cargo, jim d, Peppermint Patty, thecrowtoldme, devo1979, NNJDEADHEAD68, TommyHolland, Thepman, danceswithbears, elgrande, bobby, The_Music_Danced_Me, Birdsong1969NJ, aikox2, bobbyb, Forensicdoceleven, ellis deed, lamarred664, tattoohippy, shwack, beandog22, air_garcia_416, jbatt, aliceDmillionair, WaywardBill, Get Weird, BoSoxMatt, Denali, Brother Esau, doctorspacebass, Upstate NY, Dashoesoff, Bettylou, ticket lee, sj_silva, tidianne, Ma Bell, twilaq1, Mr.Skjellyfetti, heatherfeather, bonus, bigbob, Duude, estimatedprofits, john05hd, romp711, scottwp2000, gratefuldad1, theleven, Headntales, cianflone, AoxoA, The Lord of Eltingville, JGonlygirlie, pearlybakerbest, paddy25, big dave, geriskids83, ramblonrose, acorn, BULLHEADEDDOGS, jobyallwaysdead, AndieIsAlthea, SocietysPliers, walkindadog, sebastian, gratefulgreg1, umadeadfan, jbob970, lisainpotown, UncleBruce1971, jozeppy, tourdog12, MoonshineCito, GDfan4ever, logstirl, tommygutt, DFBWM, Dan Hagan, Longnook, BlondeJim, ironsideny, andrewmyers, Josef, mary-sunshine, bportabello, catchmohl, adker, Esau, EightyEights, watersong, david515, garciagirl, raindep, AnnieRoses, crushedbyadwarf, aquanee, Josh, jerryskid, gr8flsquid, moosilauke, wharfrat8199, slicae611, tgraham, gratefuldad07, AikoBearzly, Charbroiled, Bob Minkin, kevnshellie, Mike Edwards, shackt, EstellaBlue, ripple7, Symmetry, shugamag, DrDarkStar, Terrapin_Tommy, mikestar, asperling, riggertoo, Cosmiccharlie, Cookbitch, Cosmic Chas, chrisparky, ken_in_ma, Suze67, levitonjl, judyc7, SkookS, FootBear, Clint, Won-I, skrletbegonia, Tony_S, itslouis, cking1225, bill642, jaycap, PsillyJim, Grateful1313, Lazy-Supp-Deal, WalpoleChinaCat, trg11167, zebweber, mike850, jonesgang, serafin, taperchef, skioa, jedsgirl, Levon Lovelight, Ski_Nose, tbsjr65, Miggs, ratskrad, MrnDw, Bozo Bus, jims, Benny Jakes


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EightyEights's picture
Joined: Jun 25 2007
Back to back Peters (uggghhh)

This is the first time I saw Jerry repeat the same post drums ballad 2 nights in a row (I think he forgot he played it the night before :)

Joined: Jun 26 2007
I don't think he forgot.

He screwed up the lyrics the first night and my impression was he was trying to get it right the second night.

Joined: Jan 27 2009
shut out

this was the only show of this tour that I got shut out of. My girl, at the time, & I found an awesum crew, with a killer sound system & we partied just as if we were inside. Must've been 30 of jammin' in the lot. That's the night I meet Benji & Scotti!! What up brothers?? R.I.P. Benji.

Joined: Mar 18 2009
I was with the radio broadcast crew that night

Really cool experience. Got there just in time...screwed up the voiceover intro when they said we were "on" but had a lot of fun hearing the band from a different perspective. The years have dimmed the memory a bit but I recall pretty high energy both sets. I also remember the cops...Jesus, the cops everywhere! Worcester was not kind to Deadheads in '88. I lived there then and they actually passed a resolution banning the band from playing there again (which was lifted a couple years later when they realized how much money Deadheads brought to the city). This year's tour was the first time The Boys have been back since I think.

Joined: Aug 7 2009
Went solo to this. 16 yrs old. my parents dropped me off. WOW

incredible experience. Went to show totally solo and just focused in on the band. Met folks w/ a BONG in the rafters during Drums/Space. WOW... this show was unreal. My first "Let It Grow" I was blown away by it. The Black Peter took me out as well.

The crazy effects during Uncle John's. wow.

Joined: Jan 9 2010
My one and only Dead show

I had just found out I was pregnant when we went to this show. I must've been the only straight person there. What a show.. a great music induction for my little bambina! Looking forward to this spring... ridin the music wave in the warm sunshine ; )

Deadwhiteandblu's picture
Joined: May 3 2010
The Black Peter incident!!

We were so pissed off that he played it 2 nights in a row. We were walking out saying shit like that fat fuck. Bu t the show rocked and we got over it

Joined: Apr 28 2012
Duly noted...but there's more

Best seats I ever had... First row right in front of Jerry. We bought these tix at a local record store, arriving on Friday morning with the sale starting on Saturday morning. There was a couple from Maine already waiting. My girlfriend worked at a hospital and she stole a box of numbered wrist bands. We handed out over 150 of these until midnight and the police told us we had to leave. We came back at 4 am and organized around 300 people into a somewhat calm line ( the people without wrist bands were pissed). The couple from Maine got there tix and then we go ours and within five minutes all three shows were sold out... Only about 5 people in line got tix. The funny thing was that we never saw the couple from Maine whose seats were next to us. Hall heads I guess... Anyway, I was primed for a monster Dew... Only to get Black Peter for the THIRD TIME IN FIVE NIGHTS! What the hell????


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The Centrum - April 8, 1988