Grateful Dead

Sullivan Stadium - July 4, 1987

Sullivan Stadium

July 04, 1987

Foxboro, MA US

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first "Baby Tonight" - first "Chimes Of Freedom" - first "Heaven's Door" - first "I Want You" - first "Joey" - first "John Brown" - first "Man Of Peace" - first "Memphis Blues" - first "Queen Jane" - first "Slow Train" - first "Thin Man" - first "Times A Changin" - sound check: Times A Changin - Weir, Serve Somebody - Garcia - Memphis Blues - Dylan, Baby Tonight* - Weir, Heaven's Door - Dylan & Garcia

Set List:

Touch of Grey
Hell in a Bucket
West L.A. Fadeaway
Tons of Steel
Little Red Rooster
Box of Rain

Uncle John's Band
Playin' in the Band
The Other One
Wharf Rat
Throwin' Stones

Times They Are A-Changin'
Man of Peace
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
John Brown
I Want You
Ballad of a Thin Man
Stuck Inside of Mobile
Queen Jane Approximately
Chimes of Freedom
Slow Train Comin'
All Along the Watchtower

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

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WalpoleChinaCat's picture
Joined: Jun 7 2007
Backyard show

Could they play any closer than this except for my back yard Ah I remember the day the weather and the 70 or so people parked and hanging out in my back yard My parents and neighbors were wicked cool I had two friends play accoustic guitar on my patio and then my neighbor came over and joined them with his 12 string playing some CSN talk about a trip way to cool There were people from PA that ended up staying over the weekend and we became good friends and touring pals They stayed with us Bostonians when the Dead payed in my area and we stayed with them when the Dead played the Spectrum and other PA shows

Good ol GD's picture
Joined: Feb 19 2008
I remember this one too

Good ol GD

I still have the actual ticket, when we were going through the gates the turnstyles were broke or something and security was just letting people in like just guiding everyone through.
I tried to hand my ticket back through fence for a brother/sister but got swept up by the crowd. Anyway this wasn't the hottest show I've ever seen either but I really didn't lget all that into any of the Dead /Dylan or Dead/Dylan TP&H. Though I did like an RFK 86 show with all 3 , think Jerry went to the hospital shortly after that one for diabetes and abscess tooth.

Joined: Nov 23 2008

One thing about this show which I will remember to my dying day, seventy thousand people singing along to Uncle John's Band. Incredible.

Good ol GD's picture
Joined: Feb 19 2008

hey srdill, agree on that holding back comment, as I think about it it seemed like that to me too. The next Watchtower I saw was at Red Rocks about a month later and remmber that one to awsome was some much more electrifying. But most shows at Sullivan didn't seem to something, maybe it's just the place.

muthafudgical's picture
Joined: Jan 19 2009
July 4th

I was there that whole weekend...was part of a group that spray painted a steal your face on the foxboro watertower...narrowly avoided arrest. May not have been the coolest thing to do since it gave the Foxboro town council ammunition to not have the Dead back, but at 3am, half out of my mind it seemed the thing to do at the time....

Still remember standing on the port o lets dead center on the field all the way back watching the "Knocking on heavens door" as the sun went down llike it was yesterday. Great times, great summer to be 18...

Joined: Mar 18 2009
Hot like a bad day in hell

Guess I wasn't high enough for this one. On paper this show promised magic; unfortunately History and audio will prove this was not the best pairing. This was Dylan during his post-Jesus pre-Oscar eras in what we can only call his "lost & mumbling" phase (didn't he get really sick right after this tour and almost not make it?) Maybe that had something to do with it. I remember The Dead (who must have been suffering themselves in that solar cooker of a football stadium) offering up slushy, boring sets with Jerry gamely trying to keep some energy going to no avail while waiting for Dylan while many of us were dying of thirst and the heat up in the stands. I've read interviews with BD in years since where he admits he was a little out there during this period (rumor is he asked Jerry to join the Dead permanently which Jerry politely declined). Anyway, if you enjoyed the music, good for you. I thought the whole thing sucked.

deadbass36's picture
Joined: Jan 4 2009
There was no set break....

... between Althea and UJB. Dead played one set, Dylan did one too. Hot strange day at Foxboro. I had fun.

avalondeadman's picture
Joined: Sep 6 2007
"she danced herself right out the womb"

This was the last Dead show my wife and I would attend. Jerry on pedal steel was the highlight of the performance. My wife was pregnant with our firstborn, though we didn't know it at the time. My daughter has become a beautiful, free spirited professional dancer. She "danced herself right out the womb."

Joined: Jun 9 2012

Dead should have left him home.

Joined: Aug 18 2008
At Total Blast At Foxboro on July 4, 1987

This was an absolutely incredible show on a great day to have a show with Bob Dylan nonetheless! It was the Fourth of July and things were a little rowdy, but hey, it was a live Grateful Dead concert on The Party Day of the Summer! But as far as I could tell, it all worked out well. I personally had no problems, but I have read there some attendees had encounters with security. But when Bob Dylan was on stage with the Grateful Dead, it was absolutely fantastic! It was definitely well worth the efforts I made to get to this show. I was with one of my great friends, Franny, who had convinced me that this was a show I should try to get to. So, naturally, I brought him along and what a blast it was! A few years ago, I saw a video on the internet which showed the performance of "I Want You." But I have not seen that video again. The video was very poor quality, but the audio was great! I know that Bob Dylan may have missed a lyric in this song, but it was still a magnificent performance! I am so glad that Franny and I were able to attend this show!


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Sullivan Stadium - July 4, 1987