Grateful Dead

Oakland Auditorium Arena - December 27, 1982

Oakland Auditorium Arena

December 27, 1982

Oakland, CA US

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Set List:

Greatest Story Ever Told
Bird Song
Beat it on Down the Line
They Love Each Other
Me and My Uncle
Big River
Brown Eyed Women
Let it Grow

Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Playin' in the Band
The Wheel
The Other One
Black Peter
Sugar Magnolia

U.S. Blues

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Attendees of this show

operagirl, dubai-escorts-bunnies, LonoTheOno, papainferno, jamessoai, sanka4u, kmcmullen2264, JHPthatsme, nitecat, Jules N Binokulas, pshep, Steveinkato, King Bee, jojomosgo, hitmeister, snafu, Hippie Craig, Calif Bill, Sugarmagkauai, shrinkrap50,, diatom, blake wood, grammack57, thelopsidedboy, jamescook, seltz, grateful hawaiian, Terrapin Bus Mom, Dancin Dave, HowlinHippie, bncasey744, a_Wolf_in_Paradise, zeekbythecreek12345,, scotts, AlaskaDeadHead1, Flickster, deadredhead, SBG, chicagomarc, Luv2Tour, Guardian, johnburton, gascap13, misterglen, digitunes, Heynow from The Well, gjs56, Lex Luthers Mom, nicklas59, pat L, kimdance, ajfink12, tcrider, mcrosno, BurntDawg, cool colo. rain, Fulcanelli, jonod, ladnarc, Susie Q, Mick Flaire, guitarman93061, bucks yellow-van, Uptown Tommy D, dbean, MissReddin, ffej55, wsp420, shithead, Jimmy C., gammalyte, Rainbowjohn, aliceDmillionair, bucks-yellow van, WaywardBill, sfmichael, dave h, alatcamp, whitebird, foxtail, corrycorry2005, CassidyNY59, Johnny_A, NickPannozzo, friskotatt2, fatmanrocks, ketch22, Felix, jstange, dedhedesq, egeff, terrapination, Gypsy Cowgirl, jsm1224, Brownie, grapefuldave, laura.christine, Skjellyfetti, West.August, gratefulgreg1, dgsegal, eddpao, HowardH, jolie, Quicksilver, Valerie Stevenson, spinyn, slidebrain, craig maceachern 2 dustyrose, jackerowe, fishnow, brainman, jblotter, Walstib, threesaints2003, JohnDillinger, OBY-BEN-WAH-KENOBY, Terry Tolkin, lafingh2o, Big Bad Bill, johnieappel, Ouizzzl, hedarobi5, rlrs, micgram1999, robcork, kenco, dead4days, Straw, Trader X, cutter, warnold420, peace3314, gleng1, wolff, batcavejoe, misujry, lavacountry, Tom Thumb, cthone, Barch, Bobby33914, MktoSteve, JayLif, bill642, drchampagne, cryptical1, Wendy, Chief, poorboy, rleeb727, Far-L, The Reverend, woodyinthebasement, DrkStr, marlo, garyfish, gnevens, Greg MQ, spam, prunevine, mandala, dreamtime, Eric Ellisen, rodger allinson, jims, almanac, heyhay3, marye


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Joined: Jul 23 2007
First West Coast Show

This was a ripping show that has definitely stayed under the radar. The scene in the park after the show was brimming with energy and everyone stayed up too late catching a buzz and listening to the show all over again!!

Joined: Jun 7 2007
no ticket

we blew our way in through the back door once we found parish. loved the kaiser, a suitable home after winterland


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Oakland Auditorium Arena - December 27, 1982