Grateful Dead

Freedom Hall - April 9, 1989

Freedom Hall

April 09, 1989

Louisville, KY US

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final "Louie Louie"

Set List:

Hell in a Bucket
Walkin' Blues
It Must Have Been the Roses
Me and My Uncle
Big River
Ramble on Rose
Desolation Row
Foolish Heart

Louie Louie
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Ship of Fools
Estimated Prophet
Uncle John's Band
The Other One
Stella Blue
Sugar Magnolia

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

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Attendees of this show

bousada, Herb-T, dubai-escorts-bunnies,, Melissaaaaa, Chris killer, Luvdacheese, rockit, Heisenberg, Archemedes, BlackThroatedMind, Rid11, zoyd1962, julex, cmm3, MrShimmy, bellablue2270, Michaeltallon, Wyngman1984, pukegrub, Egg, Frontrow Joe, crunchyfrog, beerbryan68, anewbold, Jules N Binokulas, mattwise99, UncleJohn61, jodisalmonson, davegordon, scottocs, hornsby, docjbf, Cbus Scott, cooper3737, Cinrockhntr, LooseBrucie, Rickyspill, Norwood, Jason Wilder, tea2trey, islandman, JohnL, dedhed1963, heheavyd, 84-95, sciyerface, paulb, Perfunct, Ceriasly, TheTieDyeDude, MNGLWD, beatitondownonline, Phinnegan, gkreist, iamkayzak, kjhillner, deepsouthgent, hippydiver, thelahun, Flow3r, ChinaRider77, emmalee02, althea67, jpreece83, brummett68, skharvey, lnally2005, hdcsp3, CarrionCrow, JohnRapp, packymalley, Dolabella, WalkemJohnny, tcmarbles, pbyrnestudios, farmer john, gordy, nipsyhustle, BellJardin, lotsofgreensmiles, StackoLee, elracko, ebendog, Tim68, Mourning Dewd, jackstraw72, Row Jimmy Tisdall, greeksam78, dogs in a pile, thrinworks, gpeach, lazy, picc, raincloud74vw, Westy-Pearl, rodiebluez1, joebroomhead, downtownbear, Rolokid, saintstephen19, Toadmaster, midiman007, kid of Jerry, Desolation Bro, airgarciajams, thuleok, radio_mogul, micah68, Raindroprn, ahpook23, bsh, zebadya, jcjoesammax, cbchess, joetye, moodyja395, funnyboy, chdaws, Dan the Dog, sugarmag68, hillndale, olin preston grant, Pedro2009, general grant, gr8fulal,, ganjagirl, Blysergic, kevdaddy, nothing_comes_for_free, jhop321, skess64, vashgrmag, John Galt, AndIgoton, stiney456, mtgear, VikkiM, stemcap, bgall, janeklightfoot, Wild Bill, carolinablue, gaia247, lemond, revhd, alpine84, wharfrat3323, acacia, plogan, wharfrat1016, IndyBear, ladnarc, DoooDah, It Keeps Growing, lrs2008, TERRAPINEYES, caroroses, bobmoel511, Tennessee Tip, tomsned66, MustveBeenTheDoses, Peppermint Patty, voodoonola, wharfratdude, NNJDEADHEAD68, TommyHolland, eurodave, 1 Dead Fan, danceswithbears, thehagg01, BarefeetBob, tsadler, gdtrfb65, BigBuffalo, lamarred664, leftcoastbound, jamie60, Amitayus, gonewild2, 1wharf-rat, tattoohippy, zappy, BGunn, air_garcia_416, jbatt, mmmm_beer, mountainlynx, WaywardBill, GRonK, Grateful Jeff, forcestream, Upstate NY, GoldenBear, althea86, EcoBen, Dashoesoff, mbaker1967, funkygoodpants, Mitrananda, esfc85, another jerry, masessum, LUCY1985, PatrickJYoung, pat young, Mr.Skjellyfetti, javafrk, direwolfe, bubbadub, estimatedprofits, walstib77, rastarick, romp711, 1965, Elston64, trippergore, Headntales, kaluss, JGonlygirlie, goldgreek, Pha_Q, potterfield11, suite_d, Brownie, Phil_Fan, ramblonrose, lazymoon, toneye, GDfan, klaussmith, Sluys Guys, lisainpotown, Ursa Minor, scottymak, rabbit69, doobiesdaddy, Rum Jungle, cmnaround, shorebilly, garydobson, ncstagger, Rooster1969, notlikeyourmom, GaryHartman, BlondeJim, mccryptical, troynpam, picone90, greengo72, TEADAWG, Geronimo1, shnaholic, tapertim, OSH, JERRYJEFF G., Josef, mary-sunshine, leper van atom, mtnref4, chunn, dumbek, sugarmag67, goffchile, tiedyebob, aquanee, Big Bad Bill, lilhippiesmurf, slicae611, dcrockz, AikoBearzly, dharmagum, kevnshellie, barongsong, jpederzane, deadheadsammie, EstellaBlue, chicagobob, JOEG, chefjim, papajohnny, Fillmore Midwest, seve allday, Cosmiccharlie, Cookbitch, Jodester, vicki1953, garseeya53, rust, Teajay, Puffem420, tommytomato, matilda, dedhed714, truckinup2buffalo, Spore, skrletbegonia, Jack_O_Roses, jillstraw, garystar, philsurf, safarian34, mksmith, peterpollay, The Wolfman, direwolf23, riggamortis, almazzanti, dennisw, kintla, seenvic, PsillyJim, rainbow-trout, gratefuljo, sw fla chip, zebweber, fpellc, mightzwell, uncle crappy, Gr8ful Greg, OnTheRoadAgain, ws1995, Trueski, rick e., skioa, Duggles, Teedawg, Stealth, Gravy, james_pablos, Alpine7784, Salmon Will, TigerTrance, rodger allinson, Bozo Bus, Sunshine-Daydream


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TigerTrance's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
Louie Louie was really cool.

Louie Louie was really cool.

And Brent's solo during Foolish Heart was one of his greatest moments in the band.

Great night in Kentucky.

TigerTrance's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007

What happened to all my fan photos that were here?

chicagobob's picture
Joined: Jun 15 2007
What the heck was going on.....

After not seeing the DEAD for a number of years the magnitude of the merry prankster crowd was downright overwhelming, and surprisingly right here, in the heart of the Midwest.

Superfantastic show!!!!!!!

Joined: Jun 30 2007
louisville meets the candyman from memphis

FIRST ROW SEAT..... BRENT WAS SPITTING ON ME DURING LOUIE.LOUIE.. THE AROMA WAS AT ITS BEST>> a little splash..oops thats all she wrote..

Joined: Jul 9 2007
Costumed Pranksters Galore

I saw a Merlin The Magician in the crowd... I recall a fantastic Other One, a mind-blowing trip, how overwhelmed & trashed the facilities looked as I crawled outta my tent in the parking lot the next morning looking for a porta-john.

Joined: Jul 11 2007
Bobby not looking well

If I recall correctly - we were sitting in the center, maybe 15 rows back. Bobby appeared a bit pale...and off. I had a great was an off least for me!

Joined: Jun 13 2007
front row show

Mail ordered my tix & didn't look at a seating, so, to my surprise,
the ushers kept pointing to keep going......our only front row
after gen ad stopped. Could've sat right there 'til I died :)

kaluss's picture
Joined: Aug 17 2007
i agree w/ tiger trance!

Louie Louie was cool.

tommytomato's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007

Great show to wrap up my spring '89 tour...."Louie Louie" "Women Are's true....Cinderella was sweeping up on "Desolation Row"

general grant's picture
Joined: Feb 24 2009
ahhhh, the spinners!

my second show. a nice, relaxing evening after a harrowing experience at the cincinnati show.

this night a friend of mine said to me during the second set, "come on, let's go out in the hallway." i was like, "why???". she said she said "just trust me, you wanna see this."

this is when i saw the spacedancers and spinners for the first time. i seem to remember there being speakers set up in the hallway??? i was absolutely astounded by what i saw.

it took me a few more shows to become a hall spinning lunatic, but that was the night i was pretty sure i was going to get on the bus.


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Freedom Hall - April 9, 1989