Grateful Dead

Pauley Pavilion - December 30, 1978

Pauley Pavilion

December 30, 1978

Los Angeles, CA US

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last "St. Stephen": 01-22-78 [68]

Set List:

Jack Straw They Love Each Other Mama Tried Mexicali Blues Loser Looks Like Rain Stagger Lee Passenger Tennessee Jed New Minglewood Blues Sugaree Promised Land I Need a Miracle Bertha Good Lovin' Scarlet Begonias Fire on the Mountain Playin' in the Band Shakedown Street drums Ollin Arrageed St. Stephen Not Fade Away Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad Around and Around One More Saturday Night

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Joined: Jul 4 2007
I rember some wild

I rember some wild percussions where some guys came out and played with the dead for a while.
bless dangerous doug and danno

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Joined: Jul 19 2007
Donna was hot!!!

Donna was hot!!!

Joined: Aug 11 2007
Winterland, NYE 1978

Time stopped at midnight and eternity commenced.

Pauly Pavillion the night before, drove up the long highway back to San Francisco all through the night to make it to winterland for New Year's Eve. Van full of sleeping hippies, picked up a shivering little guy outside of LA who spoke no English and had only a piece of paper with a relative's address up near SF.It was a damned cold night and he had no jacket. Got him warmed up, and he kept me good soulful company all that windblown chilly trip. We shared a soul connection and when I let him off at the exit for to head towards his destiny, I knew he'd make it just fine. We had him geared up with warm stuff. He dwells in the lodges of my soul. Then on to Winterland and it was all so damned profound.

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Joined: Sep 26 2007
silky silky crazy night

i recall getting split up from my best friend sean. then suddenly like a horse from beyond- ican hear the neighing of this beatiful girl who use to dance around throw her hair back and neigh like a horse almost orgasmic like. there was my partner rihgt next to her. anyone touring at this time coudnt miss this beautiflul goddess by the name of allison she could be heard and seen every where there was a show

Joined: Nov 25 2007
My first show

All I could remember from this show was the slide show documenting the bands trip to Egypt.

Joined: Nov 12 2007
From Egypt With Love

Another night at the Pauley Pavillion with lovers, friends, and family. And like any typical family gathering, a chance to crack out the slide projector and slides of "What We Did On Our Summer Vacation", aka "From Egypt with Love". The pics, in every shade of the same sandstone, provided the mood and backdrop for the evening (just in case a couple of us hadn't made it to Egypt a couple months prior).
This show lives forever in the shadow of the legendary next night, but the band were fresh, tight, and expansive this evening. The new album was well represented and new tunes Stagger Lee (with Jer's deliciously gritty clavinet tone), Miracle and Shakedown anticipated and well received.
Though I'd heard it many times before, Scarlet played for quite a few seconds before I recognized it, as I seem to recall that Bob started it quite tastefully without the rest of the band. ..On into Fire and Playin'.. Nice drums, then a bunch of muftis or sufis, uh, well, a bunch of guys in white robes and caps shuffled onstage. The entrancing, exotic tippy-tap rhythms of the tar drums and handclaps started things off, then Egyptian singing Ollin Arrageed with Jerry noodling and weaving the beautiful and wispy guitar melody behind it. Dead books/interviews often talk of finding the "one" beat in their jams; this Egyptian choir would perk up with a "hey!" when they launched into each subsequent stanza. The performance was hypnotic and finally faded to silence and applause. A St Stephen is usually a big deal in anyone's book, but I was still reeling from that heady Egypt jam for several minutes afterward. A very beautiful show.

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Joined: Sep 21 2008
I was there

How do you remember an entire experience like this ? I wish I still had the calender that was handed out it might jog my memories. Went with my ex, her girlfriend & the girlfriends guyfriend ,he always said "That is the kill". The set, how do u people remember this sh*tuff? I can't even remember how I got home !

Quality is not expensive, the lack of it often is.

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Joined: Jun 8 2007
My first show

Having gone to Pauley Pavilion many times to watch UCLA basketball games, this was the first time I had gone to see the Dead at this storied venue. With the UCLA championship banners hanging from the rafters, and the fact that this was an end of the year celebration, my excitement was extremely high.

The sights and sounds were amazing. My highlights of the show was seeing Bill Walton dancing to the music, and watching Hamza El Din and his musicians during the drums/space interlude was a spiritual experience I'll never forget.

It seemed like this show would never end, lasting over 3 hours, by far the longest show I had ever been to. I was hooked and have been a deadhead ever since.

Would love to see if this show was archived and get the Road Trips treatment.

Joined: Jan 23 2009
More notable for what I DIDN'T do

Saw the San Diego show on the 28th and then this one, staying on a friend's floor with another friend. I had the flu for the whole trip, so I don't remember the show's that fondly, but I remember the St. Stephen and Shakedown, Weir playing his sorry-ass slide (he was just learning and there were some ROUGH moments), and a weird LA vibe to the whole thing.

But then the guy who's floor I was crashing on told me he had an extra ticket for the next night at Winterland and a ticket on a commuter flight up to San Francisco. I was sorely tempted, but I'd driven to LA with a really tight buddy from Tucson and I would have stranded him in LA and he was sick also. So I'd have felt REAL guilty if I went. I also needed to get back to Tucson for some prior commitments, so I thanked him but said, no, I couldn't make it. So he calls me at home in Tucson on Jan 2nd and tells me the story of the Winterland show. And, by the way, the commuter flight he went up on was him, the Dead, and a few Dead crew members. He was sitting with Kreutzman! Shit.

Joined: Feb 14 2009
oh what a night

blurry but a blast!!!!! I was attending UNLV at the time and came down with a friend for this show.


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Pauley Pavilion - December 30, 1978