Grateful Dead

San Francisco Civic Auditorium - December 31, 1984

San Francisco Civic Auditorium

December 31, 1984

San Francisco, CA US

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Bill Graham rides in on a lightning bolt - FM broadcast KFOG-San Francisco - national radio broadcast - also: The Bobs; The Brass Band

Set List:

Shakedown Street
New Minglewood Blues
Jack Straw
Bird Song
Hell in a Bucket
Don't Ease Me In

Sugar Magnolia
Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Spanish Jam
The Wheel
Throwin' Stones
Turn on Your Love Light

Gimme Some Lovin'
Uncle John's Band
Around and Around
Baby Blue

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Attendees of this show

dubai-escorts-bunnies, Amy from New York, LonoTheOno, papainferno, jamessoai, subdog, sanka4u, kmcmullen2264, missesJerry, FunkyFarm, deharpport, brezit, ascialabba, Seansong64, Felice Alecca, Mountaingirl02, nitecat, Jules N Binokulas, lafingh2o, Dealin' Dave, 101874winterland, MikeOMikeO, eelbones, hockey_john, Paul Dirks, Quazi, andychatfield, snafu, DANNG, Calif Bill, Sugarmagkauai, huggiebear, shrinkrap50, minutemouse, blacksharpie, diatom, intrepid, blake wood, AlpineValley81, gmjbeachside, grammack57, ChinaRider77, lsdst, bubu13, Sustainabill, Dpwilljr, grateful hawaiian, 123IBT, smarcus, aSid, chuckbob, greeksam78, rustyherb, Doctorpat, HowlinHippie, Pamie, bill.mayer, a_Wolf_in_Paradise, Clicker, HowldaMoon, zeekbythecreek12345, sweetangel91369, AlaskaDeadHead1, mrhomeless2002, foreverahead, egolddust, earthballeric, gdeadicated, gascap13, misterglen, digitunes, Heynow from The Well, Lex Luthers Mom, pat L, hbajams, kimdance, tcrider, whipple, ShivaHo, mcrosno, oldeadhead, DIreCoyote, BurntDawg, pairdoc, cool colo. rain, neilwine, abbilu, LadyoftheIsland, spaceyoface, stilljammin, smithmm, paulsig, Mick Flaire, gr8flwlf, mary meet, tardis, hoffmnj, guitarmanbilly, britty, bonesguitar, jolanjolie, MissReddin, bobby, Saisabok, DinoBam, ffej55, wiggy, KarmicEQ, DeadPhotog, Sylvers, shithead, Sleepingdragon777, cub, hippiedino, Rainbowjohn, poghmahone, bucks-yellow van, WaywardBill, forcestream, alatcamp, whitebird, foxtail, uncjhn, scarletb, CameronB, Bluebird3434, thndrbill, rlkaminsky, Johnny_A, BertRei, osborne fitzgerald mcclintic, padrig, ginsu710, BigDog, Z1Stonyjoe, NickPannozzo, Taco Joe, johnnybgoode, saint michael, ketch22, jdascout, theleven, jstange, pchasmar, Tydyed, egeff, Timberline Rose, roadsterspl311, picnic, GR8FLPT, AndieIsAlthea, toneye, Skjellyfetti, dgsegal, GreensAndNettles, klaussmith, sequoiadean, bugdocky, UncleBruce1971, jolie, tommygutt, Valerie Stevenson, BlondeJim, spinyn, mary-sunshine, craig maceachern 2 dustyrose, mcow1, vanderwoude, misngfingr, jblotter, Walstib, therobthompson, mustawas, beeesr, JohnDillinger, Terry Tolkin, kelly Bowie, Strider 88, johnieappel, Ouizzzl, ericlind, rlrs, probable cosby, lucia dillon, ibewbro, Symmetry, kenco, That Treb Guy, Terrapin_Tommy, gratefuldoc, dead4days, Straw, papajohnny, evbaby, Fillmore Midwest, blewin, Trader X, cutter, warnold420, wolff, DantheMan, matilda, deadhd95829, levitonjl, misujry, Tom Thumb, scamperoni, Staggerlee, cthone, aaron, augwest386, Bobby33914, mabbe, Gr8ful, johnboy, drchampagne, paisley, psychedelia, risingtide, Chief, jay_harrs, kezardead, NYsteve, Hank Stamper, poorboy, themusicarchive, Far-L, bigdavetx, tcrawford, Hlpslpfrnk, woodyinthebasement, DrkStr, sklnrzs, garyfish, DarkStar-TheOtherOne, radar, gnevens, spam, mandala, Post N. Steiner, dreamtime, augustwest, pantagruel,, marye


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Joined: Oct 20 2010
Backstage Pass

I had a backstage pass for this show that I didn't use because of Steve's family tragedy. I just didn't feel comfortable going back there after what happened. Plus, I wanted to be in the crowd with all the other heads.
I still have the pass, it's light blue with a tour truck on it.

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San Francisco Civic Auditorium - December 31, 1984