Grateful Dead

Carousel Ballroom - February 14, 1968

February 14, 1968

San Francisco, CA US

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Second set dedicated to the memory of Neal Cassidy - FM broadcast KMPX-San Francisco - Official Opening - "St. Valentine's Day, Be Mine" poster - also: Country Joe & The Fish

Set List:

Dark Star> China Cat> The Eleven> Lovelight

Cryptical> Other One> Cryptical> New Potato Caboose
> Born Cross-Eyed> Spanish Jam
Alligator> Caution> Feedback

Midnight Hour

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
According to DEADLISTS

they did open with Morning Dew.

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Joined: Apr 27 2010
this performance has alot of

this performance has alot of energy and great dynamics, definatly worth a download, amazing fast paced Morning Dew blows me away. You can download a very clean mp3 of this performance at

Joined: Nov 25 2009
This Is One Of Those Shows

I'm one of those people that when they hear about how great a show is they kind of turn away from it because when I listen to it, I find it kind of overrated. Don't get me wrong the show certainly was fascinating. I was even really impressed with how Weir was playing as if somebody dunked his guitar in a vat of acid. The transition from China into 11 always fascinated me too.
There is something about the bass organ interplay in New Potato Caboose that really captures me and I've been listening to this show for the past couple of days and it is now my favorite. Now, about New Potato Caboose.
A lot of people the one from Two From The Vault as the best ever kind of like the Dark Star from Live/ Dead is the best of that song. For awhile I agreed. Until I heard what Phil was playing in this song.
Phil Lesh was very insecure about his bass playing telling anyone who complimented his playing that they were full of shit. For me, the best part about New Potato Caboose is the part between the verses and Jerry's solo where Phil and Pig Pen test the waters. It seems that in this show, Phil has finally become confident his playing and his solo here reminds me of a scene from The Fellowship Of The Ring in which Aragorn (Viggo Mortensen) points out the Argonath to Frodo (Elijah Wood). As I hear Phil's solo I can just see those giant statues of the kings of Gondor staring me down. His performance is so commanding that Garcia's solo towards the end is relatively weak.
And Spanish Jam. I need to talk about Spanish Jam. This set, the live radio one should have been released on CD. Weir strums his guitar like Segovia, Lesh still strums like a wizard from Middle Earth, and Garcia is channeling some Arabian ghost with his sustained notes.

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Groove and Blues

Listening to this on on itunes and loving it

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Light Sound Dimension

Heard them many times after this at their studio on Shotwell Street. They also played at the acid test at SF State. Jerry Granelli, Noel Jukes, Fred Marshal, Bev Bevins and others who did the lights... time fades the names

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Carousel Ballroom - February 14, 1968