Grateful Dead

Buckeye Lake Music Center - July 29, 1994

Buckeye Lake Music Center

July 29, 1994

Hebron, OH US

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last "Mighty Quinn": 06-11-92 [151] - Traffic opened

Set List:

Wang Dang Doodle
El Paso

Foolish Heart
I Want To Tell You
Looks Like Rain,
Samba In The Rain
Uncle John
Saint of Circumstance

The Mighty Quinn

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Joined: Aug 27 2008
Hypothermia and every rain song imaginable

I remember this show as being one of my least favorite dead shows that I attended. It started out as a really nice day, went in early to see traffic. When the rain started it got really cold. It terrentially poured for hours, it was crazy.

I thought it would be a great show, i even remember Jerry sort of dancin around behind traffic while they were playing. When the dead came on it was like they were asleep at the wheel or Jerry was unispired or something. I do remember liking the mighty quinn but the rest of the show was pretty much a sleeper. Maybe I should go back and listen to it again before trashing it, it was 15 years ago.

Joined: Apr 8 2009
My first show...what a show!

We showed up the day before the show, camped out in a nearby camp ground full of Heads. We were up all night (had no control over it, if you hear me ;). Next day was my first experience in the lot. It was awesome....just this huge grassy lot with Shakedown Street and happy people everywhere. There were some treed areas, and I remember sitting midday in one around a drum pit with a balloon in hand and simply losing myself in complete elation and happiness. It was great. The experience was great. This is what a Dead show should be!

The show was awesome...the rain dampened nothing, but it did get cold. I distinctly remember holding tarpaulins and plastic overhead with participation from other audience members, and it was raining so hard a game soon evolved of pushing upwards on the tarps so that water raced toward the gaps between...whoever was unfortunately standing at the point the water dropped was SOAKED! Hey, who cared? We all were really.

I remember the music being pretty tight...but of course it was my first show and probably tainted by that fact. Regardless...I feel very fortunate to have gone. It'd be the only show I'd see while Jerry was still with us. In general, it offered everything it should have.

Joined: Jun 6 2007

The traffic song that brought the storm was rainmaker I'll never forget it

Deadhead_Forever's picture
Joined: Jun 12 2007
Hey Hackster, I remember the

Hey Hackster,

I remember the storm looking like it was going to go around us

at that '94 Buckeye lake show.

Then Traffic closed with Rainmaker and it came right at us.

Pink, Yellow, blue, and green lightning all over but the miracle

to my knowledge no one was hit. And hey! I hadn't even

dosed yet. It was quite an experiance as The Grateful Dead

( I heard ) Went off their set list and opened with Rain.

I have that first set on cassette tape and wow the

lightning pops! Ra ra ra a a a ain, I don't mind.

I'm there!


Forever Grateful

Forever Dead

Joined: Apr 3 2010
MIGHTY good last show

raaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. i actually brought a pocho to the of my better decisions. all the rain songs came out in the rain....thanks, guys. my favorite show. MIGHTY QUINN......come on. great setlist for this wet night. this wa my last show :( (this is the only time i shall make any kind of face using puctuation)

Joined: Aug 17 2009
A rude awakening,but worth it!

we had driven from Riverport,staight through to Buckeye.When we arrived,there was only a few hours till the lot opened.So,we gathered in parking lot of a shopping center,with a bunch of other heads.As time came to leave,I climbed in the back of the truck i was traveling in and wouldn`t you know it,i fell asleep,sure as shit....A few hours passed,and eventually i came to.By this time,it was high noon,and humid as hell itself! I was dripping through and through with sweat and only having a few hours of rest,felt like total shit!..So i threw up the campershell hatch to take a fresh breath of air and to my happiness,all the friends i was traveling with were in a tent right across the way and they called me over.When i entered,i was handed a handful of fungus and HOT Molson Golden beer,in the can to wash it down.What a combo!!...Well i guess you can imagine what the rest of my afternoon was like!I spent my time wandering the lot in a daze.Never-the-less,I was sooo ready when the time finally came for the show.A misty rain had set in and they came on stage and broke out a spectacular "Rain."Later that night Jerry took us through a wonderful "SOTM"and they brought us home with a "Mighty Quinn,"for the ages.All in all,it was a pretty sweet night.

mulpus's picture
Joined: Jul 17 2007
my one and only

buddy and i mail ordered. all quotes are his

parking lot was fabulous. came down from cleveland; lot so hot and humid i drank 6 heinekens and went through the gate stone cold sober.
little bothered to have to wait thru traffic, knowing dead seldom had openers... as it turned out i hold against them only that the storm and dark set in sooner for the dead..
set up shop, made friends. rain, rain. black sky. tarps go from seating to roof, every hand and tarp meeting another and holding it over all..
monster rain. "rain" opener-- i didn't know dead did beatles covers like that... still only song from show i can't kind of hear from my mind... jerry singing that? hmm
my small spot of weed never came out of my shoe... so much was passed
"my first Bertha!"
weir out in front
"was that Deal hot or WHAT?"

OMG.. i was fine with the deluge until the sun went down. then, depression set in.
my only prayer was for some one to hand me a dry T shirt. didn't matter that it'd be wet too in 5 seconds.
wonderful Looks Like Rain (alas no Box)
Saint? later discover,
*rain falling down..*
deluge quits during.... I Need a Miracle
and i got me some Boblight too.
must've rained 3 inches,
best day of my life.

when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro
--hunter s. thompson

Joined: Jun 18 2007
This was supposed to be my 1st show...

This was supposed to be my first show with my older brother. He had been dying take me but mom wouldn't let him. I was 18 and just graduated from high school. But this became my 2nd show. They came to Vermont, where I lived at the time just 16 days earlier. My fabulous big brother said he so wanted to take me to my first show, but so understood that I couldn't pass up going to see them when they were only going to be 45 minutes away.

I remember it was nice, then the rain started. Regardless of the rain, it was an awesome experience! I was with my big brother who taught me about The Dead. I saw a real Shakedown Street (the one in Highgate could not come close to compare to what I experienced at Buckeye Lake). It was really a great experience.......probably mostly do to my awesome big brother who treated me to this show.

Joined: Dec 18 2011
Great experience

I really wanted to see Traffic, so a small group of us went down from Toledo, we camped nearby the day before the show. My buddies ate paper that night and tripped very hard and long, I obstained because I wanted to enjoy the show the next day(i smoked alot of bud though). Sure enough, they were all messed up from the night before, as soon as it started raining(during Traffic) they went back to the car and slept, I was on my own. And WOW, they really missed out,Traffic was great. I had always like The Dead, but was never really into them until that day. Rain pouring down, thunder clashing, The Dead played an amazing show, Ive been a huge fan ever since, that show changed a part of me for the better. Standing there, high as a kite, getting lost in the music, what a great experience

Gr8fulTed's picture
Joined: Jul 9 2007
Rough day to be running a recorder

Cloudy, cool, and wet made for a challenging day to record: I had a poncho on, but my equipment kept getting exposed to rainwater. Arrrgh!!


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Buckeye Lake Music Center - July 29, 1994