Grateful Dead

Veterans Memorial Coliseum - January 17, 1979

Veterans Memorial Coliseum

January 17, 1979

New Haven, CT US

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Set List:

Shakedown Street
Me and My Uncle
Big River
Beat it on Down the Line
Stagger Lee
New Minglewood Blues
Brown Eyed Women
From the Heart of Me
I Need a Miracle

Scarlet> Fire, Estimated> Eyes
> Drumz> NFA> Black Peter> Around> Good Lovin

Casey Jones

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Joined: Jun 6 2007
My First Show...

...what a way to start. This show was awesome, especially the second set.

Joined: Jun 13 2007
The Make-Up Show

This was the show they played to make-up the performance where everyone got in to the hall, and then Bobby announced that Jerry had pneumonia and couldn't play. (I was very lucky -- wasn't there the night they cancelled, but bought a ticket to the make-up show). A great show -- phenomenally strong Casey Jones to close it.

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Joined: Jun 25 2007
I swear I saw Jerry turn

I swear I saw Jerry turn into a skeleton during the second set.

Joined: Jul 27 2007
the show thatjerry put the fear of god in us all

the gang for some reason all wore coboy hats we promptly removed them after we were told jerry was ill when bobby said they could still do somthing everone just kind of shook there drippy heads but we came back with a vengence and slam we were on shakedown st the cowboy hats prevailed for me and my uncle went flyyyyyying down sweet show

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Joined: May 12 2008
Oh yeah ...

didn't have the magic of the preceding Springfield nor upcoming Buffalo ... but sweet. Still, New Haven was often "stuck" with the Est > Eyes ....

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Joined: Jun 23 2007
make up show

I remember I was there with a huge group of friends, that was when you could buy full rows of seats via the box office, we had 2 rows on the floor in the 7-10th row area, all set for a great "trip" and Bobby came out to announce it was cancelled/postponed. I remember all of us looking at each other and saying "now what do we do for 3-4hrs" so we wandered around the New Haven Green enjoying the Christmas lights till we were able to drive home. The make up show was totally awesome, still have the radio station promo pin from WPLR that I got from a friend who worked and still works at the station


"We live very close together. So, our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them." ~ 14th Dalai Lama

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Joined: Jun 4 2007
Tell me this town ain't got no heart

Well this show was really an extension of what happened 2 months prior. In November I organized a bus trip from Long Island to New Haven. A church somewhere in Texas provided us with goodies that tasted bad. Some passengers decided to make milkshakes to make the goodies bearable. The bus arrives and everyone is primed for a grand time. It appears to be Bobby and Phil on stage but the houes lights are on and at their brightest. Bobby says Garcia is really sick and they won't be playin tonight. First I thought it was a joke and was waiting for some kind of punchline. Then I realized it wasn't. When we all "flew" back to the bus I was asked by the driver what did we want to do now. Forty spaced heads yearning for something that wasn't gonna happen and the bus company feeling sorry for us. They said that we could go anywhere as long as we were back by 1am or so. It was decided by committee to go to Garvies Point preserve in Glen Cove. The bus went down some back roads, we stopped at a secluded back entrance and spent 3 hours there. Some stayed on the bus. All were really dissappointed. Januaury 17 I organized another trip, I don't know why, and off we go to New Haven again. This time the church in Texas did not supply us with anything. The ride there took on the feeling that we have been here before and things weren't as intense as they were the first ride. I get to the entrance and realize I lost my ticket and had to buy another. With all that has happened leading to this event I had high expectations. The week before I had seen St Stephen, Dark Star, Dancin', Nobodys Fault..... I remember being dissapointed at the outcome. I had a feeling when they played miracle to end the 1st set that I probably set my sights to high. Maybe it was all the events that led to that point but when I saw Bobby screamin I need a miracle everyday I had the feeling I it wasn't comin from the band on this night. A crisp soundboard circulated after the show that I had and enjoyed. I always think of my personal experiences when I listen to the show and yearn for just a little bit more... Oh well

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Joined: Feb 20 2012

Wasn't it snowing like blizzard conditions on one of the nights? I think it was the night that was cancelled. My friend and I had "partook" and we weren't going to be caught peaking at the break (I always hated that) so we were good and weird when we had to driv home 4 hours earlier that we had planned.

The two cheerleaders we gave a ride to were wondering what the hell was so funny..... gdtrfb!!!

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Joined: Aug 25 2012
My fav Black Peter

I love this show.The Black Peter is spiritual to me. Why because jerry is belting out the song with what sounds like a very bad cold. Which in turn makes the sad song even more sad. I love life and don't live a downer life style but this Peter is off the charts. Off the charts with sadness.

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Joined: Sep 10 2007

The show opens with a hot Shakedown and remains at a high level through BIODTL (excellent solo!). Stagger and Minglewood aren't quite up to snuff, but the energy returns with BE Women and Miracle. The second set is AWESOME. The entire pre-drums is a highlight. The 2d and 3d runs in the Scarlet solo are great, as is the jam, though it doesn't stray too far out there. Fire almost has a false start, as they seem to reignite the intro about 30 seconds in, pretty neat. There's a nice instrumental after the 1st solo and before the verse, as if Jerry missed his cue to return to the vocals or maybe a broken string somewhere. The outro in Fire is excellent. Estimated has a hot, extended 1st solo, the jam gets going early on, unlike many versions, and there is nice, long, soothing intro before Eyes proper begins. Nothing wrong with the Eyes either, which starts off fast but is slowed down to a good speed just as quickly. The solos are very interesting, Jerry's going at breakneck speed but rather than the sheets of sound approach (which I generally don't prefer), there is more precision and each note is important. Black Peter is a highlight too. The solo is kind of a 2-part thing, with the 1st consisting of a very good, standard solo, then the 2d part an excellent, delicate solo making me think of an old man with a cane, shaking as he walks. There is a long, wonderful outro too. Overall, VG set 1, Great set 2, 9/10 (right there with 1/11, and just ahead of 1/10, as the best show of the tour so far)


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Veterans Memorial Coliseum - January 17, 1979