Grateful Dead

Market Square Arena - February 3, 1979

Market Square Arena

February 03, 1979

Indianapolis, IN US

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last "China Cat> I Know You Rider": 12-29-77 [95]

Set List:

Promised Land
Mama Tried
Mexicali Blues
Brown-Eyed Women
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
New Minglewood Blues
Stagger Lee
From the Heart of Me
Music Never Stopped

Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
From the Heart of Me
Estimated Prophet
Eyes of the World
The Other One
Wharf Rat
I Need a Miracle
Casey Jones

One More Saturday Night

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Joined: Jul 22 2007
copy of this show

Brand new to the site. Was wondering if I might be ble to get a copy of this show. Yes, was my 1st Dead show.

Joined: Oct 8 2007
Hey Now!

This was my first Dead show too! I'll look through my tapes & see if I have it. Are you in IN.?

Joined: Sep 25 2007
downloading music

you can find everything you need right here.just click on links and go to the deadlists project and you can find any show you like.

Joined: Mar 23 2008
2nd show,first 2 in the same

2nd show,first 2 in the same building

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Joined: Sep 10 2007

I really like this show so I'll copy and paste my notes. Before I do that, let me say that for set 1 I used s1.sbd.fixed.miller.102876 and for set 2 set2-nak.clugston.7116, SBD and AUD A- respectively.

Set 1
-Promised: blah, spend most of the time getting the sound right
-Candyman: good solo (note that in the tuning afterwards, there is a Miss You Rolling Stones tuning)
-Mama Tried: this is usually a good tune to get on track; Phil’s really high in the mix (at least on the Miller SBD of set 1), which is nice; good to very good solo
-Mexicali: transition is sloppy; pretty good
-BE Women: very good, extended solo; still not 100% on but getting closer
-LL Rain: everyone’s on the same page; excellent solo; well-sung by Bobby and Donna
-China Cat: first China Cat since 12/29/77 and only the 2d post-retirement version; very good solo; jam starts off nice, hits a snag in the middle but regains its footing
-Rider: excellent, extended solo; very enjoyable jam after the headlight verse; very solid CC > Rider and the novelty alone makes it a highlight
-Minglewood: Jerry takes the 1st solo, good to very good; Keith and Bobby take most of the 1st solo, Bobby not bad, Jerry then delivers a couple of excellent runs
-Stagger: very good solo, good tempo in this one; wow, what an outro, big smile; a highlight
-From the Heart of Me: I always enjoy this one
-Music: jam gets going, really inventive right before they head back to the main theme, then Jerry keeps pushing, head-bobbing time, more, further, awesome

Overall: this set does not start off well, I’d say it isn’t until the 5th song, BE Women that it starts to come together. But by the next track, LL Rain, everyone is on the same page and the show coalesces. China/Rider has to be a highlight just for being played for the first time since 12/29/77, but it’s very good too. Stagger (the outro!) and Music (the jam!) are the other highlights. Taking away the first 4 songs we have a great set, but as it is let’s call it VG.

Set 2
-Scarlet: omits the “there ain’t nothing wrong” verse, as is Jerry’s tendency, and goes straight into the solo; excellent 1st run in the solo, close to excellent 2d run, very good 3d run, seems like that will be it but Jerry comes back scorching with a high tone final run that really delivers; nice jam heats up around 8:40 mark when Jerry changes his tone and tactics, more of a Fire feel that what he was doing prior, really speeds up around 10:50 mark, lip-biting moment, awesome; a highlight
-Fire: nice long intro; 1st verse at 2:20; 1st solo gets hot right away, smile, bending notes, toying with us on a yo-yo; excellent, impassioned 2d solo; outro starts with Jerry with playing a high-note run again and again, the fire alarm going off, then changes up with a great run before the reprise; 10:45 total for Fire; another highlight, a really excellent Scarlet >Fire
-Estimated: excellent solo, Jerry’s having fun, hits a great peak near the end; Bobby gets the tempo nice and slow, quiet, with the “nah nah”s before the jam; slow, heady start to the jam, maybe the preacher know what he’s talking about and isn’t crazy, a little craziness starts to creep in around the 9:25 mark, then about 45 seconds later calms again, building towards Eyes, another little outburst, Jerry rapidly playing a few notes over and over, oh boy, this is gonna be a fast-paced crash, but phew, it lands safely
-Eyes: 1st verse at 0:55; very good 1st solo, Phil keeping things heavy; fast-paced 2d solo, lots of notes but not really sheets of sound, each note has some meaning, a bird on her way south, a flap of wings, excellent; outro is fast-paced as well, but again the notes are well-enunciated, Jerry’s got more to say; excellent version
-Space: lots of Other One teasing, Phil’s very interesting
-Other: big booming intro from Phil, Jerry’s still feeling it, lightning in a bottle; 1st verse at 1:50; volcanic peak pretty early in the 1st jam, but it doesn’t stop there, lava pouring out, death and destruction, awesome; 2d verse at 5:55, still high energy; 2d jam is calm, after the calamitous speed of the preceding, builds toward the ballad, taking a well-deserved breather; great version
-Wharf: soft landing; an anodyne after we’ve been destroyed by the Other One; very emotional delivery of the vocals by Jerry, and nice backup from Donna and Bobby; solo is strong though a bit short; fanning at the beginning of the outro, very good
-Miracle: nice solo, then a slow, rolling, relaxing outro
-Casey Jones: excellent little solo
-E: Saturday Night: it doesn’t matter at this point, the Dead brought down the arena already, but this caps the show off nicely

Overall: if you knock off the first 4 songs of set 1 we’d have 2 great sets. Set 2 is hot from start to finish, with Scarlet > Fire, Eyes and an incredible Other One as the highlights. I think this is the best show of the tour so far, VG set 1, Great set 2, 9.5/10


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Market Square Arena - February 3, 1979