Grateful Dead

County Fairgrounds - June 12, 1987

County Fairgrounds

June 12, 1987

Ventura, CA US

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Set List:

Jack Straw
West L.A. Fadeaway
Mama Tried
Big River
My Brother Esau
Bird Song
Desolation Row
Don't Ease Me In

China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider
Far From Me
Man Smart/Woman Smarter
He's Gone
The Wheel
I Need a Miracle
Black Peter
Around and Around
Good Lovin'

Touch of Grey

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Forrest George, dubai-escorts-bunnies, seastones79, Brad125, Amy from New York, gerryg2012, jillerator, msmiranda, LonoTheOno, JennD, dbdweller,, msharvey, julex, scoobiedew, nitecat, lafingh2o, davidonna82, hollywood74, bluehun, MDB52, peetstr50, rlrs, crazy4golf2003, Canady, timilick1, hockey_john, jonney, reidsville, obron, andychatfield, chrisr777, DANNG, Phinnegan, Badassbatik, Sugarmagkauai, shrinkrap50, puroshaggy, stuart walker, RayDad, ccrider13, ChinaRider77, revelation bus, southbayrik, bubu13, grateful hawaiian, bolted, 123IBT, smarcus, Peisenberg, chyams, Leggs4, Trailedby20, greeksam78, DavAlan, darkstarcrashes, HowldaMoon, teslaphysics, joebroomhead, jabredehorn, Kblair, Enjoyintheride, AlaskaDeadHead1, bobert951, Gr8ful Dean, HelenABucket, Tennessee Russ, alovours13, 4everagratefuldeadhead, W.A.L.S.T.I.B., shockman, Jerrys Kids, deadheadned, Smileebear, Sir Smile, lucky mahone, docmark, ChantalAndGeorge, tcrider, Iggy, ratterd, m23, GratefulLeo, JordanHelmer, goodlivin, jmzangaro, superwelz, neilwine, abbilu, bcboot, MagicPEZ, LadyoftheIsland, dknaturally, serenegreen, Ramble On Randy, FlyinEye, Susie Q, Mick Flaire, stonerucsb, mary meet, 4fryng, trout, hoffmnj, guitarmanbilly, trippy, jerome_baker, Christo, bongo-fury, MissReddin, dbest, The_Music_Danced_Me, wilsdad, kym, jlg3rd, pavlovsdog, kcjonez, skunjelefeti, cosmic_skye, BornXeyed64, rami, red feather, RythmDevil, Tommo, bodie390, Jimmy C., Jonny Neuspeed, WaywardBill, cosmicloyed, Upstate NY, HaraldPlays, teachpeace, drtim, johnman, JMY714, I B DEADN, nextshow, scarletb, mastinch13, Johnny_A, ginsu710, BigDog, NickPannozzo, patdog, saint michael, GratefulGary420, romp711, ketch22, pchasmar, hamal, Mike N Stien, phlpsvll, goldgreek, bjessen, Darkstar65, laura.christine, Skjellyfetti, oldgratefulman, birdleson, Tuna, umadeadfan, GreensAndNettles, HighValor, lisainpotown, jolie, Rum Jungle, tommygutt, cactus420, bshaky256, rreid, treesdream, GaryHartman, BlondeJim,, ratly-simms, Josef, windidawn, mary-sunshine, dead2ns, mcow1, jed06, misngfingr, thfalk, jblotter, Walstib, OscrDGrch, JohnDillinger, ALA, softmonkey, wharfrat8199, Strider 88, Barbara, KoHoSo, richthephotog, taz buddddy, probable cosby, Gregster, drkstrcrashes, spudvw67bus, nalex, granfallooon, SCM GD LVR, That Treb Guy, Terrapin_Tommy, dead4days, Danger, mksmile, warnold420, OrygunFreebird, kentmitchell1961, sfwhip, billman, wolff, jimmyrowed, matilda, phishstyx, garrynet, Tom Thumb, scamperoni, AJ, Staggerlee, thefine, mapfreak, Barch, curtisguttry, theoneandonlycorky, tommyfogarty, Columbia, dalton, Stephen J, Thorock, blewis2460, markmurg, manacatsunflower, kezardead, NYsteve, rleeb727, bozospace, Far-L, dennisdster, Hlpslpfrnk, Skywithflame, jonesgang, Shady Backflash, cpousen, JackStraw_1969, Zippatron, Steve in Singapore, bradleyg, Johnnycable, kuu


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birdleson's picture
Joined: Jul 24 2007
Great scene!

I remember beautiful young twirling hippie chicks spinning up to me and giving me kisses. Great days.

jerome_baker's picture
Joined: Aug 24 2008

jason harris
the parking lot scene here was real bad ass !- lots of real deal cali heads and lots of VW busses ! beautiful people beautiful days !

Joined: Sep 11 2008
My First Show

I attended all three shows. Did anyone notice the tickets were tan, green and yellow, in that order? The first day was overcast. The next day was brighter, and the final day was gloriously sunny. It just kept getting better and better.

FlyinEye's picture
Joined: Nov 28 2008
The Ventura shows were my

The Ventura shows were my faves for camping. Looked forward to them every year since my first ever show ventura 84 sunday. The crowd of people we took with us grew exponentially every year. This year there must have been 40 of my friends there, where it was 3 in 84. I can't say I remember the set that year but the memories of all the great times we shared is always with me.
Flyin Eye of the Flyin Eye Project
aka Dr-Gonzo on Undernet & EFnet

JordanHelmer's picture
Joined: Jan 6 2009
Help me find Ventura County Newspaper photos for June 12-14, 19!

Ventura technically wasn't my first show. Red Rocks Was, but I got so lost in Cheap-Doses campground that I never made it to the shows. But Ventura was a different story.What I am looking for is anyone that has copies of the Ventura County newspapers for that 3 day show. There is a picture on the cover of guy jumping off Tim Freebird's bus. That's my bro, Red, and I am the guy on the ground, Jordan. Also inside is a pic of us partying on top of Freebird's bus. I missed the first two shows because I didn't know what the hell I was doing. On the third day I got my first MIRACLE! And then I got it! Also if anyone remebers Sunshine (Christine Hollis) I am trying to track her down. Last known she was living in San Diego in the La Jolla Colonies. But really want to find those pics! My bro is in Denmark and I want ot send them to him. And yes, VENTURA WAS GORGEOUS! Beach, full moon, beautiful girls....I coulda lived without the untrimmed palm tree I ran face first into at full speed chasing a frisbee, but what the hell....small price to pay for a life changing weekend! I LOVE YOU ALL! Miss you the most, Jerry.

JordanHelmer's picture
Joined: Jan 6 2009
forgot contact

BTW If you have those pics or papers, please contact me at
Ventura 12-14 1987

Joined: Apr 13 2009
Best Weekend Ever

I had a lot of fun at this 3 day run. Got there on Thursday to get a good camp site for me and my friend Troy. That Thursday night some guy came up to the group I was partying with and asked what song we wanted to hear the band open with. I suggested Jack Straw & sure enough the next day, they opened with it. I always wondered if it was just a coincidence or not....?


teslaphysics's picture
Joined: Aug 10 2009
What a long, strange trip it

What a long, strange trip it has been!

Joined: Apr 13 2009
Sunshine Peaks

I seem to recall that during this weekend when the band was playing - it was overcast and at one point the sun seemed like it was going to peak out from the clouds and the band was jamming and it seemed like we were all willing it as one & the music was pushing the clouds apart - finally a few rays swept out over the evening sky & the crowd cheering. Can't remember the song but I will never forget that feeling...

kuu's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007
we will get by

It was a Friday afternoon and cloudy. The scene was just starting to settle in for the weekend. Jack Straw and Bird Song were highlights of the first set. China Cat /Rider kept it goin' in the second set. I thought the rest of the set was laid back. Touch of Grey was nice. Walked back to the Holiday Inn where the heads were beginning to take over


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County Fairgrounds - June 12, 1987