Grateful Dead

Portland Memorial Coliseum - June 12, 1980

Portland Memorial Coliseum

June 12, 1980

Portland, OR US

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last "Drums": 02-05-78 [163] - Mt. St. Helens erupted during "Fire On The Mountain"

Set List:

Alabama Getaway
Promised Land
El Paso
Brown Eyed Women
Far From Me
Lost Sailor
Saint of Circumstance

Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Estimated Prophet
Not Fade Away
Black Peter
Around and Around
Good Lovin'

Johnny B. Goode

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Joined: Jul 3 2008
Dream show

They played "Fire On The Mountain", we got out and the volcano had blown. We were tripping our minds out and couldn't believe it. We wrote our names in the ash by the highway. My friend Rick Peach and I walked into a Denny's in downtown Portland and ordered eggs. There was ash in them from the eruption. People were turning on their windshield wipers to try and remove the ash and scratching their windshields. We tried to stay at the old Hamilton Hotel, but they wouldn't allow more than one person per room and we were 3 young guys with a guitar, so weren't actually greeted with open arms.

We hitchhiked back home to Corvallis, totally blown away and our throats were burning from smoke and ash. Remember when hitchhiking was a viable option?

Joined: Dec 5 2008
golden notes to the

golden notes to the production assistants. Fire on the mountain/ash in the parking lot was sobering. Image was awesome.

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Joined: Nov 20 2011
With out a shadow

OMG finally a show I was most definitely at. I mean how are you going to forget the volcanoe blowing. "Thank you she blew" oh yeah. I remember Bobbie forgetting the words on some of the songs and looking over at us in the front to see if we could help out. I must have been going to all the shows back then. I was still going up front back then and there I was right in the front row but I was only good at siinging along. After the concert, I remember driving around and around and around in a VW bus, it was like a comedy show. No one would stop and look at the damn Map. Our Tribe was hanging around Evergreen State College back then. I remember about every 5 minutes Tim would say I have a map, I think hunter was driving and it was so intense. You could not see, A map may not have helped us. We surely must have been in Seattle the night before too. And after 2 hours of driving around there we were right back at the colesium lost as usual. it was something trying to drive in that blizzard. It was even more hilarious that no matter what we did to get going home we kept ending up back at the colesium like some kind of twilight zone.

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Joined: Nov 13 2012
Memorable night, for sure

Seemed to always involve an epic journey, going to see the Dead. That one was going too smooth...

Got the impression they were trying to cut it short at the end, but the crowd just refused to accept it - the Dead never ended a show without a couple encores. I had a feeling there was something strange going on when they played only 1 encore, and that very reluctantly. I don't suppose it would have been a good idea to announce there was an eruption from the volcano coming this way, though, less than a month after Mt. St. Helens big eruption caused massive destruction. Could have been panic city.

I had gone with my sister's boyfriend - he was a long-time Deadhead, she wasn't interested in going. We had to drive 50 miles north to get home, headed up I-5 right into the thick of the ash fall. Visibility dropped to almost nothing from the big trucks kicking up the ash, so we pulled off at the Gee Creek rest area, just north of Vancouver. Off the freeway you could see fine, there were just big wet globs of ash coming down, but we weren't going back out there - just covered up the vents with some papers and waited it out.

Tried to kick back and get some sleep, but it turned into the most intense thunderstorm I've ever seen. Torrents of rain, lightning flashing, thunder crashing - it was amazing. May have dozed a little after things quieted down, but soon it started getting light and nothing was falling anymore, so we drove on. A few minutes of driving and we were clear of the ash fall area.

As Dead concerts went, it was so-so, but nature put on a fantastic show afterward. A truly unforgettable night.


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Portland Memorial Coliseum - June 12, 1980