Grateful Dead

Anaheim Stadium - July 26, 1987

Anaheim Stadium

July 26, 1987

Anaheim, CA US

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final "Chimes Of Freedom" - final "Dead Man" - final "Serve Somebody" - final "Simple Twist" - only "Tambourine Man" - final "Watching The River Flow"

Set List:

Iko Iko
New Minglewood Blues
Tons of Steel
West L.A. Fadeaway
Mexicali Blues
Bird Song
Promised Land

Shakedown Street
Looks Like Rain
Terrapin Station
The Other One
Stella Blue
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

Mr. Tambourine Man
Dead Man, Dead Man
Maggie's Farm
Simple Twist of Fate
Watching the River Flow
Baby Blue
Chimes of Freedom
Queen Jane Approximately
Stuck Inside of Mobile
Ballad of a Thin Man
Rainy Day Woman
Gotta Serve Somebody
All Along the Watchtower

Touch of Grey
Knockin' on Heaven's Door

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A Pismo Clam's picture
Joined: Jun 14 2007
This was my first show in

This was my first show in quite a while and it was an stark reminder of why I don't like stadium shows. It was a hot day and the stadium was refusing to sell beer that day. For some reason Dead heads seemed a bigger risk than drunken football fans.
I was almost killed in a crush of people trying to get through the security gate when the music started. If Bill Graham hadn't stepped in and had the gate taken down there would have been something really ugly that day.

KJ7XJ's picture
Joined: Jun 16 2007

I agree...It was damn HOT!! I also remember trying to pull down that big "A" in the parking lot...Ahh yes...Sun and Shrooms....I couldnt get to the floor becasue there were too many people. I had fun somewhere in the back and the sound, well lets say Im glad they released the DVD....

Joined: Jun 13 2007
Disappointment to me ...

Not a big fan of the big stadium shows, either, and this one was hot and miserable and, aside from the Bird Song, didn't seem particularly inspired. Dylan was at the absolute nadir of his terrible 80's vocals and never seemed to find the band's groove musically, either. Wish I had caught the Eugene, Oregon show, because that's the only great tape that I've heard from this tour.

Jimmy row's picture
Joined: Jun 24 2007
bug-eye syndrome

gadzooks, it got realllly ugly at the rail in the first set. This was my first GA show where I was on the rail and a couple songs into the first set this horrific and horrifying smash of people began to crush forward and security started yanking folks over the front fence. This was my first and only sustained genuine terror I had of my pending demise. I was pushing for everything I was worth to not be crushed to death, and finally the set was mercifully over. It took the entire break for my ex-wife and I to extricate ourselves from the mass of people who had smooshed forward. We went up to the top of the stadium for the rest of the was a pretty ugly scene

birdleson's picture
Joined: Jul 24 2007
I was tripping in a toga.

Lost my friends. Had to hitchhike back to The Valley. Got picked up by a bunch of army guys, very tense.

Joined: Nov 12 2007
blind boy grunt & the warlocks

Yup, what they said..
Actually, wasn't half as crowded as the sold-out Madonna show a week earlier would've been, and the crowd was overwhelmingly tie-dye'd. Security was a bit tight letting refreshments in, but Ralph and Tina just staged an argument about who was gonna take the packed ice chest back to the car until security looked the other way, then dashed right in. I smuggled a Walkman and mikes in my pants, then affixed the mikes either side of my hat with garbage ties hidden by a bandana, with wires running down my neck and under my shirt, and became a human mike stand (much to the amusement of folks who eventually noticed).
The show was billed as "Dylan & The Dead/Alone and Together", but this was a bit of a misnomer. The Dead blasted through their usual double set, bolstered by the recent In The Dark material, but we were kinda impatiently waiting for interaction and solo Bob stuff in there, too. His Bobness arrived for a 1 hour extended encore slot (there was no Bob alone). Despite much anticipation, and recognizing Bob tunes, the set was surprisingly mushy and muddled. I couldn't figure if the Dead had shot their wad on their own set, if they were pulling the rug from under Dylan, if Dylan was performing flatly and pulling the rug out under the Dead, or if it was simply "the curse" of "blowing the big ones". I still don't know, but these days I listen to a little compilation of some of the inspired nuggets found buried in the Dylan/Dead Rehearsals and reflect that there was inspiration and fun behind the idea of this mini-tour, and it coulda been a whole lot better.

Joined: Jan 17 2009
First and only 'GD' show

This was sadly my first and only Grateful Dead show...I only remember a few things... The parking lot salesmen, the cops chasing some poor kid and slamming him into a wall, the heat and the crowd, Dylan playing so hard that he broke his strings, an amazing and profound realization of who "the Dead" was (I just didn't know who they were until that day - I was a young Dylan fan and the only Dead song I'd ever heard was Casey Jones...), and the strange, new, beautiful experience that occured that night after I paid a dollar to some guy on the way out of the stadium... Epiphany

odnamraortsac's picture
Joined: Apr 29 2009
An Unusual Attendee

For this my first and only Grateful Dead concert, one of my most vivid memories of this show is one of the people I spotted in the audience. I was wandering around the stands soaking in the atmosphere when who should I run in to but WWF wrestler Superstar Billy Graham. I spoke to him to confirm that he was who he appeared to be. Who knew that there was at least one Deadhead in the Wrestling profession.

Joined: May 10 2009

YEAH...after almost 2 boring years in El Paso TX I moved to CALI (didnt ask what the salary was either) all I could think of was Grateful Dead and Silicon valley...

jacksteel's picture
Joined: Sep 16 2008
My First Show



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Anaheim Stadium - July 26, 1987