Grateful Dead

Oxford Plains Speedway - July 2, 1988

Oxford Plains Speedway

July 02, 1988

Oxford, ME US

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Little Feat opened - "Mexican Hat Dance" tuning before "Memphis Blues"

Set List:

Iko Iko
Jack Straw
West L.A. Fadeaway
Stuck Inside of Mobile
Row Jimmy
Blow Away
Victim or the Crime
Foolish Heart

Crazy Fingers
Playin' in the Band
Uncle John's Band
Terrapin Station
The Wheel
Gimme Some Lovin'
All Along the Watchtower
Morning Dew
Sugar Magnolia

Quinn the Eskimo

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Attendees of this show

Melissaaaaa, Phurstno2, Brad125, Amy from New York, fleck2, Chris killer, Luvdacheese, Dswist, jerryskid420, Laughing Water, rockit, GeoffHarrison, jbarleycorn, rllwolf, dgilfillan, wharfratpat1971, musicnow, Terbear33, Kayak Guy, Sun Cat, Doug Lago, jayclark, phillyirish, Totem, irrishguy, deharpport, curieye, jingbee1967, pukegrub, carlg, jersey2sandiego, Frontrow Joe, ctmuleman, Dog Star, Dead On Live, CuseTom, Hoopsie, payingdues, kukarose, eloicious, Sheepy, M. Rides, Jackstrawdavect, boblopes, SPAC84, larrysdaughter, blue5, ericedholm, j2cat, slipknot440, raymond2002, rflugel, scottocs, surfdude67, lehua, Capt Chowdah, garylorusso, flipahead, DUPES DIAMOND BLUES, kayman714, SDhead, andyhead, Oxford 88, Jackstraw1963, direwolf02, Rickyspill, eeegs, chaseutley, M.Laurentus, hockey_john, doug moyer, LongHammer6, cardinal4, raftgide, chad.e.buck, golfinhead, Kohalakid, munclemex, hitmeister, OBIEtree, TheOtherWon, spectrisguy, MrJonesN, Phinnegan, amy_leader, mainerliser, uptownww, kgentili, borncrosseyed22, Tufnel, pointlessforest, turtlepace72, Geodye420, CJ1961, Sparky C Monkey, longpond, NB_Dude, althea67, face46, wonko13, nico11377, goonybird, WNCmtnman, Nikon Harry, digital.dragonflies, nanabool, ArtVandalay, downwithJGB, Jotasulli, jimbo021761, gboyar13, morgancreaney, moogirl, marty212, friskie, bangadrum, shep0420, katfishjohn, Sequitor, gmcmd, 123IBT, broken_angel, Peisenberg, Iriecycle, rainman67ko, Mr.Palmer, Dr Dimento, MAConway, lazarus11, kjn70, jz, kjmcdonagh, tmmoring, turtlemusicfan, Leggs4, Ljouwert, Boceltic33, deliadelyon, carolsnyder68, shannycreek, gpeach, Frag, darkstarcrashes, lazy, tpenn, Neal, Bob Coderre, morning_drew, duckLN, pitzdidg, mojoman, rodiebluez1, RobW, downtownbear, andyd8519, Rolokid, saintstephen19, chefdh1, Eyes over Toronto, thatch, slowmo1968, PHILSTARDRACUT, kid of Jerry, Desolation Bro, dh210, stroukoa, aikoaiko66, TomBanjo1969, Superman, madbonger618, AtomicPunk, StaggerLee69, mugwa, Fred The Head, micah68, HelenABucket, Grog, ahpook23, SaintSteven, jcjoesammax, cbchess, rickenbacker67, Tweety42, US BLUES 1970, Dan the Dog, sugarmag68, alovours13, Irongirl01, junglejim, Danc1n, Marshmallow Warrior, Disco Stu, ellis d, dansnbrdr, larryonion, JackStrawfromMaine, Mister_Charlie, kevdaddy, NUGGY66, photoleon, NotfadeAway71, muthafudgical, Teddog, emama, nicklas59, Mornduvt, rrketchum, lonesomejohnnie, Iggy, Beamers, happizen, hippiehousewife, markwayne, Gr8fulkev, shaw-, johndco,, 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Joined: Jan 4 2009
my 1st show[inside]

my first live dead exp. was a little fuzzy-I never seen the band live but me n my buddies drove down to worcester in 87 to party n try to score tix we didnt get in, but the show was broadcasted live on the radio and we got some shrooms,I remember thinking how cool it was that people were hanging on every song and writing it all down in little notebooks. anyway,I was really blown away by the whole scene and thought “I have to see this for myself” so the next year we got tix for Oxford from an older Deadhead that we knew (Iwas only 18) and we drove up to Maine for the Deadfeat shows.We got there a day early and the lot was already rockin' and thought this is gonna be cool. I didnt know too much about Dead music,but I knew I liked it.My older Deadhead friends had been schooling me on the music and was definitly ready to see the Band beyond desription. anyway- I made the typical young kid mistake of staying up all night and partying all over the parking lots(met alot of cool people though!)next thing I knew it was “day break on the land”-I was in ruff shape and it was HOT!! so I made yet another mistake and ate 3 gooneybirds(“too much too fast”)next thing I knew it was showtime and Im standing on the speedway w/ a full ticket in my hand and littlefeat onstage(dont ask me how) and all my friends were nowhere in sight! oh well I thought,i'll run into them at some point. so I walked to the back fence and saw some girl w/ an “I need a miracle” sign and gave her my ticket. she was very excited and thanked me about a thousand times! that made me feel so much better. so now it was getting dark and the crowd started gathering closer to the stage, then all of a sudden tme crowd exploded and I looked up and saw jerry+Co. cassually strolling onto the stage. they stood there tinkering and tuning and shooting the shit w/ eachother like there was'nt 70,000 people waiting for them to play and I thought “these guys are great,they dont really give a fuck”HA HA HA - anyhoo,they launched into the clap along, sing along, rockin' good time aiko-aiko and looked around and never in my life had I seen so many happy people in one place! next thing I know somebody taps me on the shoulder and it's the "Miracle girl!!" she gives me this huge bearhug and hands a smoldering bowl full of sweet blonde hash. I looked around and thought "I AM HOME AT LAST" after that I went every Dead,Jerry,+Weir show that I possibly could! And Im so glad I did-Grateful Dad-George Hargrove

The Other Bunch's picture
Joined: Sep 18 2008
Pizza, anyone?

Did anyone happen to stop into my place, Pajak's Pizza Barn, on the way to or fro the show?

You had to pass by on the way if you were coming from the south, and we were swamped with kind customers all week.

Big barn on the southbound side of Route 26 in Gray, Maine... we had SYF's on our sign, music blaring, The Movie on the telly, and I actually traded Alaska tapes for all-you-can-eat-pizza with some guys from Quebec. We stayed open almost all night long the nights of the shows.

Being local, I knew backroads in, so I was able to sneak away from the restaurant long enough to catch most of the 2nd show, sneak out, and get back to serve up fresh whole wheat 'za to hungry heads as they headed home.

Lotsa stories from that weekend...

"The need for mystery is greater than the need for an answer." - Ken Kesey

Joined: Jul 3 2008
Oxford, ME '88

Spectrum glasses............................

Joined: Jan 18 2009
Oxford Plains

O Man!!! One of my top 5 shows and scenes. The 2 days I spent in Maine was full of magic!!! Good vibes, food, company, and locals.

Joined: Jan 27 2009
thank you for a real good time

This really was a great scene. Perfect weather, perfect people & no cops. What laid back band it was too that took the stage. When the show started with Iko, then ripping right into Jack Straw I thought for sure this was gonna be one for the record books. Then it did go bad it just got mellow. The Row Jimmy was so laid back you could hear lobsters in the ocean. It was beautiful. But then the new stuff came out, & I wasn't in the mood. Every show, the same new material & I just wasn't havin it. My girl & I differed on opinion, so I volunteered to scout for freinds. I took my time, could really find anyone. This place was pretty big. Once Victim started I got kinds annoyed, so I sat for a moment, sparked a phat one & just smoked & contemplated. A brother came up & asked if he could partake, I said sure. We smoked, talked about the tour, our locales, ya know, that sorta shit. Then came Foolish Heart, I was just not psyched, he asked me if I was ok. I fealt kinds akward, but I told him anyway that I was burnt on all the new material. I wanted a 'new material' free show. He did say much, but made a gesture, I alone could undestand. He gave me the tinyest drop of liquid. It was perfect!! Then my wish was granted, that second set was pure biblical magic. What up popper, I miss you brother.

deadheadjeff's picture
Joined: Jan 24 2009
a little fuzzy but..

I remember my girlfriend and I talking to a 20 foot tall clown that was walking around on stilts. We never laughed so hard in all our lives. Best trip of my life. Best scene of my life.

Joined: Jun 5 2007
Gooney Bird Airlines! Some (not so sharp) memories

Took 'em during the traffic jam on the way in, parked in a field and set up tents, then walked to the show.

No effect -- they must have been bogus.

So, we got some more, took 'em, and started to notice effects almost immediately (seriously within seconds)! Uh-oh. maybe the first ones weren't bogus after all!

What a scene outside! Kind folks spread out as far as you could see! We must have walked around the place about 5 times before the show started. Minds melting, peeking spots and "synthetic something". I think I was selling "Here Comes Sunshine" posters, but ended up giving most of them away instead. I also may have given away some "Aint No Time To Hate" tie-dyes. (If you have either of these, I would love to see what they looked like.)

Then we camped out on a hill by some sort of booth and grooved with everyone else -- easily more people outside than inside. Everyone was dancing and enjoying the show even though we could not get in. I remember looking back to see the hill as an undulating texture of color and smiles. Cool.

Playin', Uncle John's and Terrapin were out of this world, and then the swarm of humanity headed toward the gates! They let us all in for free during Drums, I think, and so in we went, running under the bleachers, through the crowd and up to the top during Morning Dew.

One of us dropped our 'cigarette' down through the bleachers during 'Gimme Some Lovin'. We climbed all the way down below the bleachers, and somehow found it STILL LIT, and brought it all the way back up for everyone to finish enjoying.

Announcement: "Attention! There is a mass exodus leaving via the concessions area" as we filed out. Maybe that was the booth we were dancing next to outside.

Walking back to the camp site was a trip too, seeing halos around our shadowed heads, stopping to check out all of the wares set up along the road, and just digging the fact that we Heads had completely overrun the tiny hamlet of Oxford and everything was cool. (Apparently that was NOT the case the previous weekend with the Monsters of Rock crowd).

If there was ever a weekend that helped to define who I am today, this is it.

Thanks guys

msgsec74's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Here Are Some Good Pics

There on this fellow Jim Anderson's site. You can't download them (He'll sell you a print) but you can check them out. It shows what a nice place this was and how much fun it was to be there (Or is is "A Short Time To Be There" ?)
Check Out My Orignal Music at

rickenbacker67's picture
Joined: Apr 15 2009
does anyone have any photos

does anyone have any photos from this show they would like to share with a proud atendee?

Joined: Dec 20 2009
Thanks for the amazing pix!

Thanks for the amazing pix! what a weekend it was. magical!


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Oxford Plains Speedway - July 2, 1988