Grateful Dead

Deer Creek Music Center - July 2, 1995

Deer Creek Music Center

July 02, 1995

Noblesville, IN US

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*Final version fences crashed after "Broken Arrow" - final/last "Desolation Row": 10-10-94 [61] - "Fire" was first verse only.

Set List:

H. C. Sunshine*
Walking Blues*
Dire Wolf*
All Over Now*
Broken Arrow*
Desolation Row*
Tennessee Jed
Let It Grow*

Scarlet*> Fire*> Victim*> All Too Much> New Speedway*
> Drumz> Attics*> Sugar Magnolia

Mighty Quinn*

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Joined: Feb 24 2011
1940 when the walls caved in..

CXL another one.

Joined: Feb 24 2011

IT takes a lot more the a COUPLE of A-holes to pull something like this one off. Everyone's scammed here or there-BUT COME ON-SMASH the fences @ the Lil' Ol' CREEK? >>> ALPINE VALLEY(in '89 held 40,000 heads) shows came to an end because of this kinda S***!
But what do I care- we slid right up in front of Jerry, oblivious to the FENaCE MENACE anyhoo!!!!
Moral is: ASSuming you'll get a TICKET EVERY show you show up at, just makes YOU the ASS!!

Joined: Aug 11 2013
Gate Crashers Suck

Hey Alex, the song you are referring to is by Keller Williams called Gate Crashers Suck. There is some colorful language but it is the most beautiful "fuck you" you can imagine.

Joined: Oct 29 2009
gate crashers

Not to defend the gate crashing but at the time those on the inside that were in the zone and talked with some of those "idiots" that came over the fence we had a different opinion at the time. We certainly did not want fools to ruin the scene but the ticketless hordes who would not stay at the hotels and campgrounds or farmers fields were in the lot and however it transpired soon the police were attacking these folks and using tear gas and dogs that is when the fools came in not so much as to get into a show they had no business being at as to escape the ramped up police action. I am sounding confused on the subject but that was a long time ago and those of us that cheered were not cheering the harm to our scene but rather cheering those who escaped from the police--they had roadblocks on some roads that day. I believe those type of roadblocks have since been ruled unconstitutional, I hope. Those without tickets should not have been there and those fools should not have been drinking to top it just add xtreme policing and our scene suffered another blow. I'll end it there cause at this point I am just to tired to be coherent.

Joined: Oct 29 2009

Don get me wrong, I am not trying to excuse the gate crashing but something had to give and give it did allover our scene. We could if this or if that it can not change the past and I believe the overreacting policewere just as much at fault as the selfish party crashers. I recall talking with another "head" in front of some store in town and his take was that he and his friends were leaving the scene to go follow phish because, according to him, The Phish scene was cooler and had more room for them. I believe they had gate crashed by the way. Main point is really so what looking back now, I mean the whole tour was full of bad energy and events. Even small things like 1 or 2 overdoses made the national news never mind the major things. The DEA and its puppets had been ruining the scene for years. The lightning in DC the deck crash at the campground outside of St. Louis. And to top it all off Jerry passed on. I remember having a flash in St. Louis that something was on that stage trying to suck someone or something away, I called it a vortex at the time, I had not a clue that what I was witnessing was not "just too much acid" but I would not entertain the thought that it wanted Jerry. But this thing/thought I was experiencing seemed to say no when I entertained the notion that perhaps it wanted another keyboardist. I know it sounds crazy but I did not imagine "this" and those closest to me thought that I just had too much too fast, perhaps, until that day in Aug. Sure Jer was not a picture of health and like others have said that he only seemed to shine in the mellowe r tunes but I think that we were all sure that he'd be fine and I know that I felt he'd handle that health like the other times....oh well and with that I will shut up.

Joined: Jun 14 2007
Maybe the last time, I don't know

Writing this as the govt opens up from Wackobird Cruz's rabidity reminiscent of the sense of loss of something fine and fair going down the tubes as the Last Deer Creek Show felt.
The vibe of the scene was so sad, we camped in Noblesville City Park where the city graciously let us stay (the only time of the yr when any group could) the way we did every yr, and the way I could sense... Something's Wrong....
The toilets at the shower house obviously intentionally vandalized, looking for a working john stall and opening upon the two guys shooting up(!) w/o locking the damn door even..., the overheard comments after the wall caved in at the show "...and when we heard Jerry(!) sing Desperation Row, we knew he knew the plight we were in, and he wanted us to crash the gate..."....the guy we talked to the night before the show who said a relative worked for the local law enforcement dispatcher and said he'd heard there wasn't going to be a second show... The extra security at the turnstile, rightfully so given the very recent death threat against Mr. Garcia, and finally, I'm sorry if you were one of the gatecrashers and take umbrage at the way those of us who had tix made comments of those who broke down the fence, But! I fully agree with Mr K Williams in his sentiment of Fuck You You Cocksucking Mother Fuckers as so eloquently stated in his "Gate Crashers Suck" song!

On a positive note, during the last of the 4night run Furthur did at RedRocks last month, the squall that blew in had some interesting clouds with it, one of which quite plainly featured (to me anyhow) a smiling Garcia visage with lines radiant to the tops of the rocks, directly overhead, which brought a tear of joy to my eyes. May the spirit of the art be with you, Mr. Kadlecik, and please Carry On!

paintedmandolin71's picture
Joined: Sep 23 2007
I had stayed out,and

I had miracaled my sister friend,since at D/Creek you can hear pretty good outside,and I just wanted to kik back in the lot that night and sell all my gooballs amongst family,,Then I herd this crackling crash,and a bunch of screaming,and yelling,,Then the riot force showed up,and I was like grate,now there gonna take this out on everybody,and sure enough they did..I went back to the campsite just down the street to avoid the chaos that surely came to be..I've gotten in my fair share of shows off the cuff,,but I always had one rule,and I always stuck with it,,was to always be invisible..If you cant be invisible,then Jah wants you outside for some reason..It's amazing the syncronicities of staying out sometimes.It really fits the puzzle of all the random things going on..

Joined: Jul 25 2014
As requested....

Keller Williams – Gate Crashers Suck Lyrics

I was there at Deer Creek back in 1995
I think it was June maybe July
But Jerry was still alive
All the kids in that parking lot
They tore that fence down
And I blamed them 
For the second show getting cancelled.
I really wanted to go
I saved up all of my dough
I didn't go to any other shows
And I got my tickets M.O.ed
And I never missed a Deer Creek show 
From '89 to '95
I was happy just to be alive
On my yearly Indiana vacation
But that was cut short by a bunch of jealous, 
Party bashin', buzz thrashin', gate crashin', stinky bastards
And if you're one of them
And you hear this song

F--k You,
You C--k sucking Mother F--kers,

Repeat 3 times


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Deer Creek Music Center - July 2, 1995