Grateful Dead

The Spectrum - January 12, 1979

The Spectrum

January 12, 1979

Philadelphia, PA US

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Set List:

Jack Straw
El Paso
Tennessee Jed

Sugar Magnolia

U. S. Blues

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
The only B-day show I almost caught..more .f--king snow

After Novembers snow storm, near misses and lucky to be alive driving. Nobody could get a car.We were screwed....Anybody want to buy an unused 1-12-79 ticket

Joined: Jul 11 2007
i believe this was my first

i believe this was my first show with my brother, keith and donna and my best friend tells me that they were not there but i have pictures and unless i was really trippin more than i thought that was keith and donna on stage with jerry, bobby, mickey, phil and billy....

Joined: Jun 24 2007
K&D were there; I don't

K&D were there; I don't believe Donna left the tour until Providence or Hartford or something.

johnnydomino's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
Aaand the winner is...........

My first. Nuff said.

Whoa!!! What have you gotten yourself into?

kuu's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
its strange how no one comes round any more

This was the first time I saw several shows in a row. It started in Philadelphia and ended a week later with this show. I thought the first set was ok. Second set was was really enjoyable, maybe because it was the first time in a week they didn't play Good Lovin'. Also found it odd they played Roses at both Philly shows. Loved the Dancin/Jerry,Bill Jam into drums. During the week I didn't hear anything about Kieth and Donna leaving. I always thought a female voice as part of the harmony added to the Dead experience. This show marked an end of the Kieth/Donna era for me. After the show it snowed again. My ride down from NY continued to the Volunteer Jam, I had to take Amtrack back.

marijuanabob's picture
Joined: Jul 3 2011
Snow after the Show

I drove to this concert from Keansburg,NJ. During the concert I remember looking outside and seeing snow coming down. After the concert made the long, snowy drive back to Jersey.

dstache's picture
Joined: Sep 10 2007

I received some upgrades to some of the shows on this tour so it seemed like a good time to give the tour a second listen. To put it bluntly, this is not a good show. In looking over my notes from the 1st set, let me just pull out 3 words I used in describing what I heard: "forced," "competent," "uninspiring." That's not good. The 1st set is forgettable. Set 2 starts off the same way. Samson has some life to it, which is something I guess. Roses features a somewhat pretty but clearly lazy solo. Then something happens, a spark flies, FrankenJerry comes alive, and for 25 minutes we get an [at least somewhat] inspired Dancing in the Street. Now, I don't think this is a great version, but it is at least very good, and in this show at least, it is a highlight. The pre-drums jam with just Jerry and the drummers is especially noteworthy. It's still based on the Dancing theme so I include it as part of the song (thus, the 25 minute Dancing). Post-drums is ok, it's better than the 1st set but I wouldn't call any of it better than good at best. In sum, this is a show that I will never listen to again, twice is more than enough, excepting the Dancing. Subpar show, 5/10 overall

Joined: Feb 3 2011
My 2nd show

This was the show that really hooked me!! We drove in the snow from Jersey ( I believe this was a show that was re-scheduled because of snow ) My buddy Cass was going to school at Villanova - I'm pretty sure we crashed there.This was the best I ever heard Donna sing ( only caught 4 shows with her & Keith )The whole show was solid - My first Goin' Down The Road and 1st U.S. Blues .Great Show !!

Joined: Oct 25 2012
donna great on "The Deal"

I remember she really wailed on the set-closer. Rousing crescendo to the first set. My second show overall.

Littlehalfwings's picture
Joined: Jul 7 2008
My First Show..Age 16

Donna and Keith were most definitely there on stage and I was definitely trippin' too lol...first time for that bro gave it to me and said after I ate it that if I acted crazy he would make me do multiplication and if I couldn't do that he would smack me lol. When they did MHBTR I could have sworn it was right after the break because they came out in the dark and set up then as they started to sing MHBTR the lights came up and Donna was wearing a wreath of roses and when they finished the song she threw it to me. It was an awesome show, my bro and I had tix in nosebleed section by the end I drug him to the front ..what a blast...I also remember the ambulance ride to the hospital after the girl driving us (Lori Smith)slid and spun out on the ice into a pole. I looked out of the ER drape and saw the popo going through my coat lol everything was white I thought I must be Dead (( ; Wild night and I was "on the bus"


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The Spectrum - January 12, 1979