Grateful Dead

County Fairgrounds - July 13, 1985

County Fairgrounds

July 13, 1985

Ventura, CA US

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Set List:

One More Saturday Night
Fire on the Mountain
Walkin' Blues
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Mama Tried
Big River
Bird Song
Music Never Stopped

Touch of Grey
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Terrapin Station
The Wheel
Cryptical Envelopment
The Other One
Comes a Time
Around and Around
Sugar Magnolia

U.S. Blues

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Attendees of this show

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Terrapin_Tommy's picture
Joined: Jun 15 2007
There was a big fire on the

There was a big fire on the mountain that was just above the fairgrounds that had been burning for a few days, we called it "Jerry Mountain". I'll never forget them opening up with Saturday Night/Fire on the Mountain, with ashes falling from the sky!! There was nothing like the "beach-party" shows at Ventura, camping with an ocean-front view !! Someone puddled me before this show and I was high the entire weekend.....those were the days!!!

That Treb Guy's picture
Joined: Jun 15 2007
Ashes, ashes

The thing about Ventura is it was RAW.

The water was cold, the dust was incessant, sunburns were the order of the day. Did I mention the dust? The ashes from that fire, they stuck to your car paint and would burn right through it.

That drive up from LA was the epitome of the So Cal dead experience. Did you see that guy on the hill mediating in a full lotus position behind his broken down VW?

Folks who knew the local haunts made their way up to Ojai after the shows for beers at The Wheel and a dip in the hot springs across the street. I loved the Frost, I loved the Greek, but Ventura was a summer rite of passage!

Don't remember which year it was but it was at Ventura that I learned the Turtle Guy passed away. If you were at Ventura you saw that Turtle Guy.

johnman's picture
Joined: Dec 26 2007
the navy's fault

jmy first ventura show. the nav had flown me to san diego from oakland (ahh......those bay area shows....but that's another story). a friend and his family drove me from there to the fairgrounds and cousin's dan and laida drove me to the airport.......all on the navy's coin. i don't believe i've enjoyed a weekend at the beach as much since.

Joined: Jan 17 2008
Dead on the beach

Saturday Night into Fire to open the weekend? That was nuts with the fire burning behind them. The Cryptical here was nice too. I got a little baked at this show and afterwords. Needless to say Ventura brought it out of eveyone.
I remember a friend of mine asking me days before if I was going to Live Aid in Philly on Sat. I was about to drive out west to live and I chose that week to do it. So I kind of laughed and said no, I am going to Ventura to see the Dead. He looked at me like I was crazy. Little did he know that I was on the right track. Sure glad I wasn't at Live Aid that's for sure. Way worth the drive cross country! !

Joined: Apr 4 2008
I do remember the fire on

I do remember the fire on the mountain,trippy. The 1st notes
of One more Sat. awakeing me to attention while the red gels
filled me alive. Also dancing by myself and one other girl
in the dust bowl roped off area behind the stage . AAAh!

IB Virg's picture
Joined: Apr 9 2008
Me and the looney bird

Me and the looney bird danced like a mad man. Met the Trippinest Dude. The hardest burning show for sure, and it wasn't just the sun. Just had a brawl with my father the night before, my van broke down, too much of everything else. I remember becoming a thought, thinking of myself. Haven't entirely figured that out yet (trying meditation these days, folks, I'm getting there).
The fire on the mountain, camping and movie theater set up in the lot were great additions.
I remember a big crackle during Walking Blues (I think). Didn't hear it on the soundboard production.

Joined: Jun 12 2007

I think we camped in like horse stables right on the premise, could that have been true?

FlyinEye's picture
Joined: Nov 28 2008
Ventura was great

My first show was Ventura 84 so I could hardly wait for this one. Camping on the beach was so much fun. You had to have these plastic bracelets to get into the "camp ground" and because I hid in the back of my friend's camper when we went in I didnt have one. So we figured out that if you took the tail end from 3 other bracelets, you could melt them together to make yourself one.

Saw some of the funniest movies I had ever seen in that parking lot movie screen. Just remember this black an white movie with a guy whose hair was sticking out all over the place as he was buying "47 bottles of model glue."

We also made about 500 hundred Jerry masks, with a photo copied pic of Jerry's face. It was fun seeing people in the show wearing them on the back of their heads.

We also had some great jam sessions around a campfire. Several of us played acoustic guitars, and we handed out various percussion instruments to the people who gathered around. A acoustic guitar player who had a little amp on his back joined in while wandering by. As did a flute player. There were 4 or so of us who started playing, then after handing out the percussion instruments and including the other people who just joined in, we probably had 8 or 10 people all playing.

Flyin Eye of the Flyin Eye Project
aka Dr-Gonzo on Undernet & EFnet

Joined: Nov 2 2010
LiveAid weekend

This was the same weekend as LiveAid. Everyone was calling the shows "DeadAid".

Joined: Aug 23 2010
awesome venue

Pete & Kirsten good times. I too saw the FOTM.
Man smart woman smarter. Does anybody remember the guy form the fairgrounds doing parking instructions and the PA guy messin' with his voice. Major cat eyes


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County Fairgrounds - July 13, 1985