Grateful Dead

Winterland Arena - December 27, 1977

Winterland Arena

December 27, 1977

San Francisco, CA US

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sound check: "Iko Iko"

Set List:

Good Lovin'
Brown Eyed Women
Looks Like Rain
Dire Wolf
El Paso
Friend of the Devil
Music Never Stopped

Cold Rain and Snow
Lazy Lightnin'
Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Estimated Prophet
He's Gone
Wharf Rat
Around and Around

Samson and Delilah

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Livin' the Dream

I moved out to Two Rock California in the late summer of '77.

Working, went into to the gig with some friends from Petaluma. I was a bit disoriented because I didn't have the lay of the land yet. It was first trip south since arriving.

Anyway it was memoriable show, in that the venue was iconic. So, in that regard I enjoyed it.

Met a natural babe who got me back up to Two Rock a couple of days later. Talk about patchuli oil... whew, good thing too.

Anyway.... I left for Alaska in February and never returned to the Bay Area except on two occasions 20 some odd years later. Saw all the old haunts, including the converted chicken shack I was living in while at Two Rock.

BTW I used to hang out in Cotati at the Inn of the Beginning. Rumour had it that Jerry would show up occasionally. Never saw him, but I did catch NRPS and J.J. Cale. If memory serves it was a converted Quanset hut.

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But of course I went there-practically lived there. My folks ice skated there during the 1940's
We did the catering-the kitchen was small, on the 2nd floor down the hall from the concession stand-poster room the other end. Other employees would come in & try & hang (or eat) but it was pretty small for the 5 of'd we run back & forth from the kitchen to backstage is boggling my mind-I think the upper route of the balcony.........oh, what fun we had.....too much fun....just too much damn fun!
1977-my son was 7-even HE HAD FUN! Remember-the walls looked they were crying or condensation or whatever (tripping maybe?).......OH WASN'T a rumour-I saw Jerry several times @ the Inn of the Beginning........must've been with the ex went up to him & started speaking Spanish (about 1971) whereas he replied he didn't speak the

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Jerry at the Inn of the Beginning

I also heard Jerry at the Inn. Them were the good old days. The Inn is a small, relaxed, old original. He would just hang out between sets, relaxing at a table. Just about the prettiest guitar playing ever, right?

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Never could remember whot

Never could remember whot song started up a 2-3 song complex.


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Winterland Arena - December 27, 1977