Grateful Dead

Fillmore East - February 13, 1970

Fillmore East

February 13, 1970

New York, NY US

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*appears on "Bear's Choice"

**appears on "Dick's Picks Vol 4"

11:30 show - first "Wake Up Little Susie" - Bear's Choice shows - billing: GD; Allman Brothers Band; Love

Set List:

Electric 1: 
China Cat> I Know You Rider
Me & My Uncle
Dire Wolf
Monkey & Engineer
Wake Up Little Susie*> Black Peter*
Uncle John
Katie Mae*
Dark Star**> Cryptical**> Drums**> Other One**> Cryptical**> Lovelight** 
We Bid You Goodnight

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Joined: Jun 4 2007

bear insists there was only one show a night during this run. i think he's said he would pay anyone who could prove there were two $1K. anyone collected yet?

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
the 2 show/ one show debate

I'm on the Bear side of the argument, there's no wat they did 2 shows with 3 bands. One thing I've noticed is you haven't heard from anyone in the band about this. The debate has been between Bear and the folks taking care of the vault. Of course they could FINALLY RELEASE EVERYTHING and put the whole thing to rest. These are only considered some of the best shows the band has ever done.

Joined: Jun 9 2007
best show ever

Whenever the Darkstar>TIFTOO>Lovelight happened, it is the best music the Grateful Dead have ever played in one set. And it is even better than that. Maybe one day it will be released in such a way that those three pieces are released in one nice long flowing format to make my ears happier than they have ever been. If you have never heard this Darkstar you are really doing yourself an injustice. This is the one.

Joined: Jun 27 2007
Wake Up Little Susie*> Black Peter*

i want to hear if this is the right song that i was looking for

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Bear's Choice

I remember Bear's argument a few years and it sure sounded reasonable at the time. However, hasn't this been put to rest? Bear himself selected Good Lovin'~ listed as 2/13/70 from the EARLY SHOW~ for the remastered Bear's Choice, and David put up the Stephen-> Not Fade Away on Taper's Section with this date (along with the following evening's early show Dark Star). So it seems like we're getting it from the Vault's mouth that there were indeed early & late shows. It must've been outrageous.

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Joined: Aug 25 2012
best of best

Read where another commenter said he and friends went out in the woods and played this one on a boom box tripping.
Maybe its the night I was there, doubt it cause do not recognize the name. But that's how this show changed my life. We were young and loving this band. A high school friends cousin was into them big time he brought us some mind bending things from the west coast and we all kicked back and threw this one on.
As one can imagine we were full flight by the time the Dark Star > Other One > Lovelight hit us Like a freight train. In the way only this band can hit someone. We would throw our own home made acid tests to this show never did it come together like the 1st time.
This show can only get 5 stars no less ever.

Love Fillmore East,Nyc Feb.13,1970

1-/Orange Skies
2-Singing Cowboy
4-Good Times

Joined: Apr 10 2008
Quintessential Dark Star

Obtained a cassette copy of the 2/13-14/70 mix in the early '80's when I first got into the band. It was many generations old and the sound was limited in both dynamic and frequency range. Nonetheless, it instantly became my favorite Dark Star and I listened to it countless times. Later I had the digital version which was an improvement, but I am currently listening to the limited edition vinyl version that my wonderful wife tracked down and gifted to me for Christmas. It is an enormous improvement, but then again, almost everything is better on vinyl. Yes, I will take the quality of vinyl over the convenience of digital ANY day.

If you want the ultimate piece of the Haight/Ashbury psychedelic sound, the 2/13/70 Dark Star is probably it. It takes you out into the stars and brings you back again while never losing its musicality. Interestingly, all the various parts and elements work on this version, something that is not always true. It is lengthy but not too long.

As for the "trippy-ness"...while I served my time as a "cosmic warrior" I had left chemically induced higher states behind a few years before I got into the Dead. If any audio aid can prove that there is a way to higher consciousness without the benefit of pharmaceuticals, it is a comfortable position, some deep breathing, and this Dark Star.

morloquehamhoquewarloque's picture
Joined: Nov 20 2013

Sitting in the 2nd row center for this one. The tone of Garcia's guitar was so beautiful, the SBD cannot capture this,Bear was close to perfect, but DeadCo should matrix the entire 2 shows. Come on, an upgrade to sheer nirvanic perfection is called for here. Where is that spirit of audio adventure that was an intrinsic part of this whole trip. Only the 3rd sets from each night and 2 other songs were used for DP4.
Little Sadie was SO dark, Garcia's voice SO sincere, I was convinced that he was singing about his own sad self.
The above short set list for LOVE was recorded by me, I originally taped the entire Love Set, but recorded over it to capture the Dead. That is why it comes in cut to "orange skies" Supposedly Bear recorded the opening acts at these shows, What a treat it would be to find this, Love has very few audience recordings.
Every year around this time I relive these shows, Wed, Fri & Sat, Feb 11,13&14, one of the best weeks of my life, Thank you Grateful Dead/Bill Graham/& all of my friends & God.


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Fillmore East - February 13, 1970