Grateful Dead

Civic Convention Hall Auditorium - August 5, 1974

Civic Convention Hall Auditorium

August 05, 1974

Philadelphia, PA US

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Set List:

Promised Land
Brown Eyed Women
Beat it on Down the Line
Dire Wolf
Me and Bobby McGee
Tennessee Jed
Jack Straw
El Paso
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Around and Around

Mississippi Half-Step
It Must Have Been the Roses
Big River
Ramble on Rose
Me and My Uncle
Scarlet Begonias
He's Gone
Stella Blue
One More Saturday Night

U.S. Blues

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Civic Center '74

I remember cafeteria trays with paper nutcups being offered to the early rows, until they ran out.

Joined: Aug 27 2007
8/5/74 Civic Auditorium - Philadelphia, Pa.

Saw the Dead several times in Philly throughout the 70's.
The way I remember this show ending was during the
closing bars of One More Saturday Night a long haired hippie
chick jumped onstage and ran over and hugged Garcia. They
both went down in a heap as the lights went dark and the crowd erupted. I don't remember the encore as I thought the show ended right there. Anyway, it was something I will
always remember, not the typical ending to a Dead show.
They had the big PA and from beginning to end it lasted about
five hours, (including half time distortion). Also saw them during the summer a year or two later for three consecutive nights at the Tower Theatre. Small venue-great shows, Miickey Hart back in fold.

Jack Straw's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
China Cat Sunflower

The best China Rider ever!

Mike Jarboe's picture
Joined: Sep 3 2013
loved these two shows

Had a blast at these two shows...wall of sound was terrific.

Joined: Apr 2 2014

I agree. China/Rider was never better.

Joined: Dec 8 2011
Should have been my first shows...

The Dead were quite new to me at this time. I began listening to them in the fall of 1973 (Europe ’72 and Skeletons in the Closet mainly), this I remember because it was the year my older sister went off to college and fell in with a group of Deadheads. I would have gone with her to these shows in Philly but I had a fantastic opportunity to travel to Mexico with a group of fellow high school student in August and so I missed these shows. When they stopped touring in 1975 I remember thinking they had “broken up” and I missed my only chance (kind of funny in retrospect). My first shows ended up being two of the four nights at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby PA, outside Philly in April of '76.
Just listened to Dick’s Picks Vol. 31 the other day, these were freakin’ fantastic shows.

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Joined: Apr 18 2015
8/5/74 Philly show

Drove down w friend from Binghamton. Fantastic show! First time seeing the Dead where they did not do the fast/slow/fast song routine set list but just rocked out. In fact if my memory serves, Around & Around followed Jet to the Promised Land opener. Regardless, if anyone has a recording of this show I would definitely be interested.


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Civic Convention Hall Auditorium - August 5, 1974