Grateful Dead

Greek Theatre - July 15, 1984

Greek Theatre

July 15, 1984

Berkeley, CA US

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*Why Don't We Do It In The Drums

Set List:

Dancin' in the Streets
Bird Song
New Minglewood Blues
Cumberland Blues
My Brother Esau
Ramble on Rose
Hell in a Bucket

Why Don't We Do it in the Road
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Playin' in the Band
Uncle John's Band
Don't Need Love
China Doll
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Brokedown Palace
Johnny B. Goode

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Duggles's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Sunday at 3pm.

I personally loved these Sunday afternoon run closers at the Greek. So nice. Dancin' has always been one of my favorites. Phil just absolutely crushed the Do It In The Road Into a solid set of Dead standards. China Doll was an added pleasure. I loved the Brokedawn to close and then Jerry rips a quick Johnny B Goode for good measure.


therobthompson's picture
Joined: Jun 23 2007
My very first show

Also my very first acid trip.

And I think my favorite venue, for any music, ever.

I didn't know who the Dead were at all (though I had bought Aoxomoxoa in sixth grade because the cover was so cool). A friend of a friend who went to UCB had an extra ticket and I tagged along. At the time I was begging my guitar teacher to make me the next Santana, but about ten notes into Jerry's first solo in Dancin' , I knew who my new favorite guitarist was.

Joined: Mar 23 2008
I own several hundred hours

I own several hundred hours of grateful dead music that may never make it to its best possibleremastered form, that is why it pleases me to no end to have a great copy of shows that I attended. This was show ten for me, 4th and last of my mini tour,summer 84.There are for me ,several greatest moments of my life here. The Dancin'> Bird song opening is still my favorite of all time. As you know, I love Bird song anyway,but I like it early in a set, which is rare. And while the remainder of the first set was good, the second set is what sealed alot of destiny for me for the next 11 years. This is a classic set,,with a few surprises. Do it in the road is almost like a warm up, but every other song is either near or at the top of the version list. Playin > ujb > dont need love, i mean it just flows perfect. the spaceship, the landing on the planet,China doll, my utopia, and even the cruise home when you don't want to leave. At least they provided a Cadillac. Sorry , I forgot the warmth of Brokedown. You know when you have experianced something special. This was one of those times.



jdascout's picture
Joined: Aug 31 2007
What to do, one cousin's who

What to do, one cousin's who I planed on braking in to the Dead bagged on me. So I bought full compliment of 4 tickets and have one left over. So we can't go in till I get rid of it, and all I want is face value for it. Some guy walks up and say's " I'll give you 25 hits for it" who am I to argue with the gentleman. We were looking for more even though we had 10 between 5 of us already. What a rippin show, oh by the way we had nothing left over, Glen and I ate most of them. I still can't under stand why everyone had me drive no matter how high I was. Always got everyone home safe.


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Greek Theatre - July 15, 1984