Grateful Dead

McNichols Sports Arena - December 3, 1992

McNichols Sports Arena

December 03, 1992

Denver, CO US

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Set List:

Touch of Grey
Little Red Rooster
Queen Jane Approximately
Ramble on Rose
Don't Ease Me In

Playin' in the Band
Eyes of the World
Terrapin Station
The Other One
Morning Dew


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Attendees of this show

dubai-escorts-bunnies, DeadBear13, Chuck Gannon, loveandpeace, subdog, novembereleven, are_you_kind, MANOFORT, remkitty, obligingstranger, Hollyfabbri, ShiningStar, zephram,, bodegahwy, HexxtheHead, jaybird48230, unclejohnny, Jules N Binokulas, Steve Espinosa, Lazylightning16, CarrionCrow, geododge, Bo Deen, Cinrockhntr, GripWeed, Smiley53, 84-95, pager333, cbNEAL, LADEAD, wanderland, augustwest4, Phinnegan, Andy D in KC, busyb67, quick68, bobbygski, Rottenclam, Mspeich, The big smooth, gratefullydan, rschutte, Mr. B, PrintIsBlood, katfishjohn, farmer john, Althea Rose, smarcus, dredileogirl, gratefulnate1971, hippierob, aSid, PeggyO65, Shecky23, CaptTheo, Lazyhaze, RichardC89, Skullfackler,, gdtrfb27, darkstarcrashes, Barrtenderr, kindsmiles, Balloonatic Austinweird, ThinkTankTed, hopperdave, purple75, firemountainman, GDrew, grubstake, mnekaw33, stu magoo, Half-Step Charlie, Neil 23777, phreeang, tucson_john, Flickster,, zebadya, jstrawks, Robo70, earthballeric, Malarkey, eurohead, bluefairee, slewfoot42, Grateful_HERSH, Boulder Creek Mama, cosmic tuna, onebear, snowboardpete, Lost2AGirl, rjus, gatzapaul, st.stephen_colorado, Martin G. Knott Jr, BornInADesert, mtnresqmike, tunetrader, Carstel, lwebster, jbatt4, aikoboy, scotter270, raggedrobin, bugeater, ladnarc, bejosh, lrs2008, Dead_Girl, keitheo, northriver, douglas278, wharfratdude, cboogie, trippy, pyy, semi-colon, grtfuldad, Denver Man, Janeen, jimbo60, jaykuhles, Matthew in Salt Lake, jlg3rd, byrdgirl_01, skunjelefeti, Kennyt, gonewild2,, flipper, schwaz, muffin, vootie, kambyman, trpnflyr, Lodgecamp, WaywardBill, aikoaiko, TJD, whitebird, dave36, cheri, luv Brent70, BEGGERSPAY, another jerry, Tenner, kenster, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, PowderPig, Ungnome, wharfrattommy, lisalit, paintedmandolin71, Meatyard, westking101, moment of bliss, marhil, Drumhead, Timberline Rose, speedlimit, zee.madhatter, .-_.-_.-_, sebastian, Tuna, b1ackpeter, HeatherS, drkstar69, jwiebe, Gr8fulTed, gratefulweb, hammertime, troynpam, TEADAWG, justice, buz_73, tonyrabbit, codejd, JBT420247, direlupus, shkdwn, fool, colorado jed, Jacobsonic, bhamel55, robsegall1956, Phattskis, jeffw, setbreak, muab dib, Joshadelic, raferm, hezgone, barongsong, Aceguide, texasdragonfly, Grr8ful, scarletbegonia, slipknot, darthmaljomar, Fillmore Midwest, fishman, WYTERRAPIN, buscameby, DeadReckoning, shane420SF, ghfg, Augwest, kiote, whitethorn, ray, juddcbrown, gcs, jaybird, Will Speed, tjc303, rminas, E S Crane, PsillyJim, tripperb, myeviltwin, d0ti5, skioa, crazyfingers, chicago, Doug, bradleyg, synchronicity, augustwest, ratskrad, Sully, Analise Dubner


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Joined: Aug 16 2007
My Favourite Peggy-O

And the Queen Jane that follows it is no slouch where all the QJA's are concerned either.
The six months R and R that preceeded these shows could have had something to do with it.
Such confident, subtle, powerful renderings.

josh e bear's picture
Joined: Feb 29 2008
my missed birthday show !! waaaaaa

i was stuck in oregon, wanted to make it ~ snow was on all the passes to colorado ~

that 2nd set looks sick !! anybody got a cd of it ??

yahoooo !!

Josh E Bear !!

myeviltwin's picture
Joined: Jun 6 2007
sic transit gloria mundi

This was the 2nd to last time I saw the band, and it was the last time I was to see them performing at the height of their power. The show was solid throughout, with very decent versions played. It sounded like they had some new energy, and I felt hopeful for continued longevity. The Gloria encore was particularly joyous, and sent us happily out into the fresh Rocky Mountain blizzard that had developed while we were inside. We had to sit behind the stage for this one, tickets becoming increasingly difficult to get, but fortunately the sound was good, which it would not be in 94, the last time I saw them. Went with friends Julie and Chris Diamond, and had a very Dead time together. Pleasure shared is pleasure doubled.

gratefulnate1971's picture
Joined: Apr 19 2010
Great show!!!

I was late to discover the wonderful vibe and great intricacies of the band. This was actually my 1st show. I guess everyones 1st is their best. I saw the portland 95 show just weeks before Jerry's passing. Sadly these are the only 2 shows I was able to catch with Jerry. I've since attanded many Furthers, I've actually not kept count but I imagine it's somewhere around 25- 30 shows. I was fortunate enough to catch the Denver show this year. What a great show!!!! Hope the boys keep it going.


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McNichols Sports Arena - December 3, 1992