Grateful Dead

Autzen Stadium - August 28, 1988

Autzen Stadium

August 28, 1988

Eugene, OR US

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Jimmy Cliff, then Robert Cray opened.

Set List:

Mississippi Half-Step
Little Red Rooster
Friend of the Devil
Stuck Inside of Mobile
Foolish Heart
Victim or the Crime
Don't Ease Me In

Jack Straw
Terrapin Station
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

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Joined: Jun 23 2007
Fun Trip

What a great bunch of music we heard, Santana with The Dead in Tacoma, then Jimmy Cliff, Robert Cray and The Dead in Eugene.I remember Jimmy Cliff informing us that,"I don't like raggae music...I LOVE RAGGAE MUSIC!!..."

bshaky256's picture
Joined: Jul 7 2007
Hot Day

All I remember is this was the hottest I've ever been in my life!

Without love in the dream, it'll never come true

drkstar69's picture
Joined: Jul 14 2007

This was my birthday show!

Joined: Jul 20 2007
Lion King

Dead family shows are a church where I've often been reborn, recharged to go back out into the mundane world ...RC, even GD, were for me just a bonus after witnessing Jimmy Cliff, spiritual master.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
First show

This was my first show, and I was ecstatic. Shakedown Street was going on in the parking lot, and Eugene has had a love affair with the Dead for a long time.

A few memories:

1. Jerry said "Saddy dat down and cried" during Half-Step.

2. A plane with a banner flew over the crowd with some weird message. I think this happened during "Victim."

3. The show was fairly mundane by Dead standards, but I will always remember the euphoria of seeing the Boys for the first time, and leaving Autzen with a smile on my face.

Joined: May 3 2008
A Fine Hot Day

Danced hard to Jimmy, strolled around people watching during Robert Cray and danced near the medic tents at the back of the floor. Shade was scarce, and there were SO many wilted flowers at the medic tent.
Wasn't the banner behind the plane for Otis Spunkmeyer (sp) cookies? The phrase "there's something spunky in the air" comes to mind. The kids they dance and shake their bones!

mona's picture
Joined: Sep 28 2008
when i came alive!

my first show. went to see robert cray and the dead blew me away to singing songs i never heard and dancing with thousands! It was then 80's and I finally found where my tribe had gone. it was a b-day present. a rebirthday!. the banner was for Fred orther; a cool Doctor who was running for office. I remember the big water hoses. And the roses.

Joined: May 26 2008
Below average

The band was on autopilot and it was a very uninspiring gig. Throwin' Stones was ok but the rest was just going through the motions. I guess after you have played a few thousand venues it's gets tough to get it up sometimes.

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
jimmy cliff set

Jimmy Cliff & Oneness
Eugene, Or.
Autzen Stadium

01.Rivers Of Babylon>Bongo Man
02.Soar Like An Eagle
03.Johnny To Bad
04.Reggae Down Babylon>Pressure>Hitting With Music>Lets Turn The Tables
06.Sitting In Limbo
07.It's Time
08.Treat The Youths Right>Rub-A-Dub Partner
09.Many Rivers To Cross
10.The Harder They Come

11.Wild World>Wonderful World, Beautiful People

Joined: Jan 13 2010

just blech, except for Jack Straw > Bertha.

one of the primary reasons GD88 doesn't turn me on much.


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Autzen Stadium - August 28, 1988