Grateful Dead

Events Center - December 9, 1981

Events Center

December 09, 1981

Boulder, CO US

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Set List:

Cold Rain and Snow
Jack Straw
Friend of the Devil
Little Red Rooster
Bird Song
Mama Tried
Mexicali Blues
Looks Like Rain
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider

Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Estimated Prophet
He's Gone
The Other One
Stella Blue
Around and Around
Good Lovin'

U.S. Blues

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Joined: Jun 16 2007
cranial blaze

cranial blaze

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Joined: Jun 6 2007
Holiday Surprise

This show was a surprise. It was announced only a couple of weeks before it happened. Best of all, it was in Boulder, a short walk from my house. No driving, no standing in line, no hassles at all. It was a real party. My friend Crazy Carl, aka Zippy, was also in town, most likely on tour (Zippy saw nearly 600 shows before he became a guest of Uncle Sam for 18 months -- during which Jerry passed away). Again, the band was ripping (good Boulder blow?), and put on a ferocious show. Loved the Cold Rain and Snow opener. Even loved the stoned trainwreck in the middle of Jack Straw. Bob especially seemed to be having a great time. Walking back to the house later we all kept on shouting HA! into the night. It was cold as hell, but we were toasty with pleasure.

Joined: Dec 3 2011
Unbelievable Show

One of my all time favorite shows. I was surprised to see Candyman/Cassidy released on the "30 days of November". Any idea where I can get the rest of the show? All I have is a crappy bootleg tape from long ago. I think it is the best China/Rider I've ever heard.

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Joined: Dec 20 2007
Smokin Show

Listening to this smoker on and fanning the flames of this heater

Joined: Jan 1 2009
any pics from this night?

This was my 1st show on my 13th birthday would love to get some sort of visual reminder any help would be gratefully appreciated~ Love & Light... NAMASTE~

Joined: Mar 19 2015
WOW! wishing I was there..... LIVE

Wish I was ONE of you that experienced that in person... Although for a moment just then I may have been.

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Dave's Picks 20

This show was officially issued as "Dave's Picks, Volume 20" on November 1, 2016. A limited edition of 16,500 copies. (GDP/Rhino R2-552292) Recorded to reel-to-reel from the soundboard with audience recorded patches. A very good pick.
It, like all the other limited edition Dave's Picks sold out by the release date of 11/1/16.

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Joined: Jun 20 2007
35th anniversary

Gave Dave's 20 a listen this morning. I love the show, warts, splices and all. The Tiger sounds so phat and chunky. Bird Song and China/Rider have depth and substance. The Other One has beautiful exploratory portions that shine. Had I been at this show I would have been celebrating the joy and fellowship of the occasion. As it was I returned to seeing the Dead after a four absence three nights later in San Mateo. By the new years run of December 1981 I was back on track and rolling with the thunder.


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Events Center - December 9, 1981