Grateful Dead

Buckeye Lake Music Center - July 29, 1994

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Buckeye Lake Music Center

July 29, 1994

Hebron, OH US

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last "Mighty Quinn": 06-11-92 [151] - Traffic opened

Set List:

Wang Dang Doodle
El Paso

Foolish Heart
I Want To Tell You
Looks Like Rain,
Samba In The Rain
Uncle John
Saint of Circumstance

The Mighty Quinn

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Joined: Mar 21 2011
The Day the Sky Opened up!!!

Wow Traffic was good & then the boys came out & I got to see how good my Marlboro rain gear was & it handled it very well. I brought ponchos & a big tarp and I got to be the Knight & shinning armor for a minute because of my tarp & ponchos. I mean it RAINED Hey I wasn't sure we would get out of the parking Lake after the show.

Joined: Aug 2 2012
set list

My memory is not that great but what I remember is a little different from the set list provided. I remember traffic broke into "Rain Maker>jam". That's when the rain came down crazy and I looked a the guy beside me and he was sitting on his tarp and asked him for shelter...he was tripping hard and I think I stole his face right off his head. So we got soaked but i dosed too so it just added to the whole experience.
Now this is what I remember and please correct me if I'm wrong. The order might be different but Bobby sang Looks like rain, Vince sang Samba in the Rain and Phil did Box Of Rain. When box of rain was over, everyone's eyes were on Jerry and he chose Here comes Sunshine and that was when the rain stopped. Does anyone else agree? I remember having a conversation about it with a friend at the show and we were sure that he might do Mission in the Rain but when started the Here Comes Sunshine and the rain stopped...I knew the he was more than just human. His spirit still carry's on true and will amongst the kind at heart.

fluffanutter's picture
Joined: Feb 25 2012
jerry = al roker

umm, yeah. jerry definitely could predict the sun...

Joined: Aug 31 2012
the Rain show

had an awesome time at this show despite all the rain

fubu0555's picture
Joined: Sep 18 2012
1st dead show

i was 15 went with some reall good people always love the love every1 at the show ,,,showed for every1 no fightn tht i saw n just people being real good 2 other people

Joined: Jun 27 2014
I was 18

Sweet-talked the security to let me in carrying an out-going person's ticket stub. Saw a friend inside who had, since high school, dropped out and gone on Dead Tour. During intermission he sat in a huge circle of 30 people or so. They passed a joint. I said, "Dude, are these your friends?" He said, "They are the Twisters".

Of course I didn't say "What the fuck do you mean by that?" I just let it resonate as a permanent mystery. Were they the Prankster/ Twisters? Anyone?

This was my only Dead semi-tour. My friend's dad was there with drums he made. we had some wicked drum circles in those days. On to Detroit from here. The Palace at Auburn Hills.

I think there is a Video of this show.

vickersey's picture
Joined: Jan 19 2015
This night is one of the best

This night is one of the best nights of my life. Grate times. Ill never forget waiting on the rain to slow down so the boys the would step out on stage. They came out with Rain by the Beetles that would seem to taunt the drizzel. Mid way through the song it did just that rained! And the wind blew. I remember watching as ol Jerr stepped up to the mike as the wind blew threw his hair , singing raa-ai-ain I don't mind! Man the crowd went crazy and there it was calliopes and clowns from that point on! The tan blotter or purple jesus was excellent by the way.


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Buckeye Lake Music Center - July 29, 1994