Grateful Dead

Deer Creek Music Center - July 18, 1990

Deer Creek Music Center

July 18, 1990

Noblesville, IN US

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final "Easy To Love You"

Set List:

Help on the Way
Franklin's Tower
New Minglewood Blues
Easy to Love You
Brown Eyed Women

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Looks Like Rain
Terrapin Station
The Other One
Morning Dew

The Weight

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ded_on_arrival's picture
Joined: Jun 10 2009
Simply the best

My first trip to the mystical Deer Creek Music Theatre. Just getting there in my '74 bus was a trip. Almost didn't make the Buffalo show two days prior. Could only get the beast to move 30 mph by the end. Great mechanic in Orchard Park moved a car out of the shop to get me on my way.

There were two wonderful ladies from Colorado and Tennesee sleeping in front of my bus when I got out asking for a ride. We all headed out to Indy and had a tire explode on the interstate outside of Columbus. AAA came to save the day (with a state trooper).

As we neared the venue driving through cornfields right up to the road I could've sworn I was in heaven. The horizon showed me the peaks of the amphitheatre. It was hot. Really hot. We took our place at the front of the hill and danced. What's there to say about the show?...look a the set lists. Everything was played to perfection. Come on...I mean THE WEIGHT for goodness sake.

I don't know if it was this night or the next, but I remember everyone doing a rain dance in hopes of getting some relief from the heat. It worked. During the intermission it rained - just enough - and then stopped as the second set began. Magic, pure magic.

Strangers stopping strangers - just to shake their hands...

Joined: Jul 4 2011
Jerry artwork -

These shows were awesome...I mean Jerry after the coma seemed to be better than ever...I'm not sure if he was still sober,but WOW...present & playing w/ a conectivity like I'd never seen.We stayed @ The Keystone @ The Crossing Hilton w/ the band.
Saw Phil & Jerry @ breakfast & Eileen Law told me about an art dealer that was having a sale/show before the gig.
Kim & I purchased 3 Jerry signed & framed originals...Soooo grateful that I did....TGI Friday was connected to the hotel & the place was amazing...full of heads & who's who if you will...Ramrod & Parish sat next to us...super fun!

guitstef's picture
Joined: Jan 24 2011
Hahaha Aha haha

I don't remember all that much so you'll have to pardon me...I was definetly high, maybe a little too high. After a long HOT day cruising around the scene, my brother and I dosed good for the show, and as we stood on the lawn in anticipation, you could just feel this was going to be a special night. Dah dah dahdah the opening chords to Help on the Way fuckin A. Right through the first set the spaceship was now in flight and beginning it's orbit as the intermission ended. The opening chug of China Cat, you gotta be shittin me. Tight, quick tempo, and balls deep, what a jam into Rider. Terrapin...WOW. Drumz was heavy, but during space and the twisted laughter Ahaha haha Ahaha haha. My brother looked over at me too see if I was as high as he was...yup. Our friend Toru from Japan was tripping for the first time, first dead show, first time in North America, and first space. He began too loose it. We let hhim know it was all good, I think we were trying to convince ourselves as well, lol. All was well, amazing show, back to the lot and the tank of N2O, for buzzin all night. What a night.


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Deer Creek Music Center - July 18, 1990