Grateful Dead

Uptown Theatre - August 19, 1980

Uptown Theatre

August 19, 1980

Chicago, IL US

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first "Rooster" since 1965

Set List:

Mississippi Half-Step
Franklin's Tower
New Minglewood Blues
Dire Wolf
Row Jimmy
Me and My Uncle
Big River
Easy to Love You
Feel Like a Stranger

Little Red Rooster
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Estimated Prophet
Eyes of the World
Playin' in the Band
Comes a Time
Playin' in the Band
Around and Around
Alabama Getaway

Johnny B. Goode

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Joined: Oct 25 2007
Smokin' Estimated>Eyes

This was one of the first tapes I got in college.......still the one I listen to the most! Wish they officially release it (or would have released it as a Dick's Picks).....I've never heard them just rip through Eyes like this show.


Joined: Aug 12 2007
1st Show

Yes this was the one. I too had to leave due to a miscalculation of how much beer I could drink. It wasn't the one that changed my life. It just changed my drinking habits at shows altogether. The Uptown was amazing! That much I do remember!

Tom Mittemeyer's picture
Joined: Apr 13 2008
My First Show......

I was in the front row of the balcony on Jerry's side (when he was on the left if you're looking at the stage). I had been into the band pretty heavily for a good year and a half by then and needless to say, this was about as close to pure heaven as I could imagine. Small theatre, Nothing obstructing my view looking down on the band, sweet sweet jamming, sweet sweet ballads, and from my experienced friends (already been to many shows) a "killer" show to boot.

There's no question, this was a dandy. It took me 7 years to get a copy of it, and ya know, I think I'm going to play it right now. (of note, my daughter Hanna's first show in utero (mom's tummy) was on my 30th birthday (6/25/88 Buckeye Lake), and her first show out and in diapers was August 19 1989 (nine years to the day after my first show. just one of those strange "dead" coincidences.)

Now I'm hoping she'll go with me to see Ratdog and Govt Mule in Eugene (she attends U of Oregon) in June. She's 19 now. Now that would be cool....what is it about the number 19? ; )


~Tom ( The AllTomMitt Drawing Machine)

Joined: Dec 28 2012
Epic Uptown run!

This is THE best 3 show run at the amazing Uptown! This was such a great show, and the energy was high throughout. Great 1st set, but they really took off in the 2nd set starting with the breakout of Rooster, and then an epic China>Rider>Estimated>Eyes!

The post-drums sequence is all-time, with one of the only Playing>Comes a Time>Playin' they ever played. My first Comes a Time, and probably the best one I ever saw! Just incredible, and then to end the show with Alabama! Wow, this is the goods.

Just amazing from the Miss>Franklin's to the Jonny B Goode. Incredible show, at an amazing Theater!


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Uptown Theatre - August 19, 1980