Grateful Dead

County Fairgrounds - July 22, 1984

County Fairgrounds

July 22, 1984

Ventura, CA US

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"I Just Want" tease before "Cassidy" - last "I Just Want": 11-29-66 [1422]

Set List:

Dancin' in the Streets
My Brother Esau
Ramble on Rose
Hell in a Bucket
Day Job

Samson and Delilah
Ship of Fools
I Just Wanna Make Love to You
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
Terrapin Station
Morning Dew
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away
Midnight Hour
Brokedown Palace

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Duggles's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Great show!

Woo hoo! Take me back. Hangin' out on the beach over the grade from LA. I wouldn't live there but is a great place to see a Dead show.

Dancin'! Uhhh what up with the Day job? I Just Want To Make Love and I always thought that Midnight Hour was a great tune that fit the Dead and their style.


markscalise's picture
Joined: Jul 6 2007
strange days indeed

We were wandering around the campground Sunday morning, still in an acid haze from the day before and running on very little sleep. There was a naked guy sitting under a palm tree with a spear. Another guy traded us clean water for our bong water so he could drink it (he did). Some poor soul lost it and cut his throat in a porta-potty during Ship of Fools. It was a heavy weekend, and the music reflected that, particularly the Terrapin>Drums>Space>Dew sequence.

Joined: Jun 15 2007

i can't believe someone commented on this - i unfortunately used that same portapotty and was pretty freaked out when i came out and was told the news - i had to breathe deeply to keep from coming down hard. bad vibes suck. good shows and times in ventura though.

aaron's picture
Joined: Jun 12 2007
unbelievable show

Among the best Terrapin and Morning Dew of the 1980s!

Indicator's picture
Joined: Jul 31 2008
Train or crazy halooosination?

I think this crazy savage train came smashing in backstage with its horn blairing during cassidy. I'm not sure of anything anymore.
I would like to hear a tape of this show so I can know if it really did happen or was it me just trippin.

Joined: Jun 9 2007
This is where my bus came by

I had just graduated from high school, were fresh in from a cross country jaunt in a beige '66 VW panel van, having dropped off some friends at the airport in NYC!!! The road trip was memorable and the homecoming was absolutely stupendous. I had been listening to the Dead for a couple of years, and we jammed out to some great tapes on that trip, though I had no real idea what was about to hit me... We went to the Saturday show too, and it was totally fun, but honestly folks, Sunday floored me completely, inside and out and I haven't looked back or gotten off the bus - ever! Sky high, like dancing over the moon, effortlessly and soaking up the sonic ecstasy with a cheshire grin the whole damn show. Needless to say, I couldn't find our car afterward, and I couldn't see straight for twelve more hours, and the whole time I had Terrapin echoes going, going, going, god that was awesome, ha ha ha!

hockey_john's picture
Joined: Aug 25 2012
Checked back

Checked back into Ventura 84 this morning. My oh my this place had that extra fun feeling every time they played here.Maybe because it is where I first checked into the California show scene in 1982,being from Boston was a trip getting out west for the 82 shows.Felt like graduating each year after that.82 being freshmen year 83 sophomore 84 Junior by 85 the scene seemed to be everyone i knew. let alone 87
This is the best of the years for me musically though these shows here just ended a great summer tour and gave us a bit of a break before the east coast in the fall. Traveled back up north after these shows and saw JGB on his birthday at the keystone and stone in Palo Alto and San Fran. oh to be young.I set myself back in life due to these guys but will NEVER regret it. my dad always said I would be grateful if they were dead.Now though he has a son who has been all over this country and has been sober many many years.So everything always works out the way it is suppose to. Fun fun fun in the sun on the beach north of LA
One of my all time favorite Morning dews.

lisener's picture
Joined: Dec 30 2010
Show #5

Had to stick around for the next show...

Atticstrophic's picture
Joined: Oct 7 2015
Dear Dave

This one please. A true gem.

Trip_Fontaine's picture
Joined: Apr 3 2017
This is my first Grateful Dead show (in this lifetime)

I was attending a college prep summer school at Menlo College in Menlo Park, CA. Ironically, according to Deadbase, Menlo College is the first venue where the boys played under the name Grateful Dead. Anyway, I was 15 years old and a classmate named David from New York asked me and a guy named Kelly from Texas if we wanted to drive down to Ventura Friday after class and see the Dead. I didn't know anything about the band except that the name seemed friggin' hardcore. David, who is probably really an angel, borrowed this classmate girl's car because she flew to the show. July 22, 1984 is my first GD show and also the first time I ever did lysergic acid diethylamide. "Escaping through the lily fields, I came across an empty space. It trembled and exploded, left a bus stop in its place."


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County Fairgrounds - July 22, 1984