Grateful Dead

Roosevelt Stadium - August 6, 1974

Roosevelt Stadium

August 06, 1974

Jersey City, NJ US

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Set List:

Don't Ease
Jack Straw
Playin 1.5: Phil & Ned

Uncle John
Black Peter
El Paso
Loose Lucy
Big River
Ship Of Fools
Me & My Uncle
Row Jimmy
Sugar Magnolia>
He's Gone>
Spanish Jam>
Other One>
Sunshine Daydream

U. S. Blues

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
I only got to hear part of

I only got to hear part of the SIRIUS broadcast as work gets in the way sometimes. Wasn't that a glorious 9 days? I can't wait till they get the real channel up and running. I love that they played entire concerts 4 times a day. What memories! I am going to have to request my first show (12-4-71, in case you couldn't tell).

Don't know how I missed the naked guy in the puddle. I must have passed him before he fell. I was so close to the stage that I didn't even get wet some of the time. One of the advantages of being a short female, you tall guys all blocked out the rain.

Joined: Oct 7 2007
Jersey Giants!

Yes. the famous rain delay show. The rainout was definitely my most meorable show. SO much happened that night. I was 19 and had fallen for one of my friends girlfriend. I sent her some roses the day of the show. "Somehow" the 2 of us got separated from the rest.
We survived the first rain delay smoking pot with about a dozen people under a blanket. Of course NONE of us thought to look skyward before dosing. Then the sky clears & the umbrellas come out. We're stoked! Then the wind and more rain and some jerk throws a bottle at Bobby when he says the show is cancelled.

We spent the next hour wondering back and forth the hallway of Roosevelt Stadium where our frined Mark coined the phrase
"Where ever you go, it's easy to leave". I'm pretty sure this is the show where a group commandeered a mail truck!

We listened to Europe on the long drive home and even though I'd heard it many times before, I was high enough that it actually felt like we were at the show. GOOD Times!

Joined: Aug 24 2007
What a show!

This was the re-scheduled show from the rainout. I was there and we were close to the stage. The Dead came out early and ripped into a great Bertha. This was the great "Wall of Sound" sound system. I don't think I have heard to this day, a better sound system. Not from the boys nor anyone else. Even close to the stage, you did't get blasted , there were no "ringing ears". Roosevelt Stadium was packed with over 80,000. It was a very warm, sunny day. I remember the sun setting during a great Jack Straw. Phenominal Eyes of the World. It was a three set show. At the end of the show fireworks lit up at the top of the stadium the bands names! I have seen a ton of shows and this was one of the best. It could be argued this was the best show of 74. I wish the entire show would be released as a Dick's Pick.

Joined: Jan 18 2009


Joined: Dec 30 2010
clean shaved jerry

i was at that show great show but if i remeber jerry did not have a beard does any one know if he did

Joined: Jul 14 2012
a hard rain fell

No place to post attending the rainout but this seems closest. The rainout would have been my first show. I was 17, just finished hi school and and was working in pennsylvania at a summer camp. I remember being awed by the scene: the decrepid stadium, experiencing a sea of deadheads for the first time, the "atmosphere," and the amazing wall of sound. Problem was I had no car but got a ride to the show from another guy . He was supposed to drive us back to pa after the show but he neglected to tell me he had either quit or gotten thrown out of the camp and basically said "see you later sucker." My dad drove me back to camp the next day but I could not get back to see t show. Bec of the deads hiatus and personal circunstance I ended up not seeing them for several years, I did manage to get front row seata for the jerry band in dc in 1975.

jbowne's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
First Show

This was my first show, somehow I missed the one the year before. My Mom gave me a box of sticky buns from the bread man for the first attempt on 8/2 which was rained out. There was Phil apologizing while avoiding being hit by objects thrown at him. I guess the 60s were over. My memories of the 8/6 show are still clear, and it changed my life forever. The Wall of Sound was a monolithic wave of clarity and power. (or was that the acid?) After the first set my Dead mentor asked "What did you think?" and I was truly speechless (or was that the acid?) Either way, I still can quote the set list, and am proud to have it on CD from FLAC that my son helped me burn. the best, truly the best show ever.

Joined: Aug 2 2013

This was indeed the show that had been rained out the week before. You didn't need a ticket to get in. It was a classic summer night with the sun golden as it set. When looking at the stage if you looked to the left you would see the Statue of Liberty. That was spectacular. You could tell the band was out to make up for the rain out the previous week. The met that objective. I was surprised when I first saw Jerry, he did not have a beard. It was the only time I ever saw him this way. This show had the wall of sound and not only was the sound impressive just looking at the system would blow your mind.

Joined: Aug 8 2014
80,000 stories

So I was 19 and working as a day camp counselor. I actually told the boss that I was going to a wedding on Tuesday, the day of the show, so I could take the day off. I spent the day down at Lavalette with an old high school friend who got the tickets to Roosevelt. I’m red haired and got a great sunburn.

So a friend of a friend drove, and parked a mile or so from the stadium. He parked near his apartment. I left my purse and beach stuff in the car. I mean, who brings a purse to a concert like that. We walked the mile to the stadium and what a sea of humanity. We ended up standing elbow to elbow, around the second base area.

I was enjoying the show, then Phil Lesh started some improvisational number, and the sunburn, claustrophobia, the strong weed were also doing a number. I remember the stage lost all color and everything was grey and black. It looked like a negative of a photo. After coming to, I remained sitting on the ground. I remember some friendly JC guys sitting next to me and we had a nice time talking while Phil did his gig.

Before US Blues was played, all Bob Weir said was “something happened today”. Nixon had resigned that day.
So the show was over and I’m thinking we’re walking back to the car we came in. Nope. Unbeknownst to me, the guy who owned that car left the show early because he had to get up early. But we had to walk back to that car because my stuff was in it. So we walk the mile to that car, and of course it’s locked. I don’t think anyone knew which apartment the guy lived in. Anyway, we’re standing around at 1:00 in the morning in Jersey City, trying to break into the car. A cop comes and tries to help us snake a wire through the window to jigger the manual lock up. Then some guy shows up, takes the wire from the cop and pulls the lock up with the wire in about 3 seconds and disappears.
So I got my purse and beach stuff and then we walked a mile to someone else’s car and head up to Bergen County.

I think I got home at 3:00 in the morning. I go to work the next day, sunburned and beat. I was the music counselor. They would have fired me if they’d had someone else to take it over.
There must be 80,000 stories from that night.


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Roosevelt Stadium - August 6, 1974