Grateful Dead

The Music Box - February 5, 1969

The Music Box

February 05, 1969

Omaha, NE US

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
The Music Box - 1969 - Omaha Nebraska

I skipped my high school graduation from Pratt High School to see my first Dead concert at the Music Box. It cost $1.50 to get in. They turned my life around. The next morning I was up at dawn, packing my VW bug, and leaving home. My parents never got it, but who wants to hang out in Omaha when Haight/Ashbury is calling your name and telling you to put Flowers In Your Hair! My son's father and I have been lucky to have passed the Dead genes down to out son.

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Anyone who saw the Dead play in Omaha in 1969, did not see them on the fifth of February. Several hours ago I visited this page and saw the correction made by another patron (“GuitarLizard” or something like that?) stating that this Feb 5 1969 show took place at Memorial Hall in Kansas City Kansas, NOT IN OMAHA. He states that he is in possession of his ticket stub, and he also listed a recording of the show available on : gd69-02-05.sbd.cotsman.8993.sbeok.shnf_files.xml
He is correct. The correction has been removed from the page. Why?
I was at the 05 February ’69 show and I can attest that it was indeed at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, KS (not Omaha), and the show was memorable. The Dead opened for the Iron Butterfly, and the contrast between the two bands was something to behold. “Caution” as hot as I have ever heard, and the band performed the astonishing “Seven” instrumental. “And we bid you Goodnight”, closing the show, was sublime.
The Bear did the sound, and I quote him:
“I remember the KC show very well, we had to help the Butterfly's
marginally competent roadies with setting up their gear. The IB fans
who filled the hall were in such a stare of shock after the opening
set by GD that it was nearly halfway through their beloved
Butterfly's set before they came round and starting jumping.”
The recording noted by the previous correspondent is apparently correct. At the close of “Goodnight”
Garcia can be heard to say “The Iron Butterfly will be out in a minute.”

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Joined: Jun 13 2007

I was at this show too, along with several friends, and it was indeed in Kansas City. I've mentioned this before, and my comment was deleted.
By far the best bit of music I've ever witnessed, such a pity the remaining tapes are so hacked up.

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Joined: Aug 25 2012
set list and date I love

This date means alot to me is the year before the love of my life was born. Sorry to be repetitive about the love of my life,not sorry to her or myself. Yet sorry to repeat it many a time. That said when you have the girl of your dreams you know it and when you lose them to automobile accident the way I did it stings. And that love will never end... One thing I talk about often is ,for the first time ever I have had a relationship end in true love. That isn't always the case. So for that I am grateful and I know in my heart of heart she will be there waiting the day I enter heaven.
Again sorry for my rants of Gina to you all. To all that do read this I wish all the best in life.

Lovelight, Cryptical Envelopment > The Other One > Cryptical Envelopment, Dark Star > St. Stephen > The Eleven > Caution (Do Not Stop On
Tracks > Feedback > And We Bid You Good Night

Joined: Jun 20 2007
Fine show, but it was in Kansas City, Kansas!

This was an odd one, with GD opening for The Iron Butterfly...'twas in Kansas City, Kansas and not in Omaha, Nebraska. But it was a fine first show...first time talking with Jerry, he was kind to this youngster, thanks! Will always remember that.

See ya'

Joined: Jul 6 2015
Show date

My first Grateful Dead show was in Omaha at the Music Box. I always thought it was February 5, that would have been my older brothers birthday. Much later I got a copy of the Omaha show and the taper had a photocopy of an Omaha World Herald clip dated February 5, that mentioned the show last night. My second show was also at the Music Box in Omaha in April 1969. In January 1970 I moved to the East Bay and saw many more great shows until 1995.


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The Music Box - February 5, 1969