Grateful Dead

Oakland Coliseum Arena - February 27, 1994

Oakland Coliseum Arena

February 27, 1994

Oakland, CA US

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last "Mama Tried": 01-25-93 [82] - "Supplication Jam" during "Uncle John" - Dragon parade during "Drumz" - "Cosmic Charlie" tease before "Wharf Rat"

Set List:

Hell In A Bucket
Row Jimmy Row
Minglewood Blues
Lazy River Road
Mama Tried
Mexicali Blues
Tennessee Jed
Easy Answers

Touch Of Grey
Sampson And Delilah
Uncle John's Band
Supplication Jam
Dragon Drums
The Other One
Cosmic Charlie Jam
Wharf Rat


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Joined: Mar 20 2008
Cosmic Charley Campaign 84/94

Does anyone remember the "Cosmic Charley Campaign" during the Grateful Dead's Spring Tour 1984?

(2) Hampton's, (1) Rochester, (1) Niagara Falls 04.17.84, (3) Philly's, (2) New Haven's and (3) Nassau Coliseums

The pink flyers requesting the band to break-out Cosmic Charley and listing good n humorous reasons why was first spotted around the Sheraton in Hampton VA.

By the time we had left Rochester show and drove straight to the Hilton in Niagara Falls for very, early check-in (where the band was too) some flyers were in the elevator already. I strongly suspect that they were slipped under the doors of band n crew too.

During the 2nd set at the Niagara Falls Civic Center , after drumz the band embarked on a Cosmic Tease out of space before Black Peter . This was as close as I came to hearing Cosmic Chuck. Our ears were at attention.

But instead we just got a Cosmically Intense Space and a haunting great Black Peter. After the "Spring '84 Tour" the campaign died. It seemed that this song was not ready for the 80's .

Today I am glad to be sitting here in my living room, in the 21st century, listening to GD Radio playback these Chinese New years shows in perfect soundboard/audience mix quality. I will look forward to comparing this tease with 4.17.84 Niagara Falls Convention Center.

Cheers, Cubby


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Oakland Coliseum Arena - February 27, 1994