Grateful Dead

Oakland Coliseum Arena - December 16, 1992

Oakland Coliseum Arena

December 16, 1992

Oakland, CA US

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"Dark Star" is second verse only

Set List:

Feel Like a Stranger
Brown Eyed Women
Same Thing
Loose Lucy
Stuck Inside of Mobile
Row Jimmy
Let It Grow

Shakedown Street
Samson and Delilah
Ship of Fools
Playin' in the Band
Dark Star
All Along the Watchtower
Stella Blue
Good Lovin'

Casey Jones

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SDhead, dubai-escorts-bunnies, crazyfingers88, soigne, CaptJ8k, busrider, SPAC84, Hippiechick3868, nitecat, HexxtheHead, EZinTN, Lazylightning16, DrDarkStar, dhaivyd, surfdude67, CarrionCrow, RayDad, Brewrow, MDB52, alaskaconstant, EBDead66, kking, Smiley53, Mosfed, elroy1030, radtek,, hippiechick308, chad.e.buck, EugeneEvon, mrsmallard, hitmeister, snafu, Phinnegan, Sugarmagkauai, shrinkrap50, puroshaggy, shannonsapitbull, jpreece83, FatherTime, bubu13, Sustainabill, -Althea-Told-Me-, william_O, djangology, smarcus, magicchef, Iriecycle, dredileogirl, tie-dye steve, zoticogrillo, diamond dudeegs, CaptTheo, jimpeckham, jeromethompson, hopperdave, michaeljscott, debhead830, corrinaandmarin, morning_drew, SpentthenightinUtah, rodiebluez1, eep-hour, GDrew, Napa Al, dolbeared, zxtttxz, TomBanjo1969, phreeang, Missing Jerry, Sampson1966, zebadya, cbchess, jersey style, bluefairee, delylah24, Snapperhead, olin preston grant, ellis d, Andy the Hippie, Grateful_HERSH, lostdeadhead, wickedsmilee, angela chayce, Boulder Creek Mama, Heynow from The Well, ChantalAndGeorge, Moschelle, kimdance, dv8derek, pennsylvaniapete, m23, Black Bird, gaia247, goodlivin, BurntDawg, toni rachelle, lagnaf, yosemitebill, supplicationjam, Migo, MagicPEZ, weav, KarenLE67, Mr.SanJose, lookyloo, Kosher-Pigpen, It Keeps Growing, Susie Q, dylan from canada, Mick Flaire, chefdannnyc, fleetwing, Kindbus, Jimmy Earley, hoffmnj, UNCCandyman, pyy, grtfuldad, spikedriver, jaykuhles, reggie, byrdgirl_01, refsta,, schwaz, gammalyte, Davedread, muffin, josh e bear, Rainbowjohn, sunshinedaydream9, mandy, WaywardBill, quinnever, mikewantsabeer, jimmy_row, TJD, dave h, Hey Tom Banjo, Lady of the River, Dashoesoff, whitebird, dave36, rio de la mar, Brophy, jgminerals, darthvader, Tenner, travelinlight, Mr.Skjellyfetti, SF_328, Cafe de Mars, NickPannozzo, drgnwmtchs, JP Driessen, paintedmandolin71, Duude, Guerdon, snappyshot, deadheadland, jdarr, hamal, darkstarjedi, kdead, Dave.S, Lawrence66, AndieIsAlthea, Skjellyfetti, birdleson, spacekat, FrankB777, Rum Jungle, SoulshineDeadream, cactus420, Valerie Stevenson, hammertime, Bob_Who, Foreverdead, naturalborneasy, justice, buz_73, craig maceachern 2 dustyrose, Jerry Roskin, tonyrabbit, misngfingr, codejd, musicneverstopped, edgeman, Good Foote, jblotter, wj_kookmeyer, Mr Charly, slpatgun, Enidmedic, greenagain, spacface, Dire Wolff, ALA, devore85, Terrapin66, Ozhead, skinheadwilli, Ouizzzl, Joshadelic, Bob Minkin, holland, scarletbegonia, Terrapin_Tommy, dead4days, crazycatpeakin, Bubbiesdad, csattert, shane420SF, wolff, tommytomato, knockinon, kiote, misujry, jemusser, chrish, murphthesurf, OneGratefulDad, gra8phil, Sunnydrop, stickyfingers, theoneandonlycorky, JayLif, drchampagne, Zomby D Wulf, waynes werld II, Chief, manacatsunflower, gankmore, Anomalator, relentlesslier, geostrong, natas2210, insect_fear, rastomas, ddodd, dannyclark1966, TriciaPaLynn, BlackandWhite.Peter, VooDoo_Child, bbqshoes, playdead, crazyfingers, DansinMatt, Ski_Nose, bradleyg, mandala, Post N. Steiner, dreamtime, deanopper, Charlie Miller, freeform


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Anomalator's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007
Ah, the memories...

I can't remember exactley why, but for some strange reason this was one of the very few Dead shows I saw in '92. And from what I heard from people later, this was the best of the shows from the Dec. run at the Oakland Coliseum Arena. The energy in the place was great and the music left me smiling for a week afterwords!

"See you next Wednesday."

Jerry Roskin's picture
Joined: Jun 26 2007
My Best Show!

It was the 16th of my Birth Month (December) and my 16th Grateful Dead far The Best Show I Ever Attended! I knew the Casey Jones Encore was coming, as after they finished the second set, there seemed like there was nothing more appropriate to play from they're current touring matierial. I will never forget this show...........beginning of Playing I believe? Vince had a very Door's sound to his keyboard work. Great Sheakdown Street Second Set Opener and every song was just played so well.
Let There be Songs To Fill The Air!

Joined: Jan 3 2009
My wifes birthday

Two of her favorites in the first set,Brown Eyed Women and Loose Lucy and two of MY favorites in the second set,Ship of Fools and Stella Blue!

Joined: Sep 17 2010
This was my best night of my

This was my best night of my life & my favorite Dead show that I ever saw!!!

elroy1030's picture
Joined: Mar 15 2012

I remember this show's Shakedown "vividly" I thought the roof was going to come off the Colosseum.....

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Joined: May 23 2015
Oakland Coliseum Arena - le

Oakland Coliseum Arena - le 16 D├ęcembre, 1992

Joined: Oct 13 2015
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Oakland Coliseum Arena - December 16, 1992