Grateful Dead

Fiesta Hall - December 12, 1981

Fiesta Hall

December 12, 1981

San Mateo, CA US

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Joan Baez & Friends - Dance for Disarmament - acoustic set was also with Joan, without Brent - High Noon opened (Merl Saunders, Mickey Hart, Michael Hinton, Jim McPherson and Chuck Rainey–Č) - They were joined by Bill Kreutzmann on percussion and later by Joan Baez on vocals - first "Barbara Allen" - last "Bobby McGee" 10-16-74 [427] - first "Bye Bye Love" - first "Children Of The 80s" - only "Heroes Gone" - first "Lady Di" - first "Lucifer's Eyes" - final/last "Oh Boy": 04-06-71 [681] - only "The Boxer" - only "Warriors Of The Sun" - only "You Won't Find Me"

Set List:

Me and Bobby McGee
Children of the Eighties
Lucifer's Eyes
Warriors of the Sun
Bye Bye Love
Barbry Allen
You Won't Find Me
Where Have the Heroes Gone
Oh Boy
Lady Di
The Boxer

New Minglewood Blues
Little Red Rooster
Deep Elem Blues
Me and My Uncle
Mexicali Blues
Dire Wolf
Cold Rain and Snow
Around and Around
One More Saturday Night

Baby Blue

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Joined: Feb 25 2012
Fiesta Hall

Small venue, just about 5000 people. Totally sold out. Never had such a good time. Was totally into the Dance for Disarmament. Wore the t-shirt out in the next year.
If memory serves correct Jerry and Brent left the stage after Oh Boy during Joan's set.

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San Mateo Show with Joan Baez

I brought my parents to the Dead! My Mom always loved Joan Baez and had come to love the Dead. My Dad left from his job at a bank and came to the show in his suit. MPt a common sight at Dead shows. I was dancing around and checked in on them a little . After the show my Dad said people kept coming up to him and asking him in a very sincere and kind way, "are you having fun?" He was, they were and i sure did, amazing feeling coming from the swirling roots of American music. How cool to have brought my folks and of them to open themselves to the music and love it, a nice memory.

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My first Dead show in four years. Ran into old friends as soon as i made it inside. Was very exciting to be back. I wound up in Santa Cruz after concert. Not much sleep. The next day my brother took me to a 49ers game at the "Stick". After the weekend I stayed with my old buddy Jay up in Glen Ellen. We spent several days recording Dead tapes. Tons of rain. It was a fantastic lead up to the New Years run.
The dance for disarmament was interesting for several reasons. Brent played a grand piano. Was my first time seeing an acoustic set from the Dead since 1970. Joan Baez was there. Mickey Hart's band opened up. My first time seeing Jerry play the Tiger guitar.
A whole lot of water has passed under the bridge since those days. December 1981 was also when I moved from Montana to New Mexico.


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Fiesta Hall - December 12, 1981