Grateful Dead

Hollywood Bowl - July 21, 1974

Hollywood Bowl

July 21, 1974

Los Angeles, CA US

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Commander Cody; Maria Muldaur with John Kahn opened

Set List:

Promised Land
Tennessee Jed
Me and My Uncle
Jack Straw
Mississippi Half-Step
It Must Have Been the Roses
El Paso
Scarlet Begonias
Around and Around

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Big River
Row Jimmy
Playin' in the Band
Wharf Rat
Nobody's Jam
Playin' in the Band
Ship of Fools
Sugar Magnolia

U.S. Blues

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westlandb's picture
Joined: Jun 13 2007
I was but a child at 16 - first show

Who are these guys? I had seen Sabbath, Zeppelin, Tull, Floyd and Alice Cooper, but driven to check out this band from literature.

Fell in love with "Box of Rain" when I first heard the song 9 years before (used some lyrics in my brother's wedding toast), but no Box....

Knew Mexicalli because I was in love with a girl who was just 14. No Mex.

I did rcognize "truckin," barely...Wiped out alternating between joints of Red then Gold Columbian, some dipped in honey oil.

Could hardly stay on my feet, top of the bowl, but the music made me feel like I was standing on the moon (where have I heard that?).

"On the Road," Kerouac was assigned reading (religion class!!!). Led me to "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," the bible. Led me to Thomas Wolfe and the permanent recogintion that October 6, 1966 was a sorry event in the history of California.

Leary was a federal fugitive at the time and it wasn't until 5 months and ten days after this show that I took my first dose and line of coke. Yeah Casey!!!!

But I knew that I was on the bus from this day forward.

Thank you,
Forever Grateful

Joined: Nov 12 2007
parking at the bowl

Another lovely day in and with the sunshine.
The Commander is always good, and Maria seemed delightfully ripped this day, leaning backwards to plant kisses on John Kahn (great Walkin' One And Only and Paul Butterfield dropped by to blow harp).
That monster PA literally covered the mouth of the Bowl. The energy level was only part of a notch down from UCSB a couple months earlier, but, well, there was always something magical about that combo of clarity and tunes like Scarlet, Chinacat, and Truckin'.
A very nice touch was the tables of free stickers and album cards (the UGLY RUMURZ sticker graced my Sunn bass amp for years). Lastly, the Bowl parking lot is small, so they always park the cars side-to-side and bumper-to-bumper. On this day, it was us that strolled to the front car and drove out, breaking the log jam. Our best post-gig departure time EVER!

MissReddin's picture
Joined: Jul 25 2008

Merry pranksters giving bumber stickers away that said, "Ugly Rumors" - one of the biggest bloopers in Chinese Communism every achieved. BUT, I got two stickers, after insisting to the dapper Prankster dude that, "YES, I had met an african last week,"
keep your character, enjoy living, share your fortune,
OXOX Merple Reddin

Joined: Mar 11 2010

Hitchhiked up to this one with no money and played hide and seek with security.[hey c'mon we were little kids it was fun]

GuitarFiend's picture
Joined: Oct 3 2008
But A Child Of 12 !!! First show also

My first show also.At the age of 12 !! Hooked ever since.Think I fell asleep some during Nobodys Jam.Started playing guitar right around this time also.Then about 77 ish I bought the Dead's Anthology songbook & learned every song in that book & then some.Just couldn't get enough of this band.STILL can't.This band should NEVER die !!! One way or another we MUST keep this bands music & ideals alive !! And,one way or another we MUST make these MORE MAINSTREAM !!!!!!!

Joined: May 1 2011
show time

Can any of you attendees please tell me about what time the show started and ended? Thank you in advance!

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
Opening act

Maria Muldaur
Hollywood Bowl, L.A., CA

original notes:
(opener for Grateful Dead)

John Kahn - bass
Paul Butterfield - guitar
01: chatter
02: Midnight At The Oasis
03: Any Old Time
04: Walking One And Only
05: Lover Man, Where Can You Be?
06: Intros
07: Tennessee Mountain Home
08: Take A Look At Yourself
09: Chauffeur Blues
10: I Can't Stand The Rain
11: Brickyard Blues
12: The Work Song
13: I'm A Woman
14: Nobody's Fault But Mine

Myshkyn's picture
Joined: Nov 3 2010
The Great Wall in True Form

Even though we were way at the back, way high up, the sound was coming through clean and clear. I remember hearing the signals for the reprise of Playin' and being amazed at how well defined the various instruments were.

Joined: Mar 19 2017

My second show. Sitting halfway up the bowl had a decent view of the band and great sound. Remember the nice view of the Hollywood Hills behind the band stand. There was a white cross above the hill just middle and protruding a few feet above the shell from where we were. Nothing terrible out of the ordinary about it. Show started in the daylight, probably about 5:30 or so. The very excellent first set put everybody in anticipation mode for the Second. Once the sun went down the Second Set started with the opening notes of China Cat. I remember feeling the window pane make a bit of a surge as Jerry bounced through the licks and into the jam. The 74 China Rider jams were like no other. They went different places in every one. Sometimes it was a very subtle lean into the transition, Other times it snapped you like a pointed towel. This night it was a combination of the two. It eased and caressed you to the Rider entrance then popped into it. Just as it got there, the cross lit up behind the stage with a bright white light. It startled me so sharply that I almost fell back into my seat. Now, I have no doubt that that cross goes on at the same time every night and I also would not be surprised if I was the only one that had that experience. I will tell you it was not the windowpane, though. The timing was exquisite and this band had me lock stock and barrel. Did they time it or did it "just happen?" We'll never know, but I know you've had an experience like this one at a different time and in a different space. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this..........


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Hollywood Bowl - July 21, 1974