Grateful Dead

Cow Palace - December 31, 1976

Cow Palace

December 31, 1976

Daly City, CA US

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sound check: "River Deep Mountain High" - FM broadcast KSAN-San Francisco - Bill Graham appears out of a giant hour glass - billing: GD; Santana; Soundhole

Set List:

Promised Land
Mama Tried
They Love Each Other
Looks Like Rain
Playin' in the Band

Sugar Magnolia
Eyes of the World
Wharf Rat
Good Lovin'
Samson and Delilah
Scarlet Begonias
Around and Around
Help on the Way
Not Fade Away
Morning Dew

One More Saturday Night

Uncle John's Band
We Bid You Goodnight

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MissReddin's picture
Joined: Jul 25 2008
can U say "Party hardy?"

keep your character, enjoy living, share your fortune,
OXOX Merple Reddin

Joined: Mar 2 2010
Ah! At last! A new year's eve show for me!

Yes! I was there too. Don't remember much of it. Better get the cd, asap! I do seem to remember Morning Dew! Wow!
Santana was incredible too! Now the first act, don't know if it was Sons, or maybe it was 'Sound Hole"? I do remember somehow John Cippolina guested on the last two songs? I'm pretty sure it was him. Well who knows. What a night!

Joined: Aug 13 2010
Santana and The Dead.

Both Garcia and Santana played at the same time on many songs...

Joined: Oct 31 2013
The music never stopped......

This was my first dead show. We spent the day in Golden Gate park just relaxing and enjoying the effects of my girlfriend's baking prowess and stumbling around enjoying the day....then it was time to head down to Daly City.....

There were so many people hanging out and the atmosphere outside was palpably Grateful Dead...then, going into the a herd of cows going through the turnstiles (I don't remember the turnstiles...I do remember the girls with the roses in their hair wistfully dancing to the tunes in their head and the lines for the women's toilet winding around and trying to press through all the people to get to a spot where there were no tall boys in front of us).

Then the lights came up on Carlos, bright white scorching the stage as he, dressed all in white, with these bell bottoms and stacked shoes...that made the trucking dude's look positively anemic, placing his right foot up on the wawa peddle...and his guitar screaming through the arena as only he can play. But, throughout his set, the music was barely comprehensible because the acoustics were soooo bad in the arena. You almost wanted to go and hang out in the outer halls to listen to the piped in music from there with the roar of the noise from the arena vibrating off the metal doors in the background. Then I found that the best acoustic location in the place was toward the center of the arena 2/3s the way back from the was like a octophonic acoustic vortex there...(how many percussionists were on stage? Congas, bongos...the drum set, all kinds of stuff going on....).

Carlos served his purpose that was enjoyable, but with the sound situation, it was as if half the room was spent before the Dead appeared on stage.....

Then, the Dead finally made the stage and everything changed. I was so dialed in to that first set and Bobby was working hard, so to my recollection, it seemed that they came out out hot...though the acoustics on Around and Around were awful from the floor. By the end of the first set, I was exhausted. (Crap, that was fun). Now, it says here that Uncle Bobo came out in an hour glass...and I sort of have some vague recollection of that, but, for some reason, what I remember was a chopped hog (technical difficulties and all) which eventually made it from the center of the arena to the stage, and more dimly,I recollect "1977" popping out in diapers and dancing on the stage ( Did that even happen??) And of course, a lot of balloons and confetti coming down everywhere as the countdown occurred. The sound effects of the chopped hog were incredibly loud...for when it started up, I practically jumped out of my skin...if that ever even happened!

Anyway, if you listen to the tracks of this concert, the Dead were great that night. I do remember....(after nodding off repeatedly during the drum solos)...being stopped cold when Jerry started to play Morning sent chills up and down my I had been listening to the E'72 version of it intensely for several weeks.... Jerry just seemed to play it with such sensitivity and feeling, it was amazingly beautiful, really the time....shall we say!)

So, I don't know about this chopped hog thing. I may have transposed the whole thing from some video I watched two decades later that had nothing to do with the concert that night. (Can anyone clear this up?). I did go to the next year's NYE concert in Winterland, and that was a joint, not a chopped, I didn't get that confused.... :) Anyway...

By the time this concert was done, I was so wrung out that getting back home was as much of an adventure as the concert..... It was an incredibly dark night...and heading through the Altamont was like a taking a surrealistic rollercoaster on the dark side of the moon....t The highway was a nothing more than a floating ribbon of glowing white and yellow couldn't see the road surface or anything else at all; The ribbons of reflecting markers wound up to the left then curved down to the right then back up into the starry sky into oblivion...and then reappeared drifting off to the left again .....what an adventure!

Winterland was such a better venue for the Dead, though....The following NYE concert was like an explosion happening once the Dead got on stage. Its great that both concerts made it to CD.

wilros's picture
Joined: Jan 1 2013
carrot cake

my fourth dead concert. went with my buddy kl, who went to hundreds of dead shows over the years. we got to the cow palace in late afternoon and had a good time standing in the queue close to the door. around sunset bill g. worked his way down the line thanking us for coming to the show and reminding us that there is nothing on earth like a grateful dead concert. he was accompanied by two ladies with baskets, who handed out servings of carrot cake.

santana + the dead on new years eve in san francisco. what a great show.

ziphler's picture
Joined: Dec 16 2011
for the cause

I made the supreme sacrifice, I think we actually flipped a coin or drew straws, but I stayed home and recorded the KSAN simulcast on reel to reel. That didn't stop me from dropping L and quickly getting pretty damned confused with 2 or 3 different tape recorders running but I pulled it off. I'm marking myself as attended for posterity's sake

Joined: Apr 4 2008
Cow Palace NYE 1976

Second set was powerful, best "Samson and Delilah" I ever heard. "Morning Dew" was awesome with Phil digging deep for some monstrous 30-foot bass notes that hit the crowd like waves. "Uncle John's Band" and the gospel-style "We Bid You Goodnight" felt like special benedictions for those of us who had stayed all night. The glow of this wonderful performance remained with us as we walked out of the hall and into the cool air of a New Year's morning. No surprise at all that this has become one of the most popular Dick's Picks.


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Cow Palace - December 31, 1976