Grateful Dead

Greek Theatre - July 17, 1988

Greek Theatre

July 17, 1988

Berkeley, CA US

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Rex Foundation benefit - FM broadcast KPFA-Berkeley - final "Blackbird"

Set List:

Foolish Heart
Greatest Story Ever Told
Me and My Uncle
Big River
Let it Grow

Box of Rain
Victim or the Crime
Crazy Fingers
Playin' in the Band
Uncle John's Band
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
All Along the Watchtower
Believe it or Not
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Brokedown Palace

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NanB's picture
Joined: Jan 6 2009

I loved this show. This was a rare performance of Believe it or Not. Also I remember this HUGE balloon, like 6 feet tall, going around in the audience, then on stage, almost knocking Jerry over. Does anyone else remember that, or did I just imagine that?

teachpeace's picture
Joined: Jan 6 2008
Huge balloon thing on stage

I have the pictures to prove it. It really did happen, you are not imagining that. It was classic. Balloons on stage happened all the time, but nothing like that big huge thing practically knocking over Jerry. I remember it well. I was right on the rail in front of Brent. The look on Jerry's and Brent's face was hilarious. It was the "Jerry and Brent wrestle the big obnoxious "thing" on stage" moment. It wasn't even a balloon really, it was like one of those giant punching bag toys I think. I'll have to go dig up those pictures. Funny....good times...

Joined: Nov 13 2010

This was a great show, sure Jerry flubs some of the lyrics but the playing during this show is where the magic is. Listen to the Crazy Fingers through the end of the show, it sparkles with wonder.

The watchtower is killer, and Jerry lets it rip during GDTRFB.

Joined: Jan 11 2009
Bootleg CD

Any idea where I can get a cd of this show? It was my wife's 1st. Two of my GD buddies gave us tickets for our wedding gift, which was the following month. They said they could not allow her to marry me without seeing a live concert first.


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Greek Theatre - July 17, 1988