Grateful Dead

Yale Bowl - July 31, 1971

Yale Bowl

July 31, 1971

New Haven, CT US

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first "Mr. Charlie" - first "Sugaree" - final "Darkness Jam"

Set List:

Mr. Charlie
Mama Tried
Big Railroad Blues
Playing In The Band > Dark Star > Bird Song
El Paso
Hard To Handle
Me And Bobby McGee

Big Boss Man
Me And My Uncle
China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider
Sing Me Back Home
Sugar Magnolia
Casey Jones
Not Fade Away > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad > Jam > Not Fade Away

Uncle John's Band > Johnny B. Goode

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Never Forget to smell the

Never Forget to smell the flowers

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My First Dead Show

I was 18 and it was amazing...I taped the show only to have the tape reorder and tape get ripped off in a burgalry at my Dorm room at Central CT State College ...There was acid everywhere ...though I did not induge ...I distinctly remember the guy sitting near us remarking a matter of factilly "I have a Buffalo stuck between my teeth" The riot ended concerts at the Yale Bowl that year. The schedule had the Who coming two weeks later.
John Crocker

Joined: Jan 7 2011
I remember Garcia hanging

I remember Garcia hanging out & talking to people at the side of the stage when they first let us in. Really loose! The stage was in the end zone facing the bleachers so most of the stadium wasn't used.

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Awesome show

NRPS, Jon Landau Rolling Stone there hanging out early. Jumped fence early. Show is a blurrrr but with buddies from Boston, met Sag Harbor crew Chet and gang. Unforgettable experience. My buddies 19th birthday same as Jerry's I believe

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My first outdoor Dead show.

I had a 10th row center reserved seat. That quickly ended with "Hard to Handle". The end zone was rushed. The level of music that year was tops. That night was way up there. I gave a listen to the Road Trips from that show last night. I miss Pigpen and Jerry.Also, Jimmy, Theresa and Danno were there. I also remember the moon and fog. After the show riot cops outside. I dont remember smelling tear-gas. I'm very thankful I grew up when did. Getting older is not easy but I would not trade my years of early Grateful Dead for anything.

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14 years old, and wide-eyed at the excitement, the energy, the intimacy. A sun shower and rainbow shortly before the show. A gate-crasher ran out on the field, chased by police, but they let him go when someone from the stage ran over and gave him a concert ticket. Eventually everyone was out on the field, dancing with strangers. Pigpen took our breath away. Climbed the side of the stage to get a better look, hung there for a couple of songs, and then back down into the crowd. From China Cat on, it just kept getting better, until I thought I'd dissolve into a euphoric catharsis. So this was what I had to look forward to as I approached adulthood . . .

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Great show.Pigpen was the

Great show.Pigpen was the heart and soul of the band back then.There was a guy near us calling out for Casey Jones all night long.When the band finally broke into it I think it took about a minute and a lot of urging from those around him before he recognized the song.We all fell over laughing but joined him in singing along.

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This would have been fun to be at

except for the tear gas

listened to the entire show yesterday. pure bliss.

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Great Show Riot and All

I remember (of course those days were always a blur) that they only filled half the stadium with the Dead stage in the middle---they had room for thousands more, so the crowd outside got rammey and "one thing led to another" and all hell broke loose---i remember cars being turned over--am i right ?--myself and 4 friends got out of town that night via vw bus and headed to nyc for the concert for bangladesh---an absolutly incredible weekend of music



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Yale Bowl - July 31, 1971