Grateful Dead

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum - June 1, 1991

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

June 01, 1991

Los Angeles, CA US

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Johnny Clegg & Savuka opened

Set List:

Walking Blues
Bertha> Greatest
Queen Jane

Picasso Moon> Foolish Heart> Playin> Uncle John
> Drumz> Miracle> Black Peter> Throwing Stones> NFA

Saturday Night

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Joined: Aug 5 2008
Bo Knows Jerry

I believe this was the Coliseum show I was at. Bought a t-shirt on the way in that said "Bo Knows Jerry". Classic! I also remember some guy a few rows behind us claiming that Jerry was hitting him with laser beams from his guitar. Should have partied with that guy.

FlyinEye's picture
Joined: Nov 28 2008
The gate comes down

What I remember about this show was constantly being distracted. When all the people started running on the left side, the security and cop presence got heavy. I had an LAPD looking with hate at me from a couple rows. Well it wasn't just me, it was everyone. Then some guy tried to make a run for it on the right side and a security guard tackled him into some people that were just at their seats. When the guy getting tackled flew back, his head hit a guy in the face and broke his nose. I remember seeing him there in pain and disbelief as the security guard dragged the runner away but paid no mind to the guy who just had his nose broke. Finaly one of his friends flagged down the security guard working the area, I think it was the same guy and saw him take the guy with a broken nose away. He did have his arm around him telling him he was sorry.
The only thing I remember about the music is the song choice seemed to be anything that delt with cops or authority in the lyrics. Too much other weirdness going on to remember much else.
Flyin Eye of the Flyin Eye Project
aka Dr-Gonzo on Undernet & EFnet

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Joined: Dec 27 2007
Just an ugly day

Weather was great, but the crowd vibe was horrendous- security was harsh, and the numbers that tried to crash in a massive stadium were uncalled for...

All of us had our experiences that more of this...

For me it was LA...last show until this year I hope...

Joined: Jun 14 2009
First Concert!!

My best friend Bill, another of his friends and I went to this show and it was my very first concert, also the first time I ever dropped.
I remember it was pretty hot, we didn't hydrate enough, the crowd was crazy, way too many cops and all of them sneered at everyone. The drums were mind blowing the show way too short. I fell in love like 15 times, I also remember quite a few people having to get aid from dehydration. After the show, outside the Coliseum was another show all together. All in all the people were wonderful, better then any other concert since, great experience.

Joined: Apr 4 2008
weird vibes

shakedown though cool could not make this show , never liked any La shows aftr the Forum shows. this ! in particular was not so cool.

Joined: Feb 20 2010

I remember just looking at the band watching the gates crashing in..they just kept jamming through Shakedown til things settled a bit. Second set was a downer, but if I was them I woulda wanted to fadeaway from (east) LA quickly too, and I grew up there.

The Dominguez shows were strong as were some of the Sports Arena ones. They played well in LA for the most part, but this was the exception.

Joined: Apr 7 2010
Funny Story

My college girlfriend and I went to this show (we were going to USC, so it was a 5 min walk from our dorm). It was her first show, for me it must have been somewhere between 50 and 60. Didnt have great seats, but we had other things that made the seats seem meaningless. The show itself was, by most standards, pretty mediocre - Black Peter was definitely the highlight, Queen Jane was a close second - my opinion of course. (The only good Jerry ive ever seen in LA was JGB at the Pauley - smokin shows) The funny story was after the show - we decided to try to get out a little ahead of the crowds (my girlfriend's idea) and left during Saturday Night. We exited behind the stage and were walking toward Figueroa Blvd when we heard a car honking at us to get off the service street, they were hauling ass and we scrambled to the sidewalk, when I turned around it was a silver van - Bobby was in the passenger seat, didnt recognize the driver, and Jerry was perched between the two - presumably sitting in the middle of the back seat - leaning forward - still wearing his sunglasses with a white towel around his neck. I finally convince my girlfriend to come to a show with me and we almost get run down by the dead - pretty frickin hilarious. (BTW, she enjoyed the show and would come with me to a few others - despite the near death experience)

Joined: Sep 5 2009
First, I left home at 2am

First, I left home at 2am and drove all night/morning to see this show, I made it to Magic Mountain by 8.30am and called my friend Derek to "bring me in" as I was not familiar with where I was going..... Anyway - All the descriptions of this show are 100% accurate.... there was actual LAPD in the stadium, I saw people tackled and beaten for jumping from 50% empty stands on to the 60% empty field. I almost followed but was a bit too loaded on I-don't-remember-what... The parking lot was full of people selling "tickets" that looked like they made 'em at Kinko's 10min before the show (when someone has 25 tix in hand and is asking $5 a piece, you KNOW something isn't right). I do remember having to hide our beers in the parking lot 'cuz the LAPD was in force ARRESTING people for "public intoxication" and/or "drinking in public". Musically- it was my 1st Shakedown which I was really happy with, but I lost it while watching violence on the field with the LAPD and "security guards" tackling and beating the fence jumpers. After Shakedown, I have a vague memory of someone on-stage (maybe Bob or BG?) saying something about the security/LAPD/jumpers and saying they'd stop the show? Maybe it was my subconcious? I guess an AUD recording would clear that up.... That's about it... My only other memory of this show is that when I got back to my friend Derek's house in Burbank, I got a nosebleed for no reason. The 1st & only nosebleed I've ever had for no reason (I wasn't pickin' it or snortin' anything (YIKES!) - it just started for no reason while we were hacky-sackin' in Derek's front yard) - I blame it on the pollution....

Joined: May 9 2009
Heavy security

There were cops all around the field staring up into the stands. The moment anybody lit a joint they were on top of them and taking them out. the crowd was getting a bit ugly. I think somebody in the band said they were not coming out for the second set if they didn't cool it because things calmed down after that and the cops moved of into the background.

Joined: Jun 30 2015
Awesome show

Awesome show


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Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum - June 1, 1991